Kurulus Osman EPISODE 127 and 29th of Season 4

This is Episode No 127(29th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 29 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

We will fight.We can not lose.We will continue.Damn itHow could they lose Kopruhisar?Are Byzantium’s soldiers carrying these swords for pride?If those who cannot even fight control the castles and not Commanders this is inevitable, Commander Seth Commanders must know their limits first.Are Lords who can’t even protect their castles speaking?There is no need for you to be afraid now!The glorious Commanders of Byzantium who has witnessed dozens of wars are with you.Lords must not be afraid of us.Turks are the ones who must be afraid of us.Commander Matheus.

You were there when the armies were turnirq the tribes.We also attacked the suppliesLord Valens sent from Konya.How could Osman do that?You must have underestimated Osman.And it costed us Kopruhisar!Does Osman have the Lord of Kopruhisar?

No, LordKopruhisar s Lord Petrus is not in the hands of Osman … .he is in my hands.Leon.Look at what those Turks did to us.I will scratch the eyes out of the ones who gets … .a wink of sleep before taking its revenge.My friends.iThose who dream of taking their revenge from us…. will ask for mercy when they wake up Or they will face our swords when they wake up This is what the sleep of carelessness is like brother. It is deep No one would expect us to take Kopruhisar.Kopruhisar s conquest….will always be the symbol of our victory Osman Bey What is your target now?

Apparently, your men has turned it into a race.Is that so?My sons ..So you are cur ious about my moves Tell me now. Where are we walking?We both have different ideas, father Tell us where you will walk, so we will know who the winner is.Brothers! Protect our Shahzades!Stop there..Stop there..i PiliuIf this arrow….. did not belong to us. ….then… It would catch us, it would not be on the ground.. My sonsThink of where I II go before I come back.Let’s see who will win.Boran Alp… Where are they taking my father?

I know dozens of secrets my Bey keeps, Orhan Bey.But I don t have that secret.M, Fathi f says (I is sviit rn if among us, but who is it?Osman went too far.Kopruhisar, where Osman conquered was our sacred land, Lord Valens Did our letters arrive in their places7 Yes, Lord Valens My cousin Arthur in Teseri gathered an army from the most barbaric men.They are coming.What about you, Commander Seth? My friends in Midin answered my letters.The armies are ready. Lord Valens They are coming to be filled with blood.Good.We saw that Osman won t stop… even if we burn his tribe….or attack his supplies which are being sent to him The only way to stop him is to cut his head off.

We will do that!<1We will build a quarters at Kartalgozu to welcome those armies.This duty is yours.What will Osman’s next target be?If we know this, it will be easy for us to cut his head off.I am listening to youIf., he approaches the Kester Castle it will kill him.My soldiers in Lefke are on alert.Byzantine’s great Commanders.Where will Osman’s next target be?

When I look at the places Osman conquered on the map….he wants to prevent the connection between the lower part of Marmara with Bursa.This is a real soldier.Kopruhisar was the place where came the closest to this.He wants to complete this and get rid of Byzantium on these lands.That’s why his next target will be Koyunhisar If he also conquers this place, the connection between Bursa and Izmk will be destroyed.Byzantine s great Commanders…..Lords. … that s why you will take measures in your castle.Brothers of Consul, gather all your soldiers.

Commander Minos Commander Seth.When the armies come, not a single Turk will survive on these lands.Working together or being a union is not enough.We will swear on Jesus.Priest!Until we have rest in the shadow of the banner of Christ Until we have rest in the shadow of the banner of Christ We will burn the infidels with the sun of God We will burn the infidels with the sun of God Until heaven is ours..Until heaven is ours…. .we will make them live in hell!. .we will make them live in hell!-We swear!We swear!-We swear!We swear!-We swear’We swear.

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