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The battle of Hace Ahmed Yesevi, who was shipped off Baghdad by Yusuf Hemedani. Ahmad Yasawi (Kazakh: Қожа Ахмет Ясауи, romanized: Qoja Ahmet Yasawï, قوجا احمەت ياساۋٸ; Persian: خواجه اَحمدِ یَسوی, romanized: Khwāje Ahmad-e Yasavī; 1093-1166) was a Turkic writer and Sufi, an early spiritualist who applied a strong impact on the advancement of Sufi orders all through the Turkic-talking world. Yasawi is the earliest known Turkic artist who made verse in Middle Turkic.He was a trailblazer of famous supernatural quality, established the primary Turkic Sufi request, the Yasawiyya or Yeseviye, which immediately spread over Turkic-talking areas. He was a Hanafi researcher like his murshid (otherworldly aide), Yusuf Hamadani.

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Season 1

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Reseased | December 10, 2014

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