Kurulus Osman EPISODE 128 and 30th of Season 4

This is Episode No 128(30th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 30 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Let my children go, take me No1 I healed your disabled son!I wanted you beside meBut you stood against me You will pay its price with his life Stop!StopThey are little.They can. They can obey You will spare their lives now.□ke my liteTake my life.Or else … .1 will try beheading you even when I am about to die.Come on. Take me. Take me, so the frontiers will be yours My children will go to Yenisehir with Boran.And you will cut my head off What do I…. have left. .. .but to die on this way anyway?Osman, the man who convinced the…. shepherd Turks. …Osman who ignited the fire….of da wah in their hearts.Let his children live….so they can be our slaves.Nayman.

They can only be slaves!My children..My children..I will put your head on the tip of my spear…and visit all the tribes, Osman.It s Over!I will say that they are all my slaves.If you want to support people who make a great effort please watch from Come. Come.Archers.Why should I let the children live… .and give them a chance to take revenge, Nayman?Kill them!Ya HAQQ!We arrived, Osman Bey!

My children. Are you alright7 -We alright, father My children. Take my children away!Hang on Osman BeyThis way -Ya Allah. .Ya Allah.Osman!Where are you going Osman?!I will cut yourchildren’s heads off…and give them to their mothers1 Do not let them escape!A&This forest is mine?Catch them!There are no traces here.We won t stop before we find Osman Bey Alps.There is blood on the ground.Traces lead this way.The blood is fresh.Let s go now, brothers!

Let’s leave a trace….so if someone comes for help, they can find us Come on brothers, let’s go now’ Thank you SalurBey Thank you My children. Are you alright?We are going to Salur Bey s tribe But we will not use the main road……since we attacked them from noith..now we have to go from the west We will build a line of defense there. Come on Alps, Split! Go everywhere!

So .. .they cannot follow us Where did you go, OsmaYou will find Osman right now’ Split I can smell Osman s blood from somewhere close Lord.They are close.My Lord We found him.One trace shows this way the other leads to Aksu.They parted their ways to split our power.The one who leaves the herd gets caught by □ wolf.Now they are corneredGo into the woods and bring me his head!Not only have I settled in there ….I am now at Wayman s service.Good.So you gamed Nayman s trust I am as close to him as his helper Tendu GoodThen we will have this thing done tonight Ayceren.

You will take that seal from Nayman.First, the army that gathered behind Nayman will leave him…..then his head will leave his body Yf N JSEIllJVO^fAN BEY KGNAK I was afraid that something would happen to you.was afraid as wellHowever, I knew you would come You keep your promOur child-We will have a child Yes.I wanted to tell you the news personally, however..It was not in our destiny It’s alright my flower. You can give me the news next time.And.I think it will be a girl.

Murat..Where to?Those who can hold sword must come you said, Osman Bey Here it isNo..No wayWe fall beneath the ground for you.My son..You will grow up, you will become a valiant.After that, you will clash like a valiant with us For Allah’s sakeFor Allah s sake Come on now, get back to your tent.Alright, son? Alps look here!-Take this valiant here.-As you commandCome on my son, come on.Bring fire, Alps!Bring the healers, quickly!Bring fire!The tracks..Lead to a little tribe my Lord They ve sheltered in the tribe.They ve sheltered in their own graves We w II burn down the tribe and let their blood flow, Lord.Nokers!Burn down the tribe that sheltered Osman.

Hang their heads on pikes Quickly!Stop, Nayman1I won’t let Osman get away again.If Osman is sheltered in the tribe, he must have a trick up his sleeve.I will wait for soldiers scattered around the forest to come.And then, I will destroy that tribe.Osman is in our claws, Lord.Osman’s fate is deathOsman will not escape his fate anymore Come on’ Come on, people1 Faster1 My Bey, let me cauterize it.Bismillah rRahmanirRahim Ya Shafi ( The One Who Cures) BismillahirRahmamr Rahim Come on, Boran.Come on.

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