Kurulus Osman EPISODE 126 and 28th of Season 4

This is Episode No 126(28th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 28 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Because SultanAlaeddin supported meYou want to take his throne?You being against me means that I am on the right way.I will bring you death on your right way.Give.. Stop1■ueujAejjWhile we ai e living in Bursa in peace..Our enemies are making moves.Right now in KonyaOsman is trying to enthrone Mesut who supports him.Sir, Usman is dreaming.Konya is under the rule of Gazan Khan He can’t do thatExactly, Commander Faustus.ExactlyThe biggest mistake we can make .Is looking down on our enemy.

Osman is thinking what you think A caravan from Tabriz, is moving towards Konya right now.Do notEver feel let dusk fall on your hearts.And answer meAre you ready to spill blood?Our swords has waited enough in their sheats Lord Valens Today..We will strike on four sides We will defeat all of his supporters While Osman is not hereWho will we ram hell to, my Lord.

Those who live in tribesYouYou will march to Kizilbey Tribe.# ; * 3 f & 9YouYou will destroy Cavuldur Tribe And you two..You will destroy Demirkhan and Uraz.Commander Faustus’You will come with me.We will destroy Osman s biggest legion together.Today, rip down mercy from your heart The women of those sheep are also fighters Their children, hold grudges.When they grow up, they seek revenge.And elderly *They are wise and experienced.No mercy!

Today, show no mercy for anyone.No one will be taken captive, come on1 uewsoThis Bayindir and MesutThis treachery, can not be silenced This is a waste of timeI manage a community Nayman.To not let this kind of treachery happen again..I will behead them all to make an example.will skin this oneThey did a move .And they received nothing in return except for failure I will hang their corpses for weeks in Konya That is, of courseIf Sultan allows it. Why uncle?Why?

You want this throne that much?What throne are you talking about AlaaddirP The only thing I wanted to interfere Is doing business with Nayman.What about you Osman Bey^Is this your wayTo betray who raised youSultan AlaeddinI grew up under the shadow of Seljuk State Because I grew up under its shadow I was a Bey worthy of traditions What about yoiPYou became blind as you grew up under the shadow of Vahde Sultan Vahde SultanNeither seesnor shows truth to you.Because of her hunger for power.Truth you sayo 0<£Truth is what my eyes see.There is no one but traitors m front of me right now.YouYou’ve betrayed theSultan of Seljuk StateMy Vahde Sultan, you asked if I allowed for punishment.My answer is .Whatever Valide Su tan says Tomorrow, this will be done after the sun rises Take them away1•’» -TP IIVJpfFt;Until Osman s head is cut off No one will enter Konya Bendu.

You cross the lineThen you will pay the price.Are you going to make us pay for it with slander?Look at you..Guards Malhun Hatun wants to finish the job in the dungeon that she couldn t finish earlier If I wanted to kill youYou wouldn’t be able to talk right in front of me Ismihan And I d pay the price as I want.

You look miserable MalhThe actual miserable thing is, that you are thinking you can beat me.Neither younor Osman BeyYou are the grass that I crush with my feet on my way to power.You cannot tell the difference between a sycamore and grass, Ismihan.We will see.Will you step on us or will we fall over yoiP Moisture confused Malhun Hatun She is dreaming the impossible Take her out one finds peace when he goes to a different place Where are you taking me? You will see What s your order my Bey?Wait. It is obvious that they made the people angry We will return We will return Osman Bey’ -Wait!What’s happening here?Malhun Hatun tried to kill our Sultan!

There’s no such thing Where is your justice?! We were trusting in your justice Desturi Destud Do you know what are you doing?’ Do you know who are you talking to? Just wait Calm down What are you doing?Is there such a thing?Calm downWe prepared all the precautions Everyone is gathering around.Good Good.My hands are tied but your heart is tied.Are you that scared of us?I’m not afraid of my life.My only worry is my state s future.Even if there is that little ant blocking it, I will take great precautions The future of the state?on’t trick yourself. Vour only worry is Osman Bey.You hate him so much thatYou eat from the same plate with those who have the blood of a Turk in their hands.

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