Kurulus Osman EPISODE 121 and 23rd of Season 4

This is Episode No 121(23rd) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 23 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Alps, do not……torture the prisoners.Take them to the prison now.Heal their wounds.After we take Nayman’s head……we will release the ones whose ransom are paid.But if there are among them who want to repent and choose Islam, tell me about-them.We need their armors, come on.As you command my Bey.Brothers.Brothers, you are okay, right?You are okay, right?We will be okay.We will be okay.Kumral Abdal, how is the situation?With the help of Allah, it will be okay my Bey.We will be okay, with the help of Allah.With the help of Allah.My Bey.My Bey.

Nayman and his army abandoned the siege and retreated.It will be his last battle.He will do anything he can do.Tell me what’s on your mind.We got word from Kargin tribe, fro.m<Malhun Hatun.Aktemur Bey.He is sat on the Post of Kargin tribe, my Bey.Okay.Boran.My Bey.Summon the Beys.I am gathering the divan.You will call Aktemur from Kargin tribe, too.The rest will come to the mansion with me.As you command my Bey.Stand together alps!You keep struggling, this is my palace, there is no escape from here!I came here to kill you, not to escape! I will take your head!Watch your backs!Come here!My Sultan, they are everywhere!You will kill every snake that is in this palace!

Where is BalaHatun, Mother Sultan?We got separated, she is looking for Sultan Alaeddin too.I guess you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew.You wanted to kill meLook who’s neck is under the sword.Do it while you have a chance.I won’t beg you for mercy.Really?I won’t dirty my hands.Sultan Alaeddin will kill you.Sultan Alaeddin will kill you, not me Saveli.Everyone knows you’re a traitor.You’re the one who attacked the castle with your men Bala Hatun.The blood you spilled here proves you’re the traitor.The blood you spilled here proves you’re the traitor.What’s going on in here?What’s going on in here?This traitor will try to attack Sultan Alaeddin.Arrest her.Come on.This doesn’t end here Saveli.

I will grind your bones. Let me go!You. Come here.Take some men with you.Catch Ismihan and bring her here.Come on Warriors.Nayman made me an offer.He wants to fight me one on one.That can’t happen my Bey.If I beat him……his Warriors will leave here.But….if he beats me……Beys and Alps will be under his command.My Bey, we can’t trust Nayman’s word.Even if I kill him, he’ll order his Warriors……to destroy everything here.He won’t keep his word.My Bey. If we know they’ll trick us……let’s trick them too.Let’s attack first.Even though they use tricks……we’ll be cautious.We defended Yenisehir.We’ll defend all our lands just like Yenisehir.My Bey.Yenisehir was strong because you led them.But the other cities..

They can’t defend themselves.Have a seat.Karacahisar.Ulucahisar.Inhisar.I negol.Bilecik.And…..Sogut.Those towns near it which are our lands…These are our defensive moves.Now……alps……look at these well.These are the places alps will wait.Everything is written on the map…..to the location of the weapons.There.These will be given to the Beys.But……this……is the defense for Marmaracik.I couldn’t give it to Oktem Bey.We won’t leave Marmaracik to the hands of the infidels.My bey.Excuse me for asking but when did you prepare these?For all of the Islam world to be safe……I don’t sleep much.Now……we’re going into a war which will have no pauses.Be prepared.This was our defense.Now it’s time for the attack.Karancu.You’ll send 3 men to the Beys’ lands.I want all the forces on those lands here.

They’ll come here and watch secretly.When Osman dies……they’ll spread my name on these lands.Shaman.And you will……prepare a poison which will blind Osman’s eyes.Nayman who has won against the beys will gather the warriors on those lands to here.And he will build a headquarters for them here.Let us be wherever they will settle my bey.End them immediately.No. We won’t.Nayman will look like he’s keeping his word for now.That’s why he wouldn’t tell us where it is.But to get where he will build the headquarters for those……warriors which will attack us ……you’ll put alps here.When they attack……alps will take down those headquarters.Now.Everyone go do your responsibilities.Turan.My bey.My bey.Go to where I’ll be fighting with Nayman.Take a look.See if he’s up to something.

As you wish my bey.Won’t you congratulate Aktemur hatuns?Won’t you congratulate Aktemur hatuns?Ayse Hatun.Why are you looking like that? Is there something to be sad about?The kid is mine.I’ll treat him however I want.Aktemur.Do you know what you’re doing?These things always happen because of you Bengi Hatun.You should’ve talked with Osman Bey before you talked with Aktemur.Enough.Mother.Aunt in law.I’m not a kid.

I know what I’m doing.So you should know that I’m now the bey of Kargin Tribe.Aktemur..Aktemur..Sure, we’ll acknowledge that……but you should keep in mind that……Osman Bey must have gotten the news by now.Let’s see if you’ll be as comfortable as you are now when you meet him.It’s true that I took the post without informing my uncle……but I don’t think that’s something wrong.

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