Kurulus Osman EPISODE 122 and 24th of Season 4

This is Episode No 122(24th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 24 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Warriors!Attack!Attack!Attack!Commander Nayman orders you!I am the real owner of the seal!You! You did this Osman!You!You were just trying to buy some time!You were the one that wanted to buy time.I faced you in a 1 on 1 combat.You were the one that wanted alps to fight.What is it? Your plan failed?Is that why you are acting like a rabid dog!?I swear to Gok Tengri that I will kill you Osman!I will kill you!MAKMA KA C IK 11 IS A KI Marmaracik Castle.Aktemur.It won’t be good when my mother learns about the plan you made with Osman Bey.Alcicek.You know that I had to do that.Bengi Mother will understand it.

Thank Allah.MashAllah to my children.You took back Oktem’s castle.Thank Allah.We did, mother. We took the revenge of our brave soldiers.I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me, son.Thanks, mother.We took the castle.Nayman will be next.InshAllah.My girl.It was easy, huh? Alps told me about your accomplishments, MashAllah.Who helped you from within?Mother, no one helped us.Alcicek and alps sneaked in through a secret passage. They must have meant that.Okay, okay.Send word to everywhere.Let everyone know that……Kargin Tribe’s Bey Aktemur made Marmaracik a Turk land again.Come on.We have lots to do.Let’s clean our lands soiled by the infidels.Aktemur Bey.Now drop your sword.Now drop your sword.And surrender Nayman.Never!Catch him!Hold him!I’ll kill you.So I won’t die today.Osman!I’ll come back to kill you.No. This is the end.You can’t kill me.

You won’t even rule a state.Come on.Come on.Osman!Take him!So, you’re Osman Bey.So, you’re Gazan Han’s commander.Bagatur.Commander BagatuEyvAllah.Welcome commander.Thank you Osman Bey.We have the letter you sent to Sultan Alaeddin.Turgut Bey had alreadykilled him when we got there.So we came here with Turgut Bey.We captured this traitor.Commander.This traitor will never go free.You can be sure of that.I’m not here to let the traitor go.He has no power now.EyvAllah.But I want to be sure.My Alps will come with you.Don’t you trust us Osman Bey?

Astagf i ru I la h.But we should take all the precautions.V^apiii.ors. IGo back to your home.Alps will come with us.Travel safely.EyvAllah.Alps!You’ll go with the commander.Come on.Alps.Get some rest.We’ll keep fighting. War has just begun.EyvAllah my Bey.We’ll go to Turgot Bey.

Come on.- ■ K. * ‘ •’Where are they taking Nayman Mother Sultan?Osman’s playing a trick Celali.But we’ll find out what it is.Any word from Karabul?He knows we’ll be here.Good.Karabul..You’ll go after Nayman.You’ll walk in the shadows.Wherever they’re going, whatever they’re after…You’ll figure it all out.As you wish the owner of all Seljuk.Osman left the battlefield with victory today.He’ll have more power over the skirts of the land.He’ll gather they beys on his side too.But I’m going to stop that.Come on.My bey.I’ve put acacia in this.It will help your eye.ShafiEyvAllah.EyvAllah Kumral Abdal. Thank you.

Turgut Bey is coming.Osman Bey.Osman Bey.Are you okay?I’m okay. I’m okay don’t worry.Thank you,You took care of a tough situation.Let’s say we took what we couldn’t with our swords with our brains.With the help of Allah.Are you okay?I’m okay don’t worry.Thanks to Kumral Abdal.We were waiting with our bows drawn…..but turns out Nayman’s end was not the sting of a bow but of a lasso.From now on Gazanan will take care of Nayman.Now…Until they leave our lands they’ll follow them just in case.Now Nayman is not our worry.Our worry is as it’s always is……conquer.Alps.We’ll never stop.We’ll go on.Now…Now you all will gather information for me.And we’ll see the places which will be conquered first.Cerkutay.

My bey.Geyve is yours.You’ll investigate there.You’ll bring me everything you learn.As you wish my bey.Aykurt.My bey.You have Akhisar.Yes my bey.Samil.Tekurpinar Castle is yours.Yes my bey.Baysungur.Yes my bey.Lublicahisar is yours.As you wish my bey.Gurbuz.My bey.You have Kizilhisar.Yes my bey.•jnuo>You’ll go to Kopruhisar.

I want to know even the smallest of the details.Yes my bey.Turgut.I won’t let you rest.We will only stop at death.You’ll prepare the points where we’ll start the conquests.Everything you said will be done.EyvAllah.Turahan.My Bey.Go to late Bayram Bey’s tribe.Help them with whatever they need.Yes my bey.Yes my bey.Alps…..up until we break our fasts I want all the information to be gathered.Information is the key to victory.Come on alps.As you wish my bey.My bey.Sons…..come here then.BagatuGenghis’ seal is mine!

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