Kurulus Osman EPISODE 120 and 22nd of Season 4

This is Episode No 120(22nd) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 22 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Your life and blood are mine, Osman!Your life and blood are mine, Osman!You will die!It’s hard to die, but easy to kill! Come at me!Come!Wait.Wait.Wait.Wait.Now!Oh Allah!Attack!You! Nayman!You can’t even herd sheep with your crippled hand, Osman’s son.How can you kill me?Attack me when you get the chance, you will not get it again.You are brave.But bravery is not enough.Are you worthy of your father when you are like this?You are powerless, Orhan.I am strong enough to kill you!

You don’t have the strength to kill me.But I am the one that will give you the strength.I don’t want anything from you.The only thing I am going to take is your life.And time is what’s going to heal my hand.Nayman is more powerful than time.Strike the hearts of infidels with Turk arrows!Oh MashAllah!If you want the remedy…..come to my base.Brother?

What happened?Who was that?Nothing.Just a lost Dervish.Come on. Let’s go to the mansion.You go brother.I have a job to do.Brother. Don’t be late.Kumral Abdal says your treatment is urgent.I’ll be there brother. You go.Come here.Come.Go over there.We fall and die for our cause.But you…Even your death has no meaning.Come here.Come over here.Come.Come here.Stay here.Nayman……will bury you to the ground.Nayman will follow you soon.

Then you’ll ask him if he killed me.Come here.Get up!Death finds us all.But..Erlik Han.Death will find us all.All of us.But our only wish is to be buried……in our own land.So that……the innocent can be safe.But…..people like you should always watch out for me.It’s time now.I* z A’ dt , IAllah is the Greatest!Allah!Oktem’s TribeMother.What were you thinking?

My father just passed away.Why do you want the wedding now?Your father’s absence…..hurts me too.He wasn’t just your father.He was my husband……my tribe’s Bey and my home’s man.I am suffering too.Is this how you suffer mother?You want the wedding now.I’ll speak my piece as well.Until my grief is over there won’t be a feast.Am I talking about a feast?A wedding Alcicek?But……this wedding will happen.It has to.Do you still don’t get why I’m doing this?

Look at that chair well.The beys……are allowing me sit on it for now.But once our mourning is over they will talk more than they’ve before.Are you……saying…-Before they can say something……I’m going to make Aktemur sit on it.Aktemur?But he doesn’t want that.He’s Yenisehir’s Subasi.He will.There’s no other way.If he doesn’t……forget about the Kargin Tribe girl.Of what I know of Aktemur A he wouldn’t accept this.He will.Aren’t you the girl he loves?You’ll convince him.How can I?Alcicek……use your head girl.If you want it you can make him do anything.

But know that……you’re not doing this for m …or yourself……but for your dad’s……legacy, our tribe.Now go……and talk with Aktemur.Bengi Hatun.She wants to make him sit on the ruler’s chair.What are you saying Bala?Who said that?No one needs to say anything.Why do you think Bengi is arranging the wedding feast so fast?So?Won’t the bride sit at that chair?Why is she making Aktemur sit on it I don’t get it.And she’s still mourning her husband too.

Would she do such a thing?Bengi…She calculated it all. Of course.Once the mournings over she knows the beys will rebel.She does.Before they do she will put Aktemur on that chair.She’ll make Aktemur a Bey……and use him as she wishes, is that so? No…Aktemur wouldnever let that happen.No…Aktemur is a smart kid.He would know not to do anything without speaking to Osman Bey.But……he’s also kind and merciful too.InshAllah his kindness doesn’t make him make mistakes.I won’t let her use my son as a piece in her game Malhun.

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