Kurulus Osman EPISODE 111 and 13th of Season 4

This is Episode No 111 (13th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 13 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

I should have gone there What if something happened to my father’ I can not wait here and do nothing.I II go.Calm down Bala. With Allah s consent, nothing will happen to our Sheikh I placed our Alps and Sisters in Yenisehir.Don t worry. Even birds will ask for our permission when flying.Keep your eyes on them Ayse.Ulgen Hatun sent this. She said they did not eat anything, tell them to at least drink something Thank you.It s important.I’ll go and see Halime Bala Don t worry.Brothers! Shield wall! Come on* Come on’Boran’ Shields are not strong enough.Brothers1 We will use the counters as shields!Come on1 Come on1Open it!Close it!Open it!Close it!Open!Close*Brothers!

My Bey is going into the lodge, we II go into the inn. Come on!Trap’ Shield!My Bey . What are we going to do7 Wait, Alps Wait.Now .. now’Down1Now1Down!Go!Alps… Be careful. Be careful It’s silent. We ll go slowly Come on.What is happening Esma?Why did you call me’They wanted me to give this to you.But you are the only one who needs to see it.Who gave this to you7I don’t know him.But Vahde Sultan sent it.Only to you.Sheikh Edebali is in Marmaracik Fort.You’ll be here before midday If you do something wrong, or if you do not come, your father will die, Bala Hatun.You will be taken in return for your father.Ismihan…Who, Esma’ I am asking you! Who?I don’t know!

AIIahi,I don turcee told me to give it to Bala Hatun.I know nothing elseMy Sheikh.. My Sheikh..My Sheikh..My Sheikh..I will drown those who did this to my Sheikh in their own blood!Hurry, inform our Sultan* Sultan Mesud. -Osman Bey Where is my Sheikh?They will come inside now’ Hurry’Come on Mesud1 Come on’No one knows about this hidden place.Go in now. Go.I will not leave you, Sheikh Edebah.No Don t, Mesud.

They don t know you are here They want to take me You will hide now so the game of the cruel can be destroyed.Come on! Come on1Come on1 Take this.Keep it with you.Hurry! Hurry1Arrest the Sheikh.Yazid .Yazid… Yazid’Ismihan raided the lodge and took him with her.Sheikh Edebali gave up on himself for me.I will shed every drop of blood of those who did this to my Sheikh1 My Bey’ Flying flame!My SultanDon t you dare…do anything without understanding it.t1Malhun Where is Bala?

She went to check Halime and has not returned yet.Shall we take a lookDid she go to Sogut’Malhun Hatun, I will tell you something, but .Esma, where is Bala?Bala Hatun,sent you news.What news?She told you to go to Osman Bey as soon as possible, -and said that Osman Bey was lured into a trap.What are you saying Esma’ Bala Hatuwent to surrender to Valide Sultan Sultan Mcsud, are you all nghT7 -Cerkutay! Cerkutay* Come here!My Bey*Check the entrance of the path and see how it is. Come on.Gurbuz take Sultan there Come on.

-My Bey, they are crowded -Take him, take him’Take him take him!They are waiting for us. We will die the moment we leave -Are you saying so7 Then let them comeLet them come.We are also looking for Mesud.Now both of you will die.We will not let jackals take our lives1 We will kill you first, and then we will kill those who control you.Come here*Ismihan Sultan, you are making brothers kill each other You will pay for this1Sultan MesudAre you all right7I can see that you are surprised.Did our arrival bother you7 Astagfirullah, Valida.

Sultan.The citadel is your property I m here because I trust you.Your trust made us happy, Valide Sultan However, why is my Sheikh . tied up?What’s going on?Sheikh Edebali is under arrest.From now on, no one will talk to him without my permission.Avci Bey.Take Sheikh Edcbah to the dungeon What s his crime? Why are you taking Sheikh Edebah to the dungeon7 Also, does OsmanBey know about it?We’re sorry Valide Sultan.Forgive her.It is because of her youth.I will ignore her for your sake, Bengi Hatun.Avci Bey, disperse the soldiers throughout the citadel.Leave no hole empty.And raise our banners.From now on no one will leave the citadel without my approval.

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