Kurulus Osman EPISODE 112 and 14th of Season 4

This is Episode No 112 (14th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 14 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Bala!Archers-!My Sheykh!Bala!My SheykhMy SheykhBala?L i e|egMy SheykhAre yoiyWe are okay.I am okay my Bey.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.Ism i han!Ism i han!Osman entered the dungeon! Be quick!Should we go help Osman Bey, my Bey?No.Whilst my Bey is keeping them busy our duty is to sneak into the castle We will not do anything other than our goal.We will wait until the time comes to strike the hypocrites down.Come on.You have become one of the evil ones!You will pay for it eventually.

But the ones that will pay the greatest price……are the ones that stand behind you……are the ones that stand behind you……and stay silent to all this oppression!…and stay silent to all this oppression!…and stay silent to all this oppression!They will pay the greatest price Osman Bey!When the arrows are fired, you will be the ones, that will be shot!My son Sultan Alaeddin……is coming!I will take all of your heads……and bring them to every tribe!No one will ever……attempt treachery or rebellions!It doesn’t matter who comes!

If one of us is going to die today……then we are all ready to die!It’s your decision, Mother Sultan.None of you will get out of this castle alive!Because I am more powerful!Olof!Are you still here!?Yes, Osman!I am here to kill you.Okay then.Whoever shoots first.Whose arrow reaches its target first.Our hearts are ready.What about you, Ismihan?Tell me!If you don’t let me get out of here with my beloved ones……then we will see!

We will see who is ready for shahada and who is afraid of death!Now……I will take my Sheykh and Bala and leave.You can do that, OsmaIf you-leave Mesut here……I can forget about your disrespect.We are brave.But what about you? Tell us!Look at us.Did you see my Sheykh hesitate?1«*Look at my Hatun.Did you see her back away from Shahada?ILook at me.Look at my Alps.Look at the ones who don’t fear death.Look at us……so you remember death.Remember death.You work together for common interest.All that is……is property……and a will to live.Soldiers!Don’t point your arrows at the Alps.

Point to Osman Bey…..and those with him.Whoever’s fastest…. ..w.i I l-’d ie Jj rst.Come at us.Don’t mistake me for your old rivals Osman.You haven’t seen anyone like me before.Come at me.Sultan Alaeddin Hadrath is coming.Did you hear it?That’s7a?t&rn of fate.This is your death sentence.Emperor Regent Kantakuzenos is coming!What will you do now Osman Bey?He’s weak.He won’t make it.To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return.There have been so many deaths.Kumral Abdal.Isn’t the medicine working?

The medicine I prepared doesn’t heal those who are weak Malhun Hatun.And it doesn’t work on strong ones.It only slows down the poison.If I can’t find the source of the poison…..I can’t find the antidote.That snake Ismihan.She brought the poison from a place we don’t know.But…..who brought it clear.Martha.It can’t be anyone but her.She doesn’t leave Ismihan’s side since she came here.Besides she isn’t seen at the bazaar either.She does her work secretly.But we will unveil that.You and Ulgen……will follow Martha.Everywhere she goes into will be searched.The source of this poison will be found.Ulgen.Come on.Esma.You ask around in the bazaar.See if anyone has seen Martha recently……and who she bought stuff from, look into that.As you wish Malhun Hatun.

Orhan, Alaeddin…..bring a stretcher from the out there.That snake Ismihan has declared war on us with our people.We will try everything to heal the people.That antidote will be found.We will with the helpof Allah, Malhun Hatun.’ jLower the weapons.. AThe rule is only mine here.\ *Alps…Alps…..lower your weapons.Arrest the alps.When you’re there…..the result never changes Osman Bey……bows are always drawn……and weapons on ready.Doesn’t your lack of manners have a limit?When my Sheykh and hatun is taken hostage……I don’t apply to no limits.If we didn’t hear what you’ve done……and didn’t see it with our eyes……we would be sad for you Osman Bey.Welcome Sultan.The situation here…..is like this.Mother.I see the situation.But……Sheyhk Edebali’s situation……is not for this Mother.But……Osman Bey and his hatun……on the other hand are clearly rebels.

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