Kurulus Osman EPISODE 110 and 12th of Season 4

This is Episode No 110 (12th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 12 of Season 4 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.

Commander Samagar, they went this way.I’ll rip your flesh off your bones, Osman.I swear by Erlik Khan.Move!You are in big trouble,Osman Bey.Big people have big problems, Mighty Sultan, don’t worry.You shouldn’t have involved in this issue.You will lose your small tribe because of me.The fact that you don’t have your post and command does not affect your arrogance at all.What are Alps doing, Osman Bey?

We just got off the horses and now we’re standing.You have been with them for many years, but you don’t know Mongols at all.That’s why, you should have fought with them.They are talented scouts.You are just trying to hurt my feelings.You still haven’t answered my question, Osman Bey.They nailed the horses backwards.Thus, they will think we are going to opposite direction.

But we won’t be on horseback.It is hard to evade Mongols by running away.At least, we need to mislead them.-Do you think they will believe it? -We will divide them, at least.-Is everything ready, are the Alps ready? -They are, my Bey.EyvAllah, EyvAllah.Alps. Get rid of the horses and catch up on us.Mighty Sultan.My uncle, who is waiting for his death in his mansion, ran away the day he was to be killed, huh?Osman, Mighty Sultan.

The reason he came here was to take Mesud.-He took his son from the palace. Also…-Vizier.This is my last warning for you.Don’t make up an excuse again.Take an army with you.Kill my uncle and Osman and bring them to me.But.If you have lied to me just now, I will hang you in the square.Commander Samagar, the traces point this direction.These traces do not point Yenisehir.Osman and his men do not go to this way either.Samagar, the traces point this way.Since when can you oppose me?

Look, these are the traces of their forelegs.They are deeper than their hind legs. Horse’s head is in the front.That’s why it’s heavier.You idiot!Osman must have nailed the horses backwards.Bring the poisonous arrows’ We will divide into two. You will follow the traces.The rest are with me.You will kill Osman andMesud when you see them!’StMighty Sultan, we are sorry for taking you without horses.I will decide on it when I take the throne, Osman Bey.I have no power right now.We couldn’t let the Mongol army follow us.

That’s why, you should hang on.EyvAllah.Osman Bey.I want you to give me an honest answer.I’ve known you for years.Let’s say you did it and helped me take the throne.What are you going to ask from me?When you take your throne in the east, the door of the west will be opened for me.You will help me for the conquests.But these will happen in the future. If we’re talking about the present, the fact that you are with me, will weaken Valide Sultan.She causes every trouble.Even my nephew is my enemy because of his desire for power.He took my throne.What did he take from you, Osman Bey?

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