Destan EPISODE 07 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 07 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Balammir comes a few time later and told that the whole faction of Doug was killed in the palace. Saltuk says Batuga is sovereign and consequently should not be killed, but Dannis didn’t acknowledge it. To focus on everyone, Alpago gather executioner his room. Dannis takes Batoga to Khan’s room.

Akiz visits Kulpan and let him know that it is the best an open door for retaliation. In the meantime, the goock shows appears. Akiz left the faction and saw a Muslim at the stream. While Akiz was chatting with this youngster, the champions came and said that they were looking for the two headed wolf. Akiz then, at that point, put on his arm cover and attacked these warriors.

One of the getting through contenders returns to the palace and enlightens Alpago that the two-headed wolf is attacking. Edge said that Balamir’s daughter married Batoga. Edge tell Batoga became unhinged a very long time earlier. Alpago says the marriage is simply to get the destiny of the country, so Balammir can never revolt. A couple of officials left the regal home exactly on schedule with the prisoners and gold to give. Akiz saw these officials and drew up a plan of attack.

Akiz says the prisoners are at present free and put gold in the chest for them. Sirma checks the held onto hanky and offers significant thanks to that he can now get hitched., Alpago and his fighters showed up at the attack site. Temoor sends officers to find the two-headed wolf and tells his father that he ought to go to a safeguarded spot.

At Kaya’s advocation, the fighters set up a tent by the lake to give Alpago a rest. Akiz watched the goock officials from a decent ways and believed that the right second will attack. Alpago says that all that he can see Batoga is the manner by which he treats that he is imperative. Alpago mentioned that Batoga talk again, and shockingly asked him to, but he really didn’t talk. Akiz says Alpago is far away and will get the fire moving.

Edge started interesting to God and asking assent for this marriage. Akiz circumspectly entered the lake and endeavored to push toward Alpago’s tent. Right when Edge completely finished begging, Akiz sent fire bolts at the tent and set it burning. at the point when the contenders endeavored to douse the release, Akiz shot Alpago with a bolt. Before Akiz moved away from the camp, Batoga saw him far out in the distance and recollected that him.

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