Destan EPISODE 06 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 06 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.When Akkiz is going to kill Alpagu, Batuga stops her. Batuga says in the event that Khan kicks the bucket there will be an extraordinary conflict. Temur needs to check his dad’s room after the rodents in the passageways of the castle are killed. Batuga subtly removes Akkiz from the room. While Tutkun and Sirma are discussing the assault on Alpagu, Kircicek’s house keeper hears them. The house keeper lets Kircicek know what she heard right away. Kircicek converses with her dad the following day. Yet again akkiz blows up with Batuga. Batuga says he won’t ever allow Akkiz to kill Khan. Batuga then, at that point, takes Akkiz to the royal chamber and tells her what befell him a long time back. Akkiz begins crying and asks Batuga for what reason he didn’t annihilate the high position. Batuga says he thoroughly took care of his country. Akkiz understands that Batuga is a twofold headed wolf and will join all Turks.

Subsequent to checking the state of Khan, Balamir takes Akkiz to the nursery of the castle and goes after her. Akkiz guards herself and Temur saves her. Akkiz then, at that point, says that Batuga will fix all that and in this way will submit to him. Balamir needs to address Colpan again, so he returns to the mountain. Balamir makes an impression on the royal residence and says that he will bring Colpan soon. Subsequent to working for some time to resume the entry of the passage, Akkiz goes to the nursery of the royal residence once more. Ece indeed petitions God and requests that he recuperate Khan. Akkiz gets some information about the news that accompanied the pigeon a long time back. Akkiz says that the Dag clan never utilized pigeons and they use falcons. Batuga understands that somebody has laid out a snare for his mom.

Batuga and Akkiz begin to ponder who communicated something specific with a pigeon quite a while back. Alpagu indeed dreams of Tilsim. At the point when Alpagu wakes up, he sees Batuga in the room and educates him concerning his fantasy. Batuga then, at that point, slips Akkiz out of the room and starts to peruse the message Balamir found quite a while back. Akkiz says that the individual who composed this message knows Alpagu well overall. Ece goes to Alpagu’s room and attempts to encourage him. Akkiz and Batuga make an arrangement to ask Khan a few inquiries. Batuga requests that Akkiz sing a melody. While Alpagu is eating with his family, Akkiz starts to sing a tune in the hall of the royal residence. Alpagu promptly arranges the catch of Akkiz and asks her where she realized this melody.

Akkiz says she gained this tune from Tilsim quite a while back. Alpagu disallows this melody and orders Akkiz to be shipped off the prison. Temur stops his dad and says they owe this young lady. Alpagu won’t send Akkiz to the prison. Balamir comes to the royal residence with Colpan and quickly arranges the catch of Akkiz. Balamir goes to Alpagu’s room and orders every one of the captives to be brought. Balamir claims that Colpan and Akkiz attempted to kill Khan. Alpagu asks Akkiz inquiries. While Kircicek is attempting to find her servant, Batuga covertly undermines her. Before long, Kircicek goes to Khan’s room with her house cleaner. The house cleaner says no one attempted to kill Khan. Akkiz says that she was in the prison the entire evening and afterward Balamir went after her. Balamir flies off the handle with the house keeper and tells that she is lying. Alpagu says Colpan and Akkiz are guiltless.

Akkiz says that these allegations harm her honor and requests that Khan’s consent take part in the bolt contest. Kircicek harms her house cleaner to conceal her culpability. Akkiz stirs things up around town before Khan to demonstrate what a talented bowman she is. Alpagu permits Akkiz to partake in the opposition. Ece asks Calayir not to take Akkiz to the opposition. The Hatuns come to the castle. Mei steps on Turkun’s fingers and breaks them. Temur flies off the handle with his significant other and requests that Tutkun go to the specialist. Ece takes medication to stop Alpagu’s fantasies. Temur then goes to his mom’s room and asks her not to take Kaya briefly spouse. Ece says she is in a situation to do anything she desires. Temur says he feels frustrated about Gunseli, yet Ece says that his child cherishes the slave.

Ece says she will thoroughly take care representing things to come of the state. Temur then converses with Tutkun. Akkiz understands that Calayir is working for Colpan and requests that he take her to the opposition. Colpan realizes what befell Saltuk and requests that Calayir keep Akkiz in the royal residence regardless of anything else. Alpagu says he needs to go to the celebration, however Ece attempts to stop him. The specialist says that Alpagu’s shoulder is deteriorating and that is the reason they needed to remove his arm. Ece kills the specialist and says she will conceal this data from everybody. Tutkun assists Calayir with keeping Akkiz in the castle. Mei takes Tutkun to her room and says she will have tea with him. Calayir converses with Ilay and incites her against Akkiz. Tutkun lets Mei know that she could do without Temur and that she did all that to certainly stand out enough to be noticed. Calayir goes to the kitchen and picks the captives to go to the celebration.

Yibek takes Akkiz and says she will give her a dress. Yibek then requests that Akkiz clean the floors. Akkiz takes a can from Ilay. At the point when Akkiz places his hands in the water in the can, her hands are harmed. Batuga attempts to mend Akkiz’s hands and requests that she quiet down. Alpagu and his family go to the spot of festivity. Alpagu converses with the visitors who came to the function and says thanks to them. Alpagu then, at that point, shoots a bolt to begin the banquet, in spite of being harmed in his arm. Temur then, at that point, trains with the fighters and the arrow based weaponry rivalry starts. Alpagu sees what a talented bowman Yaman is and welcomes him to the chase that will be done later. Batuga furtively converses with Yaman. Yaman is exceptionally shocked to see Batuga talking and says he will find the resilient men he needs. One of the youngsters who came to the royal residence says that the dead lady isn’t the hook of the twofold headed wolf, and Balamir hears this.

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