Destan EPISODE 08 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 08 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Kircicek tells that Akkiz is a backstabber. Ece figures Kircicek might be correct and says Akkiz should kick the bucket. Khan in a rush needs to go to the nursery of the castle. Akkiz includes the castle with Kun Ata. Ece ends up being furious with the Akkiz and considers Kircicek is correct. Alpagu need to know Akkiz about her appearance in the castle. Akkiz tells about the Khan’s children hostage taken as hostage, Khan offers up killing her. Ece says that Colpan will kill the Tegins. Akkiz tells that Khan’s young people are by the by alive and Colpan wants to make an arrangement. In the mean time, Colpan converses with Khan’s children and lets them know what happened a very long time before.

Danis tells that the fighters are outfitted to go to the mountain. Alongside his protection, Khan acknowledges something is vanished which he stow away.
Ece is exceptionally glad to peer her children and embrace them. Alpagu gets disturbed with Kaya and says it’s miles an embarrassment for the royal residence. Alpagu is loaded up with outrage with his children and officers. Khan continues to talk and says he figured out the entire thing. Alpagu is appreciative to Akkiz and says he will help her.

Akkiz says she wants to stay with Batuga in the royal residence. Khan chooses Akkiz the guardian of Batuga. While Khan is addressing Saltuk, Colpan includes the royal residence. Alpagu says they are attempting to make tranquil way of behaving with Dag for a year and Colpan will go to the looking celebration. Colpan needs the Tutkun and Kayas wedding. Balamir makes an arrangement to go after the hunting event and tells his warriors roughly it. Kun Ata shows up at Khan’s injury and says the spices needed for the medications.

Khan says he can’t utilize the significant drug now because of the looking
Balamir thinks the snare is working and alarms the enormous assault. While Alpagu become pondering that Temur could accompany the prey, a couple of aggressors arrived out of the backwoods. These assailants need to kill the squaddies around Khan. Khan asks without question, everybody to unwind and starts battling. Individuals in the celebration comes to be aware of the handicap of the Khans arm. Before long, Balamir shows up in time and kills who assaults Khan.

Kaya and Temur return. Balamir says that the injury on Khan’s shoulder might be exceptionally terrible and Tengri not needs him the ruler. Alpagu thinks for quite a while and says that he will leave Khan post since his wellbeing isn’t really well. Alpagu needs to organize a tremendous gathering soon for the committee for a political race.

At the point when Temur returns to the castle, he is showing up to the horse shelter and to meet Tutkun. Tutkun says she is infatuated with Temur anyway needs to submit to Colpan’s organization. Temur gets extremely resentful and starts contending with Kaya. The toxin begins offevolved to produce results and Tutkun not ready to bear and tumbles to the ground. Alpagu units off subtly with Batuga and Akkiz to chat on some matter.What will be the subsequent stage of Khan? How they figure out how to save the Khans life? Will Kun Ata become fruitful to fix Khan? Will Akkiz truly assist Khan with making due? What might be the following stage of Balamir.

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