Destan EPISODE 03 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 03 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.In Destan Episode 3, The shaman lady starts to play out a custom by the waterway. Ece implores God and poses inquiries about Batuga’s marriage. Akkiz shoots searing bolts at the tents and lights a fire. The troopers frenzy and attempt to safeguard Alpagu. Akkiz fires two additional bolts and shoots Alpagu in the chest. While Batuga is attempting to help his dad, he sees Akkiz from a remote place. One of the troopers shoots Akkiz in the arm. Akkiz begins to take off from the troopers. The following day, Balamir figures out what befell Alpagu and gets everybody out of his tent. Balamir implores God to hold onto the privileged position and before long sets off. The warriors quickly carry Alpagu to the royal residence the following morning. The royal residence specialist takes out the bolts from Alpagu’s body individually and contains his injury. The specialist says Alpagu lost a ton of blood and they can just stand by.

Ece is extremely agitated about this present circumstance and begins to stand by with her better half. Saltuk says he will track down that toxophilite regardless. Kirac says he saw the bowman’s face. Akkiz and her companions joyfully return to the clan. While Colpan rebuffs a lawbreaker, Akkiz brings the crown jewels she has caught. Akkiz lets Colpan know that she shot Alpagu in the chest. Colpan is exceptionally furious at this present circumstance and says that Akkiz committed a major error. At the point when Kaya is going to sit on his dad’s high position, Temur comes and stops him. Temur says Alpagu isn’t dead yet. Colpan goes to his dad’s grave and lets him know that Alpagu is dead. In the interim, Saltuk comes and says that Alpagu isn’t dead yet. Saltuk says what is going on is truly appropriate for getting Tutkun into the castle.

Colpan quickly concocts an arrangement. The following morning, Gok troopers come to the clan and assault everybody. Saltuk asks Colpan for the bowman and starts to carry out the mystery plan. Saltuk takes a lady and gets back to the castle. Albeit this lady is blameless, Saltuk says that she is the toxophilite they are searching for. Temur and Kaya accept that this lady is liable. Akkiz and different ladies of the clan are kidnapped. Ece tells her little girl in-regulation how she met Alpagu. Kaya lets his mom know that Saltuk has gotten the criminal they are searching for. Balamir sets out and comes to the capital with his military. Kaya, Temur, and Ece are awkward with the present circumstance. Ece says she will just allow Balamir to enter the royal residence. Balamir requests that his military stand by outside the city.

Balamir subtly makes an impression on an officer requesting that he assault the city after Alpagu passes on. After Alpagu’s conceivable passing, Mei requests that Temur take the high position and says that the Chinese sovereign will uphold him. Mei then, at that point, covertly makes an impression on her dad. Balamir and his little girl go directly to Alpagu’s room. Balamir asks how his sibling is doing. New prisoners from the Dag clan show up in the city. After everybody leaves Alpagu’s room, Kircicek says that she dropped her ring in the room and returns inside. Kircicek pours poison on Alpagu’s injury and quickly leaves. Ece says Kamkadin will hold a service around early afternoon. Balamir understands that Alpagu will kick the bucket and starts to smoothly pause. Kircicek subtly tells Batuga that Kamkadin can do nothing since she has proactively harmed Alpagu. Batuga promptly goes to his dad’s room.

Batuga takes care of his dad’s injury and attempts to tidy it up. Batuga represents the first time in quite a while and says that he has not failed to remember what has been going on with him. Batuga says he professed to flip out to seek his retribution and is trusting that the ideal opportunity will come. Batuga says he saved his dad regardless of the sensation of retribution and leaves the room. Batuga then opens a mysterious entryway and starts strolling through the sections of the castle. Batuda then, at that point, begins painting his dad on the wall. Sirma begins crying and yelling while heading to the royal residence. Akkiz quiets her down and says they will be free again soon. Batuga experiences Akkiz while leaving the castle. Akkiz says I wish Batuga had a brain. In the mean time, Kirac comes and notification the injury on Akkiz’s arm. Kirac understands that Akkiz is the bowman they are searching for and chooses to take her to the prison in the castle.

Batuga starts to follow Akkiz. Kamkadin starts the custom for Alpagu’s recuperating. The troopers carry Alpagu’s body to the royal residence garden. Akkiz sees that Alpagu is going to kick the bucket. Kirac says he will keep Akkiz in the prison for the rest of the custom and starts posing her inquiries. Akkiz asks Kirac for a sword and says she will battle him. At the point when Kirac is going to go after Akkiz, Batuga comes. Akkiz and Batuga take out Kirac. Batuga binds Kirac’s hands with ropes and expresses out loud whatever Akkiz did was a colossal mix-up. Akkiz understands that Batuga can really talk and starts conversing with him. Akkiz attempts to break the chains however fizzles. Mei gets some information about Kamkadin’s custom. Kamkadin says custom and penances are lacking. Kamkadin then, at that point, tells her that she really wants the blood of the administration individuals.

The fact that the custom didn’t work makes ece upset. Yet again akkiz says that Batuga is the motivation behind why she was unable to kill Alpagu and lashes out with him. Kamkadin removes Temur’s hand first and afterward Kaya’s hand. Kamkadin then says she really wants someone else, Balamir says he has dynastic blood, yet Kamkadin doesn’t acknowledge him. Temur understands that he needs to bring Batuga and begins searching for him. Temur then asks the troopers where Batuga is. In the mean time, Kirac awakens and goes after Batuga. Temur sees this assault. Akkiz helps Batuga and kills Kirac. Temur asks what occurred and begins to pay attention to Akkiz. Temur expresses gratitude toward Akkiz for saving his sibling. Temur then converses with different warriors and orders them not to commit the error Kirac did. Temur then, at that point, takes Batuga to the custom spot. Kamkadin likewise removes Batuga’s hand.

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