Destan EPISODE 02 with Urdu Subtitles

his is EPISODE No 02 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.In Destan Episode 2, Akkiz goes to the edge of a waterway in her fantasy and sees her dad there. Her dad gives her a blue bolt and requests that she use it. Akkiz shoots this bolt into the core of a hawk sculpture and before long awakens. A long time back, while Alpagu was progressing with his fighters, the Chinese armed force went after him. Balamir tracks down the guide in the hand of one of the dead fighters and starts to peruse what is composed on it. Balamir gives this guide to Khan. Khan understands that this assault was arranged by certain tricksters and quickly sets out for the royal residence. Alpagu asks where Tilsim is and begins searching for her. In the mean time, Tilsim goes to a spot with her child to disappear to her dad. Alpagu gets her as she is going to escape and kills her for being a double crosser

.Batuga watches his mom pass on and flies off the handle at his dad. The following day Alpagu goes to the Dag Khanate with his child and says that he has come to kill the backstabbers. At the point when Khan and Colpan see Tilsim’s dead body, they start to cry. Akkiz gives Batuga one of the wooden blades her dad made to encourage him. Tilsim’s dad assaults Alpagu yet fizzles. Alpagu kills Khan first and afterward Akkiz’s dad there. Alpagu says he killed these individuals for their injustice and requests that Colpan leave these terrains quickly. Alpagu then, at that point, goes to a lakeside with his child and tells him not to be disturbed in light of the fact that his mom is a swindler. Batuga promises at absolutely no point ever to address his dad in the future until he kicks the bucket. The Dag clan hold a memorial service for the dead.

After the service, Kun says that all Turks will join inevitably on account of the two headed wolf. Colpan says she will vindicate her family and kill Alpagu come what may. Afterward, the Dag clan relocates to view as another home. Alpagu gets back to his castle and orders all Dag tribesmen to be killed in the royal residence. Ece says that she has said before that Tilsim is a swindler. Temur says he grasps his sibling’s aggravation. A brief time frame later, Balamir shows up and tells that all Dag tribesmen in the castle have been killed. Saltuk says that Batuga is Khan’s child and thusly ought not be killed, however Danis objects to him. In the wake of paying attention to everybody, Alpagu calls the killer to his room. Danis takes Batuga to Khan’s room.

Alpagu gives the bow to the killer. The killer takes the bow’s string to Batuga’s neck. Batuga starts to cry and before long blacks out. Alpagu then drops the execution. After fifteen years, Akkiz says she actually hasn’t failed to remember Batuga and will find him some way or another. Akkiz then, at that point, gets back to her clan and starts conversing with her companions. Akkiz visits Colpan and advises her now is the right time to get payback. In the mean time, Gok officers show up. Akkiz leaves the clan and sees a Muslim kid by a waterway. While Akkiz is conversing with this kid, a few officers come and say that they are searching for the two headed wolf. Akkiz then puts on her cover and goes after these fighters. One of the enduring fighters gets back to the royal residence and lets Alpagu know that the two headed wolf has gone after.

Alpagu requests that his child Temur get this thief as quickly as time permits. Akkiz climbs a tree close to the castle and starts to watch it. Saltuk comes to the castle and tells that Balamir let his little girl get hitched. Alpagu says that Batuga will wed Balamir’s girl and orders the arrangements to start. Temur’s significant other says everything is working out positively and Temur can be Khan. The following morning, Temur says he sent officers to track down the thief. Ece says it isn’t ideal for Balamir’s girl to wed Batuga. Ece says that Batuga flipped out quite a while back. Alpagu says that this marriage is just to safeguard the eventual fate of the state so Balamir will always be unable to rebel. A few warriors leave the castle right on time with the prisoners and gold to be gifted. Akkiz sees these warriors and promptly makes an assault arrangement.

Alpagu and his family set off on a mission to go to Balamir’s castle. Akkiz persuades her companions to assault and starts to pause. Akkiz kills everything except one of the warriors monitoring the vehicle. Akkiz then, at that point, delivers the ten hostage ladies in the vehicle and opens the chest. Akkiz says that the hostages are free now and gives them the gold in the chest. Sirma takes a gander at the textures they have seized and says that because of them, she can wed at this point. Inevitably, Alpagu and his troopers show up at the assault site. Temur sends the officers to search for the two headed wolf and lets his dad know that he should go to a protected spot. At Kaya’s solicitation, the officers set up a tent by the lake for Alpagu to rest. Akkiz watches the Gok troopers from a remote place and trusts that the ideal opportunity will assault.

Ece says that this assault happened on the grounds that they didn’t earnestly commit to God and requests that Alpagu ask soon. Alpagu sees his child Batuga is separated from everyone else by the lake and goes to converse with him. Akkiz sees that Batuga is as yet alive and is extremely cheerful. Alpagu says he can let Batuga know’s at the forefront of his thoughts and that he significant regardless of what for him. Yet again alpagu requests that Batuga talk and even implores him, however he actually doesn’t talk. Akkiz says that Alpagu is far away and that is the reason she will light a fire. Ece starts to appeal to God and asks consent for this marriage. Akkiz quietly enters the lake and attempts to move toward Alpagu’s tent. At the point when Ece completed the process of supplicating, Akkiz sent flaring bolts to the tents and consumed them. While the fighters are attempting to extinguish the fire, Akkiz shoots Alpagu with bolts. Before Akkiz escapes from the camp, Batuga sees her from a remote place and perceives her.

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