Destan EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode 04 of Detsan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Akkiz understands that the bird sculpture she had found in her fantasy before is in the royal residence. Kamkadin completes the custom, however Ece is upset by what she says. Kircicek attempts to comprehend how Alpagu is as yet alive. Kaya and Temur return Alpagu to his room. Kaya requests that Temur accompany him assuming Alpagu bites the dust. Kaya tells that Balamir will attempt to hold onto the lofty position. Temur requests that Kaya quiet down and says that he will uphold his sibling as his dad said previously. Ece sends Kamkadin to the prison. Balamir says that main Batuga has an unadulterated Turkish soul however he can’t be Khan. Balamir says he merits the lofty position. Alpagu has a fantasy. Alpagu dreams of Tilsim and before long awakens. Alpagu then gets up and attempts to open the entryway of his room.

Specialist requests that Alpagu head to sleep. Alpagu asks Danis what occurred in his nonattendance. Alpagu asks Danis not to let anybody know that he has awakened and starts to watch individuals in the castle covertly. Akkiz and different ladies go to the prison as hostages. Akkiz asks Tutkun inquiries there. Temur lets everybody know that one of the hostage young ladies killed Kirac. Temur then, at that point, says he needs to go after the Dag clan. Saltuk says he went after there previously, however he was unable to track down anything there. Kaya requests that Saltuk return to the Dag clan and bring Colpan. Saltuk sets out with the warriors of Kaya. While Akkiz is attempting to get the mouse in the prison, a lady brings them food. Akkiz contends with the one who came to the prison. Akkiz says that Colpan will come to the castle soon and will save the hostage young ladies.

Batuga utilizes a mystery passage to head off to some place close to the prison. Akkiz sees the opening in the wall and looks from that point. Akkiz sees Batuga. Batuga starts to advise Akkiz how to escape from the prison, yet she says that Colpan will come. Saltuk goes to the Dag clan and tracks down Colpan. Saltuk furtively converses with Colpan and says he needs to take her to the royal residence. Colpan takes the gold that Akkiz gave before and goes to the royal residence with Saltuk. While everybody is snoozing, Akkiz goes to the wall with the opening to converse with Batuga. Akkiz requests that Batuga come to the Dag clan. Batuga denies this proposition and says he needs to safeguard his loved ones. Batuga then, at that point, gets some information about Dag. That evening, Balamir visits Kircicek and requests that the house keeper there take a message to the military commandant.

Kaya discovers that Kircicek’s house keeper has left the royal residence and understands that something is off-base. Administrator Standards is exceptionally shocked to discover that Alpagu is as yet not dead and peruses the message Balamir sent. Kaya and Temur understand that Balamir’s warriors will go after soon. Balamir then goes to his room and beverages sherbet prior to nodding off. Balamir falls into a profound rest as Ece places opium in this sherbet. Ece then, at that point, goes to Balamir’s room and requests one from her men to choke Balamir. All of a sudden, Alpagu comes and stops this man. Ece is extremely amazed to see Alpagu. Alpagu says Balamir shouldn’t pass on. The following morning, Saltuk shows up at the castle with Colpan. Saltuk then, at that point, takes Colpan to the prison and requests that she quiet down. Saltuk says that Kaya and Temur will begin the cross examination soon.

Kaya sits on his dad’s high position and says that he is currently Khan’s appointee. Balamir objects to this and requests that Danis follow through with something. Danis says this isn’t an issue. Balamir says he is the person who knows the custom best. Ece requests that Balamir hush up. Balamir blows up and leaves the room. Balamir says he will kill everybody in the castle. Kaya then, at that point, orders Colpan to be brought. Colpan says she needed Alpagu dead however didn’t help the one who went after him. Kaya says that this lady is from the Dag clan. Colpan says she believes that lady was only a ravenous individual. Kaya proceeds to talk and says that all Dag ladies will be addressed. The troopers go to the prison and take the Dag ladies to the lobby.

Temur checks out at the ladies individually. Kaya then poses inquiries about the one who came to the clan. Akkiz begins to say something. Kaya attempts to trick the ladies during the cross examination. Since Batuga discovered that the ladies would be addressed, he covertly goes to the prison and illuminates Akkiz. Because of what Akkiz gained from Batuga, she cautions her companions and saves Colpan’s life. Danis says Colpan is honest. The prisoners are then taken to the nursery of the royal residence. Ece begins haggling with Colpan about the detainees. Colpan says she has no gold to pay for the prisoners and gets back to her clan. The new captives of the castle are gathered by Ece. Ece takes a gander at the slaves and sends some of them to the kitchen. Akkiz objects to this present circumstance. Ece needs to send Akkiz to the mine, however Batuga stops her. Temur says this young lady saved Batuga previously and saves her life.

In the interim, Alpagu comes to the nursery of the royal residence and starts conversing with his children. Balamir says he is glad to see Alpagu and makes a move to leave the castle. Alpagu requests that Balamir leave Kircicek in the royal residence. Balamir inquires as to whether Kircicek is a detainee. Alpagu converses with Balamir and says everything relies upon his choice. Balamir quickly makes a move and goes to his military. Kaya follows his uncle. Balamir lashes out when he sees his plastered warriors, however Kaya quiets him down. Afterward, on Alpagu’s structure, marriage arrangements start right away. Batuga goes to his room and starts shouting. Alpagu comes to his room and asks what is happening. Alpagu says that all administration individuals are limited by imperceptible chains. Alpagu then goes to the royal residence nursery and converses with Balamir about this marriage. Batuga and Kircicek wear wedding bands.

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