EPISODE 25 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 25 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Attack!Damn it, how did they come here?Hizir..This is the fight of death, (events’Resist!Ya Allah!Take the relics right now!Yes sir.I will make you throw up blood!Senor Gabriel!Sir. are you alright?Sir, he shot you from a risky spot.We have to step back!I won’t step back before I kill them!If we do not take the arrow out and treat your wound, you will die!We already took the relics. He’ll die if we don’t take him to the ship.

Even if I step back, I won’t do it before I kill Oruc.Give me my weapon!My Agha!I shot him!My Agha!We have to take him to the ship as soon as possible, Piero!We are taking Senor Gabrieli Don’t let them come after us!Yes sir.Gabriel stepped back.We failed, again.We have to leave, let’s go.My Agha.We came together finally, brother.Finally.Brother..My Agha, what is happening? What is happening to you?My Agha!My Agha1 Open your eyes, brother’ Your brother is here! You can not leave before we hug each other!We will take my Agha, hurry!Don’t, my Agha. Open your eyes!Open your eyes, brother!Senor Gabriel will survive, right?Tell me he will.

The arrow was shot above his heart.He might not survive.We brought you here as the doctor of the ship!You will treat him! Do you understand?Piero..He is our leade our everything Enough, Piero.Let him do his job.1*—Once Oruc comes…..we will attack Levitha Island.I will command the army.Look… you will not let Oruc sit on that chair.Why?My seal placed the owner…..of that chair.And without my seal, no one else can sit on that chair.If Oruc has a problem, he will come and talk to me first.Move aside!Move!We need help!Let’s go! Move!Brother.What happened to my brother?I think there was a battle. He is hurt.My brother would not go down with just a wound. I need to go to him.Call a doctor!Oruc?Hizir, what happened to Oruc?We were in a battle, Isabel.He is not well.

Come on!Treat Antuan, too.You are hurt, too.Don’t worry about us, Meryem.Call a doctor for my brother Oruc.Hurry!My Allah, help us, my Rabb.Wait outside for a while, Ilyas.My brother is in there covered in blood. I will see him.Ilyas, everyone is worried.Hizir is mad.you go in, it will get worse.If Oruc is his brother, he is my brother, too.No on can stop me.I will go in.Enough,.Ilyas. I said things are crazy in there.Don’t cause a scene.When Oruc Reis is better, …you will be the first one to hear about it.Now wait outside.Where is that doctor?His arm is badly wounded. Treat him now.We will clear the blood on his arm and take a look.The crowd inside should go out.You wait outside. I will inform you.Isabel, come on.Let’s let the doctor work.Why is his arm blue?

This is the first time I am seeing something like this.I was so afraid that you were going to die, sir.Why were you afraid, Pierro?They should be afraid.I shot Oruc with poisonous bullet.We saved our relics.We will not die until we destroy them.I put poison into our enemies’ bodies.It will kill them painfully.Watch your son from God’s heaven with pride.What do you think, doctor?He was shot with poisonous bullet.What poison?My brother will live, right?The poison will not kill him, right?The poison is strong.His arm is about to become gangrenous.We will try to stop it before it spreads to his body.Tie his arm.Do what is necessary to save my brother, doctor.We will do what we can.If it does not work,..we will have to cut his arm ..so that the poison will not kill him.No.No way.

My brother is a warrior.That is the arm he uses to hold swords.No, doctor. You cannot cut it.You wait outside, too.We will start treating him.He shot my brother with poisonous bullet.If the treatment does not work, …he will cut his arm so that he will not die.Just when he was freed from captivity, how unlucky he is!Losing his arm,losing his arm is worse than death for him.What happened doctor?Has the effect of the poison gone?Unfortunately.We’re doing our best but….it is useless.We have to cut his arm. What?Isn t there another solution?If we don’t cut his arm, he’ll die.There’s no other solution.What is the type of the poison?Maybe it will be helpful if we could make a cure.It is such a strong poison that…wt couldn’t even understand its type.

Making an antidote is very hard.Let me see.My girl!::KAY1FAS>Ilyas!I heard what happened to Oruc Agha.How is he now?They’re treating him inside.So, why aren’t you inside?They don’t let me in.If I enter, there’ll be problems.Allah, Allah.They are acting like enemy.Let’s go.We ll be informed about Oruc Agha’s state.I won’t go away just because they yelled at me.

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