EPISODE 24 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 24 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You are right in my claws.You won’t be able to take Oruc Aga’s life……or save your own life.Even if you save yours……you can’t go hunting in the lion’s den.Even if you get into the lion’s den……the lion will rip you apart.I will shed the first blood for revenge with my father’s sword.Why is Signor Gabriel still not here?Hurry, go to the dungeon and check!My aga!My Hizir!I knew you would do something like this!Captivity is over, my aga.We are here to save you and Antuan.Signor Gabriel.How could you fall into the hands of the enemy? How?

I will kill Gabriel if you don’t let Oruc Aga and Antuan go.Now, give Oruc Aga and Antuan to us……and we will give you Gabriel.Don’t do it, Pierro! Don’t!You will never let Oruc go.Sir, he says he is going to kill you. How can I allow that?I’m not scared of death, Pierro.The moment he kills me……you are going to kill him.Stop being stubborn, Gabriel.Your life is in our hands.And your life is in ours.As long as you don’t let go of the island……you won’t be set free.\Ne put up with every hardship for these lands.Even if they kill me……you will not let go of this island, Hizir.Let Oruc Aga and Gabriel go, take Gabriel.Let’s end this without any bloodshed.Otherwise, it’ll be a disaster for all of us.You are my brother, my father, my everything.What does it mean for Oruc to die after you do?

Accept it, sir.We will stay in the island and fight for you not matter what.But if we lose you, we will all die.Mesih Pasha is bombing the island, too.This way, we’ll at least get to save your life.My loyal right hand man Pierro.If they are fighting for this island……then we will fight harder than them!Put your swords on Oruc’s neck!If Mesihi Rasha does not stop the attack…..kill him!And I will kill you here!Taking this island from you is my cause.I will die a thousand……deaths for that if necessary!They are continuing the attack.Get ready to kill Oruc!You already captured that bastard.If taking over the island depends on Mesih Pasha’s attack, then let-‘him attack.I can sacrifice myself.Of course not my Aga.

We came here to save you and the island.I can’t let you sacrifice yourself.This island is home to martyrs, Hizir.If I die for this cause, I wouldn’t feel sadness……it would be an honor for me.If taking the island depends on this attack……then I can die.And you can take his head, and save the island.Don’t, my Aga.We can take this island eventually.But if we lose you, we can’t find someone like you again.Get ready!Okay!We will go to the ships……and stop the attack.We will convince Mesih Pasha to stop the attack.Come on.Don’t!If anyone follows us, I will kill Gabriel!Stay here Pierro.If Mesih Pasha continues the attack…..kill him.Leaving you and Antuan here hurts me my Aga.

I wish I could save you and die here instead.But I will return.I will return and save you my Aga.Don’t worry about me, my lion.I will always stand tall.I witnessed what you are doing for your Aga.Even if I get saved, or not……I give you my blessing.Eyvallah.Come on.I know how to save Signor Gabriel from you, Hizir!Let all the ships be ready.Soon, we will continue attacking more fiercely.There won’t be an attack, Pasha.Hizir, what are you doing here?Stop the attack, Pasha.How many times do I have to tell you that I won’t return before I save the island from occupation?We came here, and started the attack.There is no reason for me to stop the attack.There is one now.Gabriel.If you continue the attack……they will kill Oruc Aga and Antuan.Gabriel is a leverage we have now.Stop the attack Pasha.When his soldiers are left without a leader, they will scatter.And we can take the island if we attack it.

Nothing can stop me now.Let the attack begin!Ready the cannonsStop!Look Pasha……Oruc Aga was right in front of me.But I couldn’t save him, my heart aches.Don’t be stubborn.Let us save my Aga, then we can take the island.We don’t have the time!I asked a fleet from Shahzade Korkut to take the island.If we don’t take it soon, Shahzade will rum me.Ready the cannonsTie me tightly.No matter what you do, I will escape.You can’t hold me.They are preparing cannons to fire.Get ready to kill Oruc.When the ships fire, I will cut your head off.The cannons are ready to fire, Pasha Hadrath.Look Pasha…..don’t start the attack before we save Oruc Aga and Antuan.Don’t endanger them!

You couldn’t convince them to give Oruc to you!And I can’t lose time because of you!They are doing this to make us give up!But we won’t give up!And I will save Oruc Aga from them Your duty was to save your Aga, and you could not do it My duty is to take this island!And I will take this island!Ready!I witness what you are doing for your Aga.Even if I get saved, or not……I give you my blessing.Leaving you andAntuan here hurts me.I wish I could save you, and die here instead.But I will return.I will return and save you my Aga.Pasha Hadrath!Many enemy ships are approaching us!That’s the Venetian fleet.

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