EPISODE 26 Barbaroslar

This is Episode 26 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We need to catch Sahbaz right away.Spread through the streets, levents!Take him to me1,!You raid law enforcement offi I’ll take Sahin and Antuan to raid the custom office.-Okay, my Aga.-Let’s go.Revenge!Revenge!Revenge!Revenge!Revenge!For my father.Revenge!Revenge!Revenge!Revenge!

You’ve punished yourself enough, Gabriel.Revenge!This is a ritual of revenge I perform with my blood.This is not only a punishment, dear Doge.It’s not!It’s not!It’s not!For they’ve takenLevitha from us……we’ll make Kelemez their grave.They will not get away with the things they did to my father and all the Christian world.They will not!They will not!They will not!This is the attitude I expect from you.The peace we made with them is just an eyewash.You will make them regret without breaking the peace.They will pay the price of taking our island.Our war with the Turks will get harsher now.We’ll attack them with our full power.We’ll attack them with our full power.First, I’ll destroy Kelemez with Oruc and Hizir.

Then, I’ll leave no Turk in Mediterranean.You had to sell Sahbaz in Kelemez.How are you going to do this?Sahbaz have an army of men in Kelemez.I’m sure he’ll find away to save himself.If I hadn’t know this, I would have never sold him.In order to take our revenge from the Turks..In order to take our revenge from the Turks……he will be our most powerful weapon.Where is that traitor dog called Sahbaz?How can we know? He is not here! Go search for him somewhere else!Tell me before I kill you! Where is Sahbaz?When I find Sahbaz, I’ll take his head.And if you don’t want to lose your heads with him, tell me where he is.

He is either in law enforcement office or he is home.Hizir will raid the law enforcement office.So, we should go and raid the house.Gabriel has confessed he’s been working with you.They are looking for you everywhere.If they catch me, they’ll kill me.We need to run away from Kelemez right away.Send news to our men in the city.Let them burn down everywhere.Let them turn the streets of Kelemez into hell.-As you order, my Bey.-Look at me.Let Sahsenem know about it. I can’t leave her here.Make sure, she comes to the ship in the cove. Come on.Oruc Reis. He’s coming here, my Bey.That traitor’s house is here.No one is here. -He’s run away obviously.Let’s go after him, come on!Look at me, don’t let them see you with us. Go now!You can’t go anywhere, Sahbaz.I’ll cut your head off now.Kill them!Sahbaz was here, Reis.

He went that way.We’ll go after them! We won’t let them leave Kelemez! Come on!We’ll go after them! We won’t let them leave Kelemez! Come on!You can’t get away from our claws, Sahbaz.I’ll set a death trap for your every step.You will not able to catch me.Attack!He placed his men everywhere.They’ attacked riwght before we went on them.Obviously, he took every kind of precaution.They went to, north. They are running towards the forest obviously.We need to catch them, before they leave Kelemez.We’ll split into two groups, Hizir.Take Piri and Niko and go this way. We will go this way.EyvAHah.

My lady, Sahbaz Bey’s alliance with Gabriel is revealed.Oruc and Hizir are after him.Sahbaz Bey wants you to come to the ship that waits at the shore.Oh no..We should go to the ship secretly without being seen. Come on.When Sahbaz escaped, Sahsenem got worried and started moving.Now it’s time to show your true colors.The traces show that we are close.We will catch that dog soon.I have placed my men in every corner of Kelemez.From this point onward, you can’t take my head……but I will take yours.Stop shaming our family any further, traitor!Instead of begging for Gabriel’s help, come ask for forgiveness!What happens next?Am I going to be Oruc’s servant like you?

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