Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 38 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 38 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. And if my name is Kurdoglu……I know how to turn that fire into ash.You shall take one life of that double lived coward.Before she can hold her baby in her arms……before she can brag about giving a grandchild to the Bey bloodline……that baby shall die.Get out of the way.My dear lamb……I brought you water, get up.Was it you……who killed my father Baybora?Here you are, my girl.May it be easy on you.May it be easy on you, sister.With God’s permission, we are ready, Gundogdu Bey.What happened, my Bey? Is there something that clouds your heart, that worries you?It’s dangerous around here, Deli Demir.I will allocate some trusted Alps for your journey.You are son of a Bey, you are a Bey.You don’t need to tell me everything.But if there is something I need to know……you would tell me, right, my Bey?

I always say that caution is a virtue.We can’t even trust the clouds above us or the blowing wind.Anyway, you should start your own preparations.Don’t talk like that, my Bey.What kind of preparations need to be made for a man like me?I just have to pay my last respects to someone while there is still time for it.So, I should be doing that.Yigit!Yigit!Was it you……who killed my father Baybora?Baybora was like a brother to me.Your father was killed by those who saw us as a threat to their Seigniory.What are you trying to say?You should understand, the killer of your father is Suleyman Shah.Can those we called our Shah and obeyed as Beys, kill us, father?But if I am your son……I shall make them pay for it.I seek refuge in God from Satan, the Accursed one.In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.Amen.I am going, my dear wife.Leaving our lands again… The caravan is ready.But this time,you will not be in the caravan.You will never be able to see our new land.First thing will be marrying off our Aykiz when the tribe is settled.

That day……I shall cry quietly in a corner.As you are not beside me, you won’t be able to wipe my tears.Aykiz will give me a grandchild when the time comes.You won’t be able to hold those little hands and feet.My battle worn and battered heart……will be even more worn out being without you.But no one will need to say: “Come on. Get up, Deli Demir.Who will make weapons for the Alps of this tribe other than you?” Isn’t this world a temporary moorland for everyone, my loved one?When the time comes, I shall join the caravan that goes to the real home.We will meet then.Knowing this is enough for me, my love.The woman I saw the first time I opened my eyes, the woman I gave my heart and loved.Until then, while you are under this cold ground……I shall be feeling cold even in front of the ironsmith’s fire.I wanted you to know that.May God bless you.My sincere condolences, son.The world is like that.An inn with two doors.Thank you, Master Demir. The world is the innkeeper, we are the travelers.Those who finish the number of breaths given to them go under the ground.You are right, Bozok.

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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