Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 39 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 39 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. His return will be returning to you.You will rejoice with your loved one.But the separation between Ertugrul and I is not distance.Even if he returns……even if he sits beside me, I will be the furthest one from him.It will be like looking at the sun behind the insurmountable mountains.My Bey……first I thought it was because of the famine and did not gave importance.But, the matter is grave.What is your opinion?Plague.Plague?What do we need to do?My Bey……I checked the whole tribe.I stamped the ill animals with red paint and gathered them all here.If we exterminate all of them……with God’s help, we can avoid this disaster.If God permits, Akcakoca, if God permits.If God permits, Bey.Do whatever you need to do.Find someone trustable and keep it a secret.The tribe is in the brink of havoc, we don’t need criers of disaster as well.-May God turn it into a good deed.-Alright, my Bey.Everyone is nervous as it is, why do you call me here, Selcan Hatun?Why do you worry when you see me, Kurdoglu?You should think about what you will do when Suleyman Shah wakes up.That is not my problem, your husband, who tries to take advantage of……his father’s illness should be worried.You think I am one of the Beys you convinced at the headquarters.

Don’t I know the things you are up to?Don’t lose your breath and tell me……you beat Gundogdu at the headquarters.What will you do when Suleyman Shah wakes up?Don’t you worry about these things, Selcan Hatun. I will find a way.Suleyman Shah will be leaving tomorrow.They will be going to Aleppo, to find a remedy for his illness.If he gets up again……think about your fate then.What are you trying to say?What are you saying?Spill the beans!If Suleyman Shah passes away in his bed where he lies burning, God forbid……I would blame that on Azrael……mourn after and cry by his grave.How is that going to happen?Tonight……I will take Gundogdu and Mother Hayme out of the tent……the rest is up to you.If Suleyman Shah dies, I would revenge my father’s death and you would become Bey.30 knights have been sent upon Sir Titus’s request.Ustad-i Azam, you have a guest from the Vatican in your room.He is waiting for you.My dear friend Petruccio.Cardinal Thomas.It is an honor to see you.You should have informed us beforehand.I did not want to interrupt your Aleppo escapade.You are still the seeing eye and hearing ear of our Holy Father.His highness the Pope appreciates your efforts but he has some reservations.

He needs to be convinced for a new Crusader campaign.How can he be convinced?You have to take back the holy relics those infidel Mohammadi’s stole from us.I am guessing you know who is hiding those holy relics.-Hello, my brother.-Brother?Bad, so bad.I remember the day our mother gave birth to you. Shame.Brothers should not treat each other like this.Get out of here.You did not only shatter your brother.You shattered your whole family.Was it worth it?You went after a bedouin.And destroyed your wife, your children……your cause and everything else with your own hands.But we are brothers.If you can bring me the items in Ibn Arabi’s chest……I can spare your family.You still think I would betray my Sheikh?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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