Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 37 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 37 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. If you want me to persuade our Holy Father for the Crusades……you have to take back the holy relics Muslims stole from us.I shall remind you of this everyday until I return to Europe……my dear friend Petruccio.-What is it, Marcus?-Titus has returned to the castle, sir.Get your hands off me!Let go!Well done!You went with 30 knights and returned with two Turkmen, dear Titus.What a great task! Huge success!This child is not an ordinary Turkmen, Cardinal.He is a Seljuk Shahzada.Isn’t he one of the Shahzadas you let escape last time?Well, who is this?Your death!Well done, Titus. You are quite brave against a wounded lion……but when you encounter lions in the forest, who’ll look for a hole to hide?I am going to Antioch.I have some business to attend to.I shall take back my guest when I get back. Look after him well while I am gone.May you have a good journey, dear Thomas.Take our guest to his palace.Take him to the palace as well.This presumptuous Turkmen shall beg for me to kill him.First we shall visit a friend.He will look after Halime and……we will receive his blessing.-Alright.Be strong, my girl. We are almost there.You cowards! Why don’t you untie me?

Are you afraid?Do we treat your prisoners like this?-Are you alright?-Save your breath, young man.They won’t hear you here.They won’t understand your troubles.Here, only God will hear you.Who are you?I warned you countless times!I told you that your personal revenge should not overshadow your tasks!But you went after that Turk anyway.I lost 30 knights because of your incompetence.Forgive me, sir.Didn’t you see how the Cardinal was teasing us?You disgraced me and all the Knights Templar.Never……ever ask me to forgive you once again.I understand, sir.-But…-But what, Titus?Ertugrul was going to Aleppo.I thought you might want to know this.He must be going to Aziz’s palace as an envoy of the Kayis.I shall give you one last chance, Titus.What is it you want me to do, sir?Go to Aleppo immediately.Talk with Nasir and finish this job.Then clean your own mess.I understand, sir.First complete your tasks for Lord’s Son, Titus.Then, Ertugrul is yours.You can do whatever you wish.-Thank God you are here.-Thank God we meet again.Where have you been, my Bey?

We were worried when you did not show up.Where is Turgut Alp?-Father, where is Yigit Alp? He is not here.-Keep calm, keep calm, my girl.I will call the doctor and meet you in the lodge.May Lord’s Son take our deceased brother to his kingdom of heaven.Will his death make our job easier?Aziz is really confused about Sahabeddin at the moment.When the assassin is found dead after accusing Sahabeddin……this will confuse him even more.The rest is up to you.You must feed fears and suspicions within Aziz.I will be a guest of the Emir tonight as well.In the sweetest moment of our night I shall whisper Ustad’s words in his ear.He will be my slave from now on.Aftalia.Don’t get carried away while doing your job.I am Esma to El Aziz and Aftalia to you and your Knights Templar.I only do as I’m told.Shall I take the tray if you won’t eat, my Effendi?Father?Yigit still has not arrived, father.Father, Yigit has not arrived.May God help and be with us.Dear God,please don’t leave us in despair.Amen. She shall recover.May God bestow a speedy recovery upon her.Hanim, how is our guest?

The password for every Episode is now giveme5.co. There is a password for Season one now. Thank you!

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