Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 36 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 36 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. Where are we, father?We reached Aleppo, my girl.We are at a secure place.Father, why is Yigit not with us?I want to see my brother.You will see him tomorrow, my girl.Sleep now. You should sleep.Sleep and rest.Dear God……spare these innocents.Bring Yigit to us safe and sound.The servant told the truth.The man is indeed poisoned, your highness Ameer.Akcakoca, what kind of a disaster is this plague?Didn’t we kill all those sheep to fend it off?We did, my Bey. We did but……this is a child’s doing. She couldn’t sacrifice her lamb and hid it.We set on the road tomorrow.What will happen to these people?My Bey, there is nothing we can do for them.In a few days they will…Will we leave them here?I will stay with them.Bey, I know there is nothing I can do……but I can relieve their pain for a while.Akcakoca……there are some who don’t want to migrate. I need to talk to them.If they stay here, it would be a disaster.They need to know that no matter what.May God make it easy for you.Your highness Ameer.I deliver you the greetings of Kayi……and the gratitude of my father Suleyman Shah for the new land.There have been rumours……about your tribe.Is there anything you would like to tell me Ertugrul?I talked with your vizier Sahabeddin Tugrul as well……these rumors are lies.

Templars who are not fond of the alliance between us attacked our tribe.Those who tried to spread disease in our tribe and the people……who spread these rumors are the same.You are lying, Ertugrul.The enemy who you think is beyond your borders are actually inside your palace.You are not aware.Your highness Ameer…What are you doing here, Nasir?Where is his highness the Ameer?Guards.How dare you?Inform El Aziz immediately.Calm down, Vizier.This is actually the order of his highness Ameer.He personally wants to question you.Is Kurdoglu not here?I do not know where he is, my Bey.He told me to pack his belongings and make them ready for the caravan.He is to solve an important matter and join the caravan later.He will join the caravan you say.So Kurdoglu Bey will migrate with us.Alpargu, tell me. Your Bey does not do anything without informing you.I really do not know, my Bey.He only said that it was about Suleyman Shah……that was all.The cart shook him up more than we expected, Mother Hayme.You are right, Master Demir.It is good that we stopped to rest.The horses will have a chance to rest as well.May God give him health, so that he can walk while entering Aleppo.If God permits.-Hayme.-My Bey!My Bey!My Bey?

Come on, my girl.Give our Bey some space to have some fresh air.Kurdoglu.Tell me, why is the Ameer not coming?I really do not know why his highness is acting like this, my Vizier.I have insisted repeatedly but he did not want to talk.He just gave you the assurance……of an absolute fair hearing……and that will be under my responsibility.You may leave, Nasir.Dear God……I am ready to be hurt, but don’t let the justice be hurt.Do not give the tyrants an opportunity.Oh, Mighty God, the tyrants shall kill me if they want……but your order which will exalt your name……shall continue forever.Turkmen valiant.Ertugrul Bey.You won’t regret it if you turn around.Effendi Titus says: “The eagle is in the cage, now it is the wolf’s turn.” Great God!Tell me? Whose dog are you?Where is my brother?Where is the Shahzada?Speak!It won’t be so easy this time!Hamza……are the Alps ready for the security of the migration route?They are ready, my Bey.Ilyas Fakih……did you talk with the families of the people who have to stay behind……because of this plague?I did, my Bey.I tried to comfort them but it is hard.May God never test anyone with their children.And if He does, may He give them the patience of Prophet Ayub.Amen.Akcakoca……would this plague spread outside the confinement?

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