Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 35 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 35 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. And this problem shall be solved.-Let me go, your highness!-Let me go! I beg you, let me go!-Please spare us.-Let me go! Have mercy on us!Nasir? Are these real?Or did you arrange this visit day to entertain me?Please know that I have no contribution at all, your highness.Your subjects came to take refuge in your justice.My dear Nasir……why didn’t you tell me that these state issues are so boring.Your highness.Leila Sultan.I do not understand.What happened to Leila Sultan?She is not well. They’re waiting for you.I have just seen Sahabeddin.He suspects you.Peace be upon you.My dear Afsin Bey.When they said that they saw you in the streets of Aleppo, I did not believe them.So the youngsters realized that I was following them.You raised them well.But I am surprised. Is there anyone left who knows me?Please.Your fame precedes you, Afsin Bey.And the ones who don’t know, we tell what a valiant man you are.Do not say that.But we used to commemorate you as a hero who was martyred.

But I see that you are still alive.We were just telling some legends then.Is there any news about the wise man in Ahlat, Aykutluk.It’s been a long time since I visited Ahlat.But the news we received is not nice.They say that the path taken by the Seljuk dynasty is not right.Taking Sultan Aladdin from the Konya palace and burning down the rest……would not be a sin, they say.I do not know what will happen.It’s thought that it gets darker and darker when a cloud covers the crescent, Aykutluk.But it all needs a wind.The crescent shall shine again, you can be rest assured about that.Anyway, I want something else from you.Listen to me carefully.Whisper everyone in the streets of Aleppo.We need to learn the fate of Vizier Sahabeddin.Thank you.Leila? My sister?Brother, where is our uncle?The starry night of Aleppo, Leila.Why do you worry, my dear sister?He hasn’t been visiting me for days.He never neglected me before.Are the things I heard true?My Leila.The ache of my heart.Why are you worried about my uncle?He is busy with state affairs.He will visit you soon.Tell me the truth, brother!Are the things I heard true?Is my uncle in prison?When a slight breeze passes, you tremble like a dry leaf.Your innocent heart cannot bear the ugliness of the world.You would be bedridden like a wilting rose.My precious sister……do not worry about our uncle.-Brother.

Is it true?Our uncle Sahabeddin……engaged in things not befitting to him.Unfortunately,what you heard is true, my sister.I do not believe that.How can you believe such a thing?Our uncle would never attempt a bad thing.You are mistaken, my innocent sister.Our precious uncle……our wise vizier……collaborated with the killers of our father, the Knights Templar.Leila, Leila.Leila.Leila! Leila!I told your request to our people, Afsin Bey. We will hear something soon.Shall we drink some sherbet and rest until then?Ertugrul?Tell me, my Sultan.Do not worry about me.I will be fine.I know.But it hurts me when I see you in pain.You risked your own life to save me.What if something happened to you?But it did not. I am fine.When I opened my heart to you that day……you denied it. You are ready to sacrifice yourself but……you refrain from telling me what is in your heart.When a person knows that she cannot come together with her earthly love……then she wishes to come together with her divine love.Ertugrul you always told me the truth.I beg you not to hide the truth from me now.I know it is not a good sign that they are so delayed.Is there any news about Yigit and Turgut, Ertugrul?-Yes.-Tell me the truth, Ertugrul.Did something happen to my brother?

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