Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 34 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 34 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. He will be our life, our blood, future of our progeny.You will see thatall troubles will be left behind.The new homeland will be a new world for us.If God permits, Hatun, if God permits.Let us completethis migration journey first.Come on, I have some business to attend to, you should get ready as well.Father?We ran away for so long……we faced so many troubles……we went through so much…But at the end,we could not protect Yigit.There is nothing we can do but pray, father.Look at me.I cannot even move.We will find a way in the end, Halime.God will surely open up a blessed path in front of us in time.Ertugrul Bey promised me.He will not let Yigit and Turgut Alp be captive in enemy hands.He will not, right, father?Your wound is very serious. I beg you, don’t distress yourself so much, Halime.There is a Turkmen carpet man around here with the name of Aykutluk.Do you know his place?Wake up! Wake up!Wake up!Be patient, my girl, Leila, be patient.Do not throw yourself into those dark wells once again.May God help you.-Didn’t she eat?-No.Today will be a difficult day for all of us.We do not know how it will end.No news about our vizier shall reach Leila Sultan, do you understand me?As you wish. We will of course be careful.But, how can something like this be?

How can our great vizier, Sahabeddin Tugrul……whom no one can suspect his honesty and righteousness be put on trial?You are right. We don’t know with what kind of a slander he was imprisoned.The only thing we can do for him is to pray God. You may leave.God! God! God!God! God! God!God! God! God!Welcome, Ertugrul.Those mad men of ours have been giving the good news of your coming.Are all those mad men, beggars and drunkards your comrades?When mayors are being bought and sold in the market……we work with mad men in this life or death market.We need to rescuethe vizier from the dungeon.We need at least one week, my lad.We need to contact the guards in the dungeon, arrange their schedule.Besides, Sahabeddin has his trial today.In the Muslim world the balance of justice is not that crooked yet.We should not lose hope from God.We should wait for the outcome.What if it is crooked?What will we do then?If betrayal harms the justice……then our swords will bring those ones to the right path.But, Nasir……this is dangerous.Judge Effendi!You never thought of any danger while pouring your belt with gold-filled sacks.You were saying the vizier is as good as dead. Why do you tremble like a leaf now?

And……think well, Judge Effendi……after the issue of the vizier is done……his highness Melik will need consultants like you beside him.Can you really do this, Nasir?Of course.You are very important for me, Judge Effendi.It is not easy to find a man that can be bought so easily in Aleppo.On behalf of Emirate of Aleppo, Melik El Aziz.In the name of God; The Embodiment of Justice, The Retaliator……The All-Prevailing One and The Beneficent……we shall commence the trial of Emirate of Aleppo Vizier, Sahabeddin Tugrul.The accusations are murder, disobedience of an order……breach of confidence, betrayal of trust to the city of Aleppo……and the Muslim world.I am one of the private guards of Sahabeddin Tugrul……he ordered me to provide him with a highly effective poison.I did as I was ordered.I saw the people who tried to kill the Kayi envoy with the vizier in the market.The vizier was giving something to them in a pouch. I am sure that it was gold.I am a trader, the vizier forced me……he used me as a tool for his trade business……in Antioch, the Earldom of the Crusaders.Sahabeddin Tugrul, you heard the accusations.Is there anything you wish to say?

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