Dirilis Ertugrul EPISODE 33 Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing

Hello Viewers! This is Episode No 33 of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 01 with Urdu Dubbing. We shall take refuge in Him.Our God, who turned the fire into a rose garden that Abraham fell into……will also turn the dungeon into the venter that Sahabeddin Tugrul is in.Those who wait tyranny, murder and treason to emerge from there……would be bewildered when a resurrection emerges.Do not worry, Turkmen.When I’m done with you……you won’t remember any of this pain you have suffered.Hello, young man.-Who are you?-Yigit.What are you doing here, Yigit?-I was not doing anything bad.-Were you looking for someone?Would you like me to help you?Yes.Then tell me, who are you looking for?-My brother Turgut.-Who is this brother Turgut?He is a very powerful warrior.He is very tall, he has very strong arms.So he is very powerful.Do you like your brother Turgut very much?Yes, I do. He is a very good man.Come.I don’t find it in my heart to leave you here like that, Hatun.Not at all.It is God’s will, my Bey. God forbid, what if something happens to the tribe……during the migration, what would they do without Akcakoca?Come on, let us go in.Everyone thinks that this is the wisest decision, my Bey.You gave the best decision like a Bey.

May God help them.Amen.Are you two ready for the journey?We are, my Bey.We are.Come on, then.-In the name of God.-In the name of God.May God be with you, Hatun.You too. Godspeed.Halt!Who are you?I am from the Bozok branch of Oguz, Bey of Kayi tribe, Suleyman Shah.We are headed to the land that was granted to my tribe…by Giyaseddin El Aziz the Ameer of Aleppo.We are here on the orders of El Aziz.We were ordered to not to let you enter the city……and to accompany you until you leave the lands of Aleppo.-Let him go, he is not a traitor!-Let him go!Help Halime to the bed there.-Murderers!-Let him go!-You are the real murderers!-Traitors!Traitors!-You cannot do this!-You murderers!-Traitors!-Murderers!-Traitors!-Murderers!Vizier, do you have a last word?Do not remember me as a traitor!Whatever I have done, has always been for the peace of the people.Quran is my guide and God is my witness!My head is up!My only purpose is the path of God.

If it’s my fate to die for this purpose……either in my sleep……or by an axe, doesn’t matter.What will we do, my Bey?Will we return?We cannot turn back now, Deli Demir.The tribe must have started the migration.We should not worry them.Rahman!Yes, my Bey?Is there a place we can stay around here?Have a look around.Yahya! Come with me.What will happen now, father?Won’t we go to Aleppo?Do not worry, my son.Your brother Ertugrul will bring us the news sooner or later.Then we will get to know the truth about this issue.We set off with hope, but ended up in disappointment, mother Hayme.I am sure something happened to Turgut.Do not say things like that, my girl.Do not fuel your anxiety.Brave women of Kayi……shall stand strong like a mountain……so that the brave men of Kayi can roar like a mountain lion.Mother Hayme is right, Aykiz.If there was a problem, Ertugrul would inform us.I know that she is right as well.But this time Turgut went without even saying good bye.That is why I feel anxious.My brave girls.Please be rest assured……they have overcome so many battles, so many troubles.

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