EPISODE 35 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Bey, Kocabash wants to attend the headquarters.He is wounded and he says he has something to say to Beys.-He asks for permission.-Let him come in.Kocabash?Look at you, what happened?Ertugrul Bey has attacked us with his Alps, Bey.-It is impossible!-It is unbelievable!Bastard’s seed! Do you know what you are saying?I say what I saw. They did this to me.Do you want an evidence?That is the evidence.-That is the evidence.-Betrayers!Well, what about Tugtekin? Where is he?Bey, last time I saw him, he fought like lions.Then I saw that he was gravely wounded.I lost my consciousness.There were many dead bodies when I opened my eyes.But I could not find Tugtekin Bey although I looked for him.Lie! You are lying, are you not?-Bey!-Korkut Bey!-Brother!-Bey!Bey! Are you alright?Damned be the day you came to my nomad tent.Get out of here right now!-Shame on you!-You all are betrayers!-You are betrayers!-Get out of here!-Betrayers!-You all are betrayers!Gather a search unit right now!And they shall not return before they find Tugtekin, alive or dead.Traitors.Where did they come from?Why did they come?He is right.Now the pitcher is full. May God help us.

How could they do this?They betrayed us.Blood.I am surrounded by blood.Would it clean all this blood covered in my hands if I was washed in the river of Selenge?Or the lustful water of Ulungur River?Or Yenisey River?If they come together and pour to my hand……could they clean this much blood, Ulubilge?I claimed many brave men’s lives today.How it hurts me. How it burns me.Tell me, Ulubilge.How many more lives of brave Alps will I take?When will this pain end?We gave them the universe.That is true.We gave them the universe.We wanted them to become one with their brothers, Mongols and reach the blessings of universe.Certainly, brave men will come out from them like Hamza and Abdurrahman.They will be fellows for our way and be wind for our swords.We are going to conquer the universe with Oghuz brothers.But until that day, they will follow their fool insolent Bey and fight each other.-Hamza, is that right?-You are right, Baycu Noyan.Neither our Alps nor people will find peace before those who sit on both nomad groups’ marquees go to hell.

What about you?What do you think, Abdurrahman?You are staying silent.Ertugrul is the killer of Tugtekin Bey and Alps……not just Ertokus and Seljuk troops anymore.Tell us, Abdurrahman.What Kayi Alps are doing now?Whom do they obey?Mother Hayme or Korkut Bey?Just as you wanted, Bancu Noyan.Ertugrul’s head will be cut.From now on, Kayi and Dodurga tribes will either drown in each other’s blood or they will submit to you.There is no other way.They will fight on your side, while you conquer the universe.Now, Tugtekin is painting in glowing colors in the tent how he chased us.He should be thankful to Bey. Otherwise we would bury them in the ground.If our hands had their blood we would not be able to return to the nomad tent.Bey, what will we do now?Kocabash’s treason will end.This will end, one way or another.Enjoy your supper.-Bey, please, join us.-I am short on time, Beys.-I have news for you.-I hope nothing is wrong, Artuk Bey.

Tugtekin Bey died.How did that happen?Kocabash told that you and your Alps killed him.Tugtekin.Tugtekin.Tugtekin. My son.Duru.Bey. Korkut Bey.Please, pull yourself together. Bey.Bey. It is me, Aytolun.Look, I am with you.Aytolun, we are paying the price of our sins.First my wife, then my son paid the price……of our illicit relationship.Now, it is my turn.I know. It is my turn.I believe Tugtekin did not die, Bey.You will see, he will come back.Do not do that. Dodurgas want to see their Bey well.Do not do that.Kayi tribe will get out from this nomad tent, tomorrow.Kayi tribe is going to get out from this nomad tent, tomorrow.Now, I do not want them here.After this, it is impossible.It shall not be.After this it is impossible.

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