EPISODE 34 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles.So what did we do now, brother?-Be silent, brother.-I could not understand anything.We have been waiting for infidel Mongols but these scrubs came out.Bamsi, can you still not understand?What do you carry in your head instead of a brain?I am sorry Bey, forgive me.It is just an empty head.Sometimes, your words are as empty as your head.Come, Tugtekin.Tugtekin.Fiery Boy.Now, go and tell the world of Noyan’s valor.We have suffered many pains, fought many battles from the fatherland to here but we have never been down on our uppers this much, daughter Halime.If God permits, we will overcome this, Wild Demir.If God permits.If Ertugrul Bey succeeds, we will get rid of this pit.Thank God, Bey.What is it, Bey?You are down in the mouth.We could not triumph.Why, Bey?We were waiting for Mongols Tugtekin stood against us.But there was no sign of Mongols.Bey, how did they know?Gokce.Satan is playing such a trick on us that we forget in which land we fool around.-Bey, we shall set off then.-Not now.Mongols must be looking for us everywhere.We are going to go to the cave, get ready.Bey, the horses need to rest.They must be exhausted of fighting with us, too.Turgut?-Bamsi.-Yes, Master.What is the problem, son?If someone sees you they would think you never cut a heathen’s head.That is true. I could not.Is that why you are downcast?No, Master.

Then why?I upset Ertugrul Bey with this billet-like empty head of mine and this tuneless tongue of mine.That is why I am mad.Lions! Lions!As long as you stand straight behind our Bey like this no one can bend us down, no one can make us kneel.With god’s help.God is greatest.-God is greatest.-God is greatest.-God is greatest.-God is greatest.God is greatest.Each one would die for you, Bey.I am glad I have them.Yet I cannot give them the heathen’s head.The enemy is stronger than we thought.I want to fight……but my hand is not ready.I barely hold the sword.Those days will come, too, Ertugrul.Those days that you will shed enemy’s blood is near.If I could not stop these tyrants there will be nothing left of my bravery or gallantness.We are ready to go, Bey.Devil can take him for all I care.He thought being a Bey’s son was such prowess.May your carrion fall prey.Kocabash.You will go to the nomad tent.And say that Tugtekin died.You will say, Ertugrul killed Tugtekin.Let Kayi and Dodurga tribes get up against each other.Let them take each other’s lives.And I will come and take the lives of the rest.Take the road.Kocabash!You do not seem like you got out of a battle at all.Go on, goodbye!Yes.It is good like this.Ulubilge, I feel a glow of happiness today.The sky is great.

The trees and birds are great, as well.Ertugrul slipped through our fingers.We could not kill them both.Sometimes you are bulk headed, Tangut.If you killed two people, then you would have killed two people.But now, Ertugrul is a living dead.And the nomad tent is a fire ground.They will get up against each other.Each other.Ertugrul was not the one who killed Seljuk soldiers and abducted Ertokus.What are you talking about, brother?Unfortunately, that is the truth, Aytolun.I have not a shadow of a doubt that Ertugrul is guiltless.But I am not sure whether the truth or the lie……would serve our purpose.I do not know how the matter of Ertugrul will be solved but Gundogdu and Goncagul must marry.Then Gundogdu would always take your side.We only need Hayme to allow this marriage.We must seize Kayi, regardless of the consequence.First, I need to win Gundogdu’s heart then Hayme Hatun’s heart for it.Konya taught me the battles are won in the hareem of the palace not in the battlefield.It seems that the nomad’s marquee and the Sultan’s palace……are the real battlefield.I pray every night, for you to die so we could get rid of you, sister, do you know?

Gokce, we both took the seeds of sin inside us, from our father.His greed, arrogance……grudge……and everlasting hatred.My beautiful sister.Thank God, I cleaned my soul with the breath of his Ibn Arabi.Now I am paying the price for my sins, Gokce.And you, sister……do not think that I do not know what you are doing.Your intention is not to marry and build a happy family.You have one care.That is to vent your unrequited love on Ertugrul and Halime.Gokce, my beautiful sister.Do not do that.Remember your sister. You will burn like a kindling in this sea of sin.I am telling you for the last time.Pull yourself together.-Pull yourself together and…-Enough!Your heart has been defiled enough to waste Tugtekin’s love for your sneaky vengeance.You are cruel as my father who wanted to kill Suleyman Shah.Maybe every slap will remind you who you are……who you are not and who you can never be.Maybe you will remember you grew up with marquee’s blessings.And you need to be grateful.Maybe you will remember you reached the age of marriage with the love of Suleyman Shah and Mother Hayme maybe you will repent and get rid of this fiend inside you.Get up!

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