EPISODE 36 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. I hope so.We need to find Tugtekin, alive or dead.I will take the road with Alps who traces by far the best.I shall come with you.I shall come with you, Bey.You stay here, you have no strength left.Where did this happen?Bey, what if they do something to you?I would not even allow their bodies to be buried I would make them a prey for wolves.Tell me, where were you?In Kurtbogaz.Gazelle eyed.We are in the way of no return.Be ready as if you can go to Konya any moment.Do not worry about me.Now that I am on the road with you, I would take if it is death or life.If I do not return……if our baby is a boy, raise him like an Alp.He will undulate the flag I left.Do not worry yourself, Bey.Bey.Take care of my wife and child, master.Do not worry, Bey.I would die than to give them.May your path be bright, Bey.Alps! Listen my words carefully.None of us will sit here and wait for Tugtekin Bey.The truth will show itself.There is no other way.We will either eat each other like hungry dogs or slit our enemies’ throat like wolves.There is no other way. Now if it comes to light that my brother did it I will not wait for the justice of Seljuk or your rightful rage.I will kill him with my own hands.That is why we need to find Tugtekin, right away.Let us pray to God to find him alive.

And peace to come to our nomad tent.-What is it, Bey?-I am going to come with you.I will not leave you alone at this hour.Thank you, Bey.Alps! In God’s name.Bey.It is dawn but we had not found a trace yet.It seems like he went to earth.You know, it saddens me to tell you this but you brother has become an incorrigible highwayman, Gundogdu.If you restrained him at the time all these would not happen.God give me pasions.Bey, above all, we shall find Tugtekin.Then we will talk about my brother.I will look this way.Go ahead.Go ahead.Scatter around.-Brother?-Ertugrul, where have you been?How could you kill Tugtekin?I did not, brother.Speak slowly. They are looking for him everywhere.I set a trap for Mongols through Kocabash.But Tugtekin has learned it from Gokce and came.He wanted to fight.When I did not want to fight, he chased me.Mongols killed him.Ertugrul, what trouble you brought on us?I believe you but how will you convince others?Brother, Kocabash is a traitor.The trap was set up by him.As long as you have this set of mind, many trouble will come to us.Return to the nomad tent.-Let them adjudge you.-Not now.I will bring you to nomad tent with my own hands.Gundogdu!Ertugrul, surrender.You, go on.Gundogdu!Gundogdu?There is no trace, Bey.Do not tire yourself.We shall return to nomad tent.Wild Demir, we shall take the road as soon as possible.

Our horses are brave, we will fly like birds. Do not worry, daughter.-Peace be upon you.-And peace be upon you, welcome.Welcome, Sheikh.You are always ready to fight. God bless.Thank you, Sheikh.But the enemy does not get off our back.So we cannot leave our swords.Sheikh, please, sit down.In God’s name.We sent off Ertugrul to fight with enemy.But it has been a long time and he did not come back yet.Enemies are like Satan.How?Who helps the most to make a man single hearted to make a man one of God’s faithful servants?It is the Satan.The greatest helper to make a man single-hearted is Satan.Because if a man does not fight with the devil and his desires he cannot be single-hearted.He cannot reach the true faith.Satan, who believes himself to be the wisest entity trains his sight on a man and attacks.He thinks he will mislead a man.

But actually, he is working day and night so that man can be single-hearted.Even if the Satan tries to mislead a man a single-hearted man would not buckle under him.He would not yield to temptation.And while he does not yield, his faith gets stronger his purity becomes more fertile.The enemy is like Satan.He keeps working to make a hero of the man he thinks of killing but does not realize that.Daughter Halime, May God ordain strong faith for us.May he give us the will to fight with enemy and Satan.May he give us mind.May he give us heart.-Amen.-Amen.Well said, my Sheikh.May God strengthen your heart.-Amen.-Amen.Dervish, look after the vestry.As you wish, Sheikh.

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