EPISODE 24 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. So our hunt today is you.Who are you?I am the Alp of Kayi Seigniory.My name is Abdurrahman Alp.What are you looking for here?Hamza Alp and Noyan.I am here to talk with them.What will you talk with them?I heard that Kayi’s soldiers have allied with them.I am here to obey them.To obey?Those who want to obey would get themselves into trouble.Let us see about your destiny!Leave your sword.Leave your sword!Tie him!Let us take a little bit rest here.I am hungry.Brother! You are always hungry.Where do you keep those you ate?Let us prepare table.Let me find firewood.Brother. I do not get it.Does one Alp draw a sword to another?How can we slaughter them?We let them into our table.We got a lot of trouble.You will see about that when we got them.We will let you go soon.Can you find the way?We can.There are Turkmens ahead.Our swords have not tasted of blood for a while.Let us not go back with nothing.We should take some presents.Get ready.Let us go. With God’s hand.Brother! Welcome.Greetings.You were right.We have wasted our lives for children of Suleyman Shah.So you are the Alp of Suleyman Shah, Abdurrahman Alp.

I have been looking for you in the mountains for days.I am here to join you, Baycu Noyan.Welcome to the army which is the strongest one……in the world, Abdurrahman.Hamza.Be a host for your brother.Thank you.We found them unexpectedly.Thank you very much, brothers.We owe you a life from now on.What are you doing here?Why are you here?We were looking for victims to save from Mongol cruelty.And we found them.Tell me. How could you escape while you were going to be executed?Thanks to the people who aware of justice in our nomad tent.How could Ertugrul and Hayma Ana let them execute you?I do not give my blessing to them for what I have done for them.Ertugrul sold me out in order not to break customs.I will revenge on them some day.Brother Abdurrahman.I will be the leader of that nomad group someday.They will pay one by one for what they have done to us on that day.We must find Bogac.-Are you okay, brother?-I am okay, brother. I am okay.He has saved my life.Efrasiyab, a Persian merchant.You should come with us to nomad group.We should tell what happened here to Tugtekin Bey.So Tugtekin Bey would understand that you guys are not traitors.We must change horseshoes, Gundogdu Bey.Do whatever it takes.Dumrul, bring it to me when it is ready.

Yes, Bey.May it be easy.What is it, brother?Horseshoes will be changed.What are you doing?I have talked with community.They are worried about winter.God is great. We will go to caravansary once Persian merchant we expect got here.Are you still mad at me?Surely I am.Why?Because you are acting without thinking just like my brother Ertugrul.Because of that you and your nomad group will always be in trouble.So you have catched traitors?Bey……they have saved us from Mongols.What did you say?Mongols attacked us.And they have saved us, Bey.I told you that you act without thinking.So traitors have saved your Alps who went to capture traitors, right?And who is this man?I am Persian merchant Efrasiyab.Welcome. Welcome.Turgut Alp! Dogan Alp!Where is Ertugrul Bey?He has said hello to you, Sultan Halime.Did not he come with you?He did not.Where is he then?He also did not tell us where he went.What do you mean he did not tell?How could you come back to nomad group leaving him like that, Turgut?Could not you say “Stop!”?Could not you say “Bey, you can’t go anywhere without us?”Did you scare to die with him?

Even Aykiz is more brave than you.You were supposed to be an Alp.We have been waiting you for long time.You know, everywhere is dangerous.We go slowly.Where is your caravan?I go first. If I don’t smell fishy then my caravan would come.Alright.This tent is at your service.Take a rest. Enjoy it.-We will meet and talk tonight.-Thank you.You have hard work here, Persian merchant. It is really hard.You are so clumsy and gump Alps!Those who I ordered you to kill have saved your lives!-We have been blindsided, Bey.-So I wish you were killed!Whole nomad group heard about it now!You have soiled your Bey’s name.Bey, we could not have expected Mongols.And they are not traitors after all.We owe them our lives.You owe them your lives?Then I take your life instead of them so you pay for it.You owe them your life?Bey!Bey!May I come in, Hayma?Yes, you may, brother.Ertugrul’s Alps are back.Yes.They had saved those Alps of yours who you sent after them.I know thatyou feel resentful towards me, Hayma.And you are right.But I have to do it for tranquility of my nomad group.I have excluded my helpless son from there.But you could not say stop to your son.And a presumptuous woman who could not hold her tongue is sitting……in this nomad group which was ruled by my mom and aunt once.

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