EPISODE 25 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. What on earth is this, Tugtekin Bey?Do you want us to die?Ofcourse not. Not at all I am only curious how a merchant like you have escaped from such wild warriors?Thanks to Ertugrul’s Alps.Me and your Alps would have already been dead if it wasn’t for them.In brief, what matters is not how powerful our enemy is, but what we do.Efrasiyab, our women weave the best rugs, fabrics, carpets with their own hands.We have a sack full of goods.And many animals too.You go and check them all, appraise them and after that we will make a deal.If God permits.Okay, Bey. Give me an assistant.I came all the way here putting my head in the lion’s mouth for a successful trade.I pray to God for it will be a profitable deal for both sides.If God permits.Alright then. You should set to work.

Kocabash will accompany you, Efrasiyab.My sons. I hope we will get what we expect.We will be ruined this winter, if we can not succeed it again this time.Efrasiyab is a good merchant, Uncle.That’s what I have heard. I hope that we will get what we want from him, Uncle.It is your duty, Gundogdu.Our nomad group will ease for a while with those sacs we already have.You must deal with this without having any troubles.With great pleasure, Bey.With the help of God, I will provide prosperity to our nomad group.I hope so. I hope so.Mongols have smashed the Islamic world.Kayi nomad group is down at the heels.You should talk about your dreams, not your troubles, son.Dream means hope.I am speechless, and my heart is in misery.I know that.They have invited you so you would not be devistated any longer.Who are they? Why do they invite me?There surely must be a reason.You should be patient, son.

Mother. What is going on?You are lost in thoughts again.A war breaks out inside of me every single day, my son.I am tired of the war between Hayme the mother and the leader of Seigniory.That unscrupulous Hayme who can’t even hold a sword herself, sent Ertugrul……to exile. That is breaking me inside more and more everyday.There is no such thing, Mother.Do not talk as if you do not know Ertugrul. Do not you remember?My brother tore down those Christians who were serving the satan.You relax.You are right, my son. You are right but he had his mighty dad then…who was watching him out.He had you.He had his Alps.He is all alone now.What does he eat? What does he drink?Where does he sleep?Is it not too late to think about these?My daughter, Gokce. Call Halime to dinner.

I have something to talk to you.Alright, Mother.Mother Hayme is calling you to dinner.I am not hungry.She has something to tell us, Halime.What is it?You will find out if you come.I have seen my son Sungurtekin near the Caspian Sea for the last time.He reared his horse, waved me and It was the last time I’ve ever seen him.He has never lost the child in him even while he was fighting against Genghis Khan’s army.There was this hopeful look in his eyes, and he never lost his smile nor his hope in this cruel life.So does my Ertugrul.I have seen the hope and resolution in his eyes, even when he was being exiled.

They have never given up just as their father.We will fight too.We will remember this, as long as we see those two empty plates on our table.-In the name of Allah.-In the name of Allah.Come on, let’s eat.Today, Korkut Bey was here.He talked to me about Gokce.-I hope it is a good thing, Mother.-It is a good thing, son.He told me that they would come tomorrow and ask for Gokce’s hand with the commandment of God.What is it, Father?It is a good thing, son.I have talked to your Aunt Hayme today.I told her that we would go and ask for Gokce’s hand for you, my son Tugtekin……under the commandment of God tomorrow night.It is really good news, Mother.Only a man like Tugtekin would suit my sister Gokce.What do you think, Gokce?Would you allow me to say a few words as her sister?Sure, my girl.Now we know why that traitor was bothering with my sister all this time.Selcan, if you say one more word…Gundogdu.She is her sister.Let her talk.Let her say whatever she wants.She already knows that she should agree with me in the end.Her Bey’s marquee is not enough for her.She wants to rule her step child’s bed.She took my husband first, now my sister…I do not even count Alps that she captured and Ertugrul that she sent away from the nomad group.That woman would not be satisfied even with Kayi’s marquee.Now she wants to twist my poor sister around her finger.That’s enough.Enough, sister, what the hell are you talking about?

Selcan, how can you talk like that?Have you lost your mind?You must get those sick thoughts out of your mind, sister.Swallow your words, then come here and talk to us.I am not the only one that you are humiliating this way.You are also humiliating yourself and our family.Do I look like I care about humiliating myself from now on, Gokce?If I have the right to say only one word as your sister you should know that I will not give my blessings to you if you get married to that arrogant bastard.Selcan!Enough already.You keep harping on Aytolun since we came here.You have been denigrating my big brother and niece all the time.I did not say a word until now but that is enough.You started talking against my marquee.You must know your place.You pull yourself together or…Or what, Mother?Will you send me into exile like Ertugrul?All truth is not always to be told, right?Will I be banished just because……I am telling the truth?All I have left are my words.I call you mother, because you are my mother.You did a lot for me even if you did not give birth to me.Whatever you decision will be, I should submit it.But these are my thoughts, Mother.Have a good night.Excuse me.Excuse me, Mother.We should not go there empty handed, Aytolun Hatun.Make a good preparation.Ofcourse, Bey.Especially for such a blessed night.Isn’t that so, Tugtekin?You are right, Mother.You did not say anything about my decision, my son.I will do whatever you approve, Father.It is like the sun has risen on his shadowed face, Bey. Don’t you see it?He cannot show his delight due to his respect to you.Isn’t it right, Tugtekin?

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