EPISODE 23 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Aytolun Hatun invited me to dinner.She has something to talk.Tell Mother Hayme I will go there.What will you do in that woman’s meal at the dead of night?I seek a piece of peace, sister.Just peace.To stay away from you, Halime.Do you begrudge me this?That woman’s only desire is biting our weakest link off, nothing else.What does Aytolun after, Selcan?I will find out at all cost.I will not let her to take my loved ones one by one.Grape molasses is sour.It lost its flavor.Are you making up excuses not to drink it, Bey?You will drink grape molasses so you will attack your hunt like a raging bull.You made me mad at this age.Raging bull will attack you tonight.-Our guest is here.-Good evening, Bey.May I sit down?-Welcome, daughter.Sit down.In the name of God.Enjoy it.Peace be upon you.No need, go on.Dumrul, help me.I want exact number of animals tomorrow, Dumrul.Cattle, small cattle, all of them.

Yes, Bey.Count young animal that were born in spring separately.I think we should not sell them to the merchant.We will need them to augment the herd after war.You heard my mother.Yes, Bey.-Here, Bey.-Thank you.The meal is ready, mother.God, thanks to you countless times.You re-united us.You did not leave our nomad tent to tyrant.Thanks to you, God.-Amen.Once, we fed many people on our meal.If God permits, those day will come again, mother.If God permits.Where is Halime?She is not hungry, mother. She is asleep.So, where is Gokce?Aytolun invited her to dinner.She went to marquee.If a family is not together in a meal that nomad tent and tribe are not united.I could neither be a mother nor keep my nomad tent up.What are you saying, mother?It is obvious, beautiful eyed Selcan.If there is no peace in meal……no one eat there.If there is no one, there is no unity.May God bless your hand, aunt.Thank you, Gokce.For so long……I have never…Gokce, what happened?Did we say something wrong?No, no.I have not had a peaceful meal for so long.What you have gone through was not easy, Gokce.Then, your brother, Ertugrul……caused many troubles to you.

Hayme made the right decision for all of us by exiling him.Isn’t it, Gokce?You speak the truth, aunt.I hope he will not come back with new troubles.Oghuz always found a way out even in darkest times.Two nomad tents’ merging is a blessing of God.We must appreciate this blessing.Our merging is not limited with Ertugrul, Korkut Bey.We must enhance the bound between Kayis and Dodurgas.Then no one will take a stand against us.Meal is ready, Bey.Hope you like it?Did you, Bey?God bless your hand, Turgut brother.You did it better than Halime Sultan.Bey, if Halime Hatun hears that, I get in trouble.Turgut brother, Aykiz Baci thought you a lot.Sit down, brother.Sit down and have your meal.Aykiz Baci is not dead, Turgut brother.She is always with us.She fell martyr.I know, Bey. I know.If you knew, you would not be sorry.If you knew, you would not be in pain.If God permits, you will fall martyr one day and meet with her.If God permits.You speak the truth, Bey.You speak the truth.

I will rip this pain out of my heart.What is the situation in nomad tent, Bey?They blamed you.They have a point.That is why I do not talk.We swore that we would lose our mothers, our lovers and our heads for Islam.Now, we will pay a price for our swear.Korkut Bey’s marquee is troubled, too, Bey.My uncle lost his foresight.Tugtekin has crazy ideas.He is in love with Gokce.The leading eye of my uncle’s marquee is Aytolun Hatun.She is the root of all evil.They thought Ertugrul is after Noyan so he could not realize what they do.They are mistaken, I could.I realize.Aytolun Hatun, on the one hand, tries to take my brother Gundogdu to their sides on the other hand, she wants to marry Tugtekin and Gokce.Why do they want to marry Tugtekin and Gokce?Gokce Hatun cannot not have a baby.If Aytolun Hatun knows this secret, she has a secret agenda.We will find out soon.From now onif someone tries to trap us, I will crash his world about his ears.If you excuse me, now.

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