EPISODE 22 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2

After Season ONE of Dirlis, We are proudly presenting Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. She carries the burden of nomad tent.Hayme Hatun has the blues.Immediately, you shall free your heart from that grief.How could I bear all this grief and pain?You could, mother, with permission of God.Mix this with water and make a syrup.If God permits, this will heal her.-If you excuse me.-Let me see you out.Pack up equipment and follow me.May God bless you, Artuk Bey.Take care of your mother, Bey.My mother lives in grief, pain and worry.May God not let anything happen to her.-Amen.We need you, Mother Hayme.Do not die, please.You tousled nomad tent many men fall martyr because of you you ruined Ertugrul now you want to ruin Mother Hayme!If something happens to Mother Hayme, I will kill you myself.God damn it! God damn it!Find him!Find him!Go!Find the men you left as guards and punish them one by one.Do you understand?Ertugrul was always on my sight, Bey.It is impossible that he would free Abdurrahman.What about his Alps?His Alps did not come to tent, Bey.They were in their tent.

I made them followed all day long.So how did this man escape?Bey, there are wheels within wheels.It is obvious that someone who is jealous of you and Tugtekin did this.Someone discredits your dignity.Unfortunately, they succeeded it.I will go and find them.Tugtekin, you should not go anywhere.This should not be inextricable.You should stay in nomad tent.Kacabash, take your best Alps, set out and follow them.Find Abdurrahman, Ertugrul and his Alps then bring them back.Now!Go and find them.Find them and show no mercy.Do not worry, Bey.If you do not find them, I will whip you in nomad tent, Kocabash.Go now.You stay here, and you two come with me.Move. Move!If I do not kill you and your loved ones may Earth has my blood!Move!Look what I have become thanks to you while I am a doctor.How can I make it up to you, Bey.Thank to Turali.Now, put these on.But, Artuk Bey……the only thing I did not do was wearing woman clothes.

How did you imagine your escape in day time from nomad tent?Come on, don’t push it. Put these on.Abdurrahman, Ertugrul Bey and his Alps, Dogan and Turgut whoever comes across we are assigned to take them to nomad tent.If they fight back, you can kill them.This is headquarters’ judgment.-Where are we going?Make the preparations.I go to Artuk Bey.Go out, Turali. Have a look around.Your horse is ready.You will go to Geyikli’s cave.Turali will take you to horse.Thank you, Bey. May god bless you.Come on, hurry up.Peace be upon you, Bey.And peace be upon you, Kocabash.What is the matter?Do you understand how could Abdurrahman escape because his body was not around?While Alps like you who have their mind on other thing are on duty more treachers will escape, Kocabash.I am here to take some more syrup which you prepared for Mother Hayme.I will make it ready, Selcan Hatun.Do you need anything, Kocabash?No, Bey.If you excuse me.Do not rush anymore, mother.We will get over this trouble with God’s help.My self-sacrificing and smart son.If God permits.If God permits.Permission, Mother Hayme!Come in, Dumrul.Kocabash gathered Alps they will go after them, Mother Hayme.It is obvious they will fight.They thought Ertugrul Bey freed Abdurrahman, mother.What did you say?

Mother! You are tired, let me talk to my uncle.It is enough, it is time to bring them into the line!What does going after my son mean even after I exiled my son?Do they want to kill him?Ertugrul!How much lucre did you take to betray your nomad tent, treacherous dog?I was innocent, Ertugrul.Your brother, Gundogdu, did not believe in me.He accused me of being a treacher.I fight to death for him without batting an eyelid.I thought of him as a father.I did not deserve this.Did you become Noyan’s dog because of what Gundogdu Bey did?Ertugrul!I will make you regret the day you were born!Archer!Archer!It is not going to work, Bey.Two nomad tents could not bear this pain.Flames that Ertugrul put us in will burn all of us sooner or later.His mother exiled him. He is gone now.What if……Hayme did it?Do you hear yourself, woman?She would have lost her reputation among Alps if she had wasted her husband reminder?Perhaps, she was afraid of it.She did it herself.She silenced us by exiling Ertugrul.You showed that you are a Kayi mother by showing no mercy to your son, Mother Hayme.I am a mother but my brother is neither an uncle nor a Bey, Aytolun.Korkut Bey knows how to behave, Hayme.Look at me, Aytolun.Do not ever try to be The Bey’s wife in my father’s nomad tent.I send you where you came from.

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