EPISODE 45 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 18 (45) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

Targun Hatun is presently the head of the Kuman Turks and Goktug has joined her. Flatyos additionally has the Kuman Turks on his side. Together they intend to polish Osman off.

Aya Nickola plans to strike the Kai traveler and Dundar Bey will assist him with making it happen. Dundar Bey recalls Osman putting the series of his bow around his neck and that’s what letting him know whether he at any point deceives the Kais again he will kill him. As per the records that Ertugrul left to Osman, there are three clans of Turks in the Ankara region who are prepared and ready to do battle with him. Osman needs to welcome them to go along with him and make a greater multitude of Turks to battle under his new banner.

Idris the Priest is a backstabber and lives in the Kai migrant. He designs with Aya Nickola to bait Bamsi Bey out of the migrant and into his hands. Aya Nickola has a set arrangement including Targun. He advises her to kill Bala Hatun who is en route to the Sogut market.

In the mean time in his tent, Osman faces Bala and tells her that he won’t acknowledge Aksu as a potential spouse. He tells her that the mother of his youngsters should be a little girl of a Bey. He won’t acknowledge anything less. This gives Osman additional time before he needs to pick another spouse.

At the Sogut Caravan Inn, Flatyos kills each Turk. Flatyos is dubious of Goktug dependability to Targun. Goktug takes a gander at the dead bodies encompassing him and could do without what he sees however he must choose the option to be a piece of it.

Osman and his Alps ride for a gathering with the Tekfur of Koyunhisar. Osman inquires as to whether he can brush his creatures on the Tekfur’s property. He offers him 3000 gold coins to be permitted to do as such. The Tekfur tells Osman he will give him his choice in 3 days and for Osman to return for his response.

Osman has him fixed. He realizes that in 3 days time the Tekfur and Aya Nickola would have a snare prepared for Osman to fall into. Osman makes an impression on Taylak Aslan and tells him of the gathering and for him to deal with it. The time has come to shed blood.

Bamsi Bey is tricked out of the migrant alone by Idris in the desire for getting a more cream to assist Bamsi Bey’s with giving. They are trapped by Aya Nickola. Bamsi is extremely fearless and is fit to be martyred. He was not ready for Idris to betray him.

Aya Nickola wounds Idris with the goal that he can get back to the traveler and go on as his covert agent for him. Bamsi Bey is vigorously injured yet Aya Nickola permits him to circumvent realizing that Osman will come searching for him.

In the mean time, Bala Hatun and Gonca are on their excursion to the market in Sogut. They are gone after by Targun and her Kuman Turks. The professional killer should kill Bala yet he misses. Targun then, at that point, sends in her Turks to follow through with the task. Gonca is injured in the battle and Bala Hatun sends Aksu to track down Osman.

Bala and Gonca have needed to make tracks with Targun and her Kuman Turks scanning the forest for them.

In spite of the fact that Bala battles boldly with Targun and wins Targun makes her departure. At long last Osman who was told about the risk Bala was in by Aksu comes to their guide. Sadly Boran finds a fundamentally harmed Gonca lying on the ground.

Gonca is moved back to the wanderer and set in the recuperating tent alongside Aksu Hatun.

Idris is sent back to the migrant injured. He tells Osman of how Bamsi Bey and he were both injured by Aya Nickola. Osman gets the premonition that there has been a swindler working in the background who baited Bamsi Bey out of the migrant. Osman suspects idris just like that trickster.

Osman must choose the option to pursue Bamsi Bey and trust he thinks that he is alive.

In the interim, Targun gets back to the Kuman Turk camp. She lets Goktug know that they will be slipping into the Kai wanderer and taking Osman’s familial archives. Targun lets him know that Osman has been baited out of the wanderer looking for Bamsi Bey which will leave the migrant unprotected.

We currently realize that Goktug has not been removed from the Kai traveler by Osman but instead on a mysterious obligation given to him. Goktug obliges any plans Targun makes and will be close by when she covertly slips into the Kai wanderer to take Osman’s records. He must be cautious that he doesn’t part with himself.

Back at the wanderer the main security they have from the Kuman Turks is Dundar Bey. As we probably are aware Dundar Bey has been offered an arrangement by Aya Nickola to give him access to the migrant. The Kai migrant drums messenger guests. Targun and Goktug joined by Kuman Turks dress in mask and enter the traveler dressed as shippers. Dundar Bey gives them access.

Aya Nickola realizes Osman well. He has set Bamsi Bey up as his lure. He trusts that Osman will come and save him. Osman finds the dad like figure of Bamsi Bey lying against a tree oblivious. It isn’t well before he understands that he has strolled into a snare and he is dwarfed.

Aya Nickola gets delight in let Osman know that he has sent Targun into the Kai wanderer and the migrant is currently influenced quite a bit by.

At the traveler, Dundar Bey drives the gathering into the tent as he would in the event that they were dealers. His disloyalty permits Targun and her Turks to abduct Bala, Lena, Aksu Hatun and Hazal Hatun and Dundar Bey.

Goktug is in a troublesome position. He can’t offer that he truly is spying for Osman. He obliges Targun and they take Osman’s reports. Goktug attempts to get Targun to keep the reports herself yet she won’t concur. The reports need to go to Aya Nickola as expected.

Bala Hatun can’t see her spouses most valuable records taken. Whenever she gets the open door she takes her blade and rams it into Goktug’s chest trusting him to be a deceiver. Consequently Targun kills Aksu Hatun. Gunduz is out of the wanderer however has been cautioned that the traveler is enduring an onslaught. He gets back to the wanderer as quick as possible. He carries with him Bala’s dad and the Holy Man.

In the interim, Osman Bey is encircled by Aya Nickola and his warriors as he attempted to save Bamsi Bey. Bamsi Bey has gotten an injury however he is as yet dexterous enough to battle. As they have done on many events they turn their backs to one another and plan to become saints.

We need to hold on until our next episode to check whether Gunduz shows up on opportunity to save Bala and the others and whether Osman figures out that Dundar Bey has double-crossed him. There is likewise Osman and Bamsi Bey who are ready to battle until the very end.

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