EPISODE 46 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 19 (46) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.

Bamsi Bey and Osman Bey are saved from Aya Nickola by a young lady and her Alps. She goes by Malhun Hatun and she is the little girl of Umur Bey who has a lot of regard for Ertugrul Ghazi. Her dad has sent her as en agent to Osman as he was unable to come himself. She is a fine bowman and stands with power and pride when she addresses him.

In the interim at the Kai wanderer, Targun has gotten entrance into Osman’s tent. Targun needs to save her own life so she takes Dundar Bey, Bala, Lena and Hazal Hatun as prisoners. The clan has no other decision except for to observe if not Targun will slit Bala’s jugular. They climbed into a truck and driven out of the traveler with Goktug sitting in the back close to Bala and holding Osman’s chest of valuable reports.

Targun lets every one of the prisoners go aside from Bala. Bala later figures out that Goktug didn’t deceive Osman but instead has been turning out in disguise for him. With Bala in the truck he covertly passes her a blade to cut her ropes. Bala currently comprehends that Goktug isn’t a swindler.

Targun gets ready to kill Bala yet is overwhelmed when Bala produces a blade and wounds her. It is immediately seen that Goktug isn’t a swindler when Osman puts his arms around him and says thanks to him for safeguarding Bala.

Bala is very damaged by her trial and after every one of the Kuman Turks are crushed she hurls herself entirely into her spouses arms for solace. From a distance Malhun Hatun watches them embrace and can see that Bala and Osman love each other without a doubt.

Back at the Kayi wanderer Bala is acquainted with Malhun Hatun who she knows assisted with saving her spouses life. The two ladies appear to have shared regard for one another and in spite of the fact that Bala Hatun realizes she is the girl of a regarded Bey she asks why she has headed out to the Kai wanderer. Selcan Hatun accepts that it is in God’s arrangement.

Osman contemplates over why Targun needed his chest of archives and explicitly came to his tent to take them. Osman definitely realizes that there is a trickster in the clan. Right now he thinks Idris who furtively betrayed Bamsi Bey and pulled off it. He additionally thinks the two Roman dealers who have been sent by the Pope.

Osman determines the status of Bamsi Bey in his tent and finds his suspect Idris is in his tent. With Idris listening Osman sets up Idris with data he needs to return to Aya Nickola. He informs Bamsi Bey regarding his gathering with Lord Yorgo. That’s what he knows whether Idris is the swindler he will return this data to Aya Nickola.

Gonca has recuperated from her physical issue. She has been dealt with in the mending tent until her injuries recuperated . Gonca gets back to her obligations close by Bala at the soup kitchen in the Sogut Marketplace.

At the Kai wanderer, Bala sorts out a visitor tent for Malhun Hatun. Malhun Hatun respects the workmanship of the carpets on her tent divider. You can feel a little desire when Bala converses with Malhun Hatun. She realizes Malhun Hatun has no spouse. Malhun Hatun lets Bala know that she has had admirers yet except if she adores the man she is to wed then she will stay single. Bala Hatun advises her to keep searching for him imagining that she doesn’t believe Malhun Hatun should focus intensely on her significant other.

Malhun Hatun completes their discussion by let Bala know that she is a little girl of a Bey and she will just wed a Bey! Bala recollects Osman let her exactly the same thing know when he alluded to picking a subsequent spouse. Savci Bey and his men were trapped by Flatyos while they were searching for Bamsi Bey. As sunset methodologies they advance toward a secret cavern which is arranged close by. Inside the cavern Savci and his Alps sit tight for day break realizing that Flatyos will be sitting tight for them to emerge from stowing away.

Aygul and Cerkutay start to foster a relationship. Cerkutay plays with her and she appreciates it.

At Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola is taught on the lady he saw who went after him. He is informed that Malhun Hatun comes from illustrious line of Turks that have been constantly gone after by Geyhatu. They are a dreaded Turkish clan who are searching for new terrains and are thinking about joining Osman. This partnership will reinforce Osman’s power against the christians and help his fantasy about consolidating the Turks under one banner. Aya Nickola doesn’t maintain that these new Turkish pilgrims should make their home in Sogut and become a more noteworthy power against him.

In the calm of the evening, Osman invests some quality energy with Sheik Edebali. They are joined by Bala. Sheik Edebali urges Osman to lead his clan from obscurity into the light. Sheik Edebali tells Osman that Turkish individuals are in a tough situation from the Mongols as well as Turks and Muslims are battling one another. He has figured out that Damascus is in strife, Aleppo is consuming, Baghdad is in an uprising as is Anatolia. He has seen the living wishing that they were dead.

Sheik Edebali cautions him that assuming you have no solidarity and infirmity, why does it make a difference regardless of whether you are a Sultan. A high position isn’t what makes a difference yet a State by which there is a request for them to follow matters. Osman pronounces that he will give them a magnificent State to live in.

Osman lets the Sheik know that he will likewise offer the Turks that are taking off from the Mongols a home to get comfortable security. Sheik Edebali lets Osman know that assuming he offers land for them to brush their live stock and wellbeing for them to raise their families, then he will have his multitude of Turks to assist with building the State.

Aya Nickola is likewise mindful that the Turks are dispersed all over Anatolia. He doesn’t maintain that they should work together with Osman. He designs a method of assault. In the interim back at the cavern where Savci is as yet stowing away from Flatyos, their yearning is managed by Cerkutay who eases up their night by giving food taken from the christian warriors. It before long will be first light.

Malhun Hatun is yet to uncover to Osman or Bala why she is in Sogut. She lets her Alps know that she needs their eyes open and needs to know all that is happening in the migrant and in Sogut.

Dundar Bey has sold out Osman. He gave no obstruction when Targun Hatun and her Alps entered the migrant and Osman’s tent. Targun abducted Dundar Bey with her yet this was to facilitate the doubt on him. The fact that Osman could figure out makes him at this point anxious. This would spell almost certain doom for Dundar Bey.

Dundar Bey realizes that Idris knows it all. Assuming Idris talks he will tel that Dundar Bey has deceived him again. Dundar Bey will be searching for any a potential open door to kill Idris.

Bala realizes that Osman will before long pick another spouse. Simply the possibility of it makes Bala miserable. Osman tells her that she will constantly be the main lady he adores whatever occurs. Bala wants to feel good when she considers Malhun Hatun. She feels that she will create problems among Osman and herself. That night Osman creeps into their tent and brushes his better half’s hair as he embraces her.

Malhun Hatun has a crowd of people with Osman. She lets him know that she has come for her dad to check whether getting comfortable his property might work out great for them. Up until this point all she has seen is battling and her clan are not individuals that need to move into pained lands. Her clan comprises of 10,000 men and their crowds are a large number. She finds out if he can deal with a clan this huge?

Osman answers that this isn’t the time nor the spot to pose these inquiries. Bala pays attention to their discussion and looks as Osman won’t permit himself to be addressed by Malhun Hatun.

Idris subsequent to discovering that Osman will have a union with Lord Koyunhisar Yorgo goes to Aya Nickola. He is ignorant that Osman has set them up. Petrus the Roman trader, plans to make a coalition with Geyhatu with the expectation that Geyhatu will actually want to stop Osman becoming more grounded. Assuming Osman figures out that the roman traders are christian deceivers he will execute them.

Savci rises out of the cavern the following morning and stand up to Flatyos and his fighters. It is a savage fight and Bayhoca gets the chance to battle with A large number of flatyos tormented him in Inegol Castle. Flatyos is made to withdraw back to Inegol Castle after a considerable lot of his fighters are killed.

At the Sogut commercial center, Bala and Gonca serve poor people and penniless at their soup kitchen. They are joined by Malhun Hatun. Bala disapproves that Malhun Hatun has come to Sogut to look at the her soup kitchen.

The past night, Malhun Hatun had driven Osman mad addressing him and Bala tells her that she reserved no option to do as such. Malhun Hatun excuses Bala and tells her that it was business between Bey’s recommending that Bala was not as significant. Bala could do without her disposition.

Osman shows up in Sogut and carries Sheik Edebali to an enormous structure reasonable to showing Dervish standards to numerous youngsters. The house will be available to the two Mongols and Turks. Sheik Edebali acknowledges the new convenience for God.

Dundar Bey leaves the Kayi traveler looking for Idris with the purpose on killing him before he converses with Osman. He accepts he is in Sogut. Idris right now is with Aya Nickola at Inegol Castle. Idris gives him the data that he heard Osman had met with Lord Kununhisar Yorgo. Aya Nickola presently accepts that Lord Kununhisar Yorgo is a backstabber. Aya Nickola engages Lord Kunuhisar Yorgo at supper. He realizes that Osman has met with him. Aya Nickola cuts his throat at the feasting table.

At Targun’s camp, Goktug burns down Targun’s burial service fire. Goktug actually stays with the Kuman Turks realizing that they have a coalition with Aya Nickola. The Kuman Turks swear retribution on the Kayi clan.

The Roman vendors request pay for their merchandise which where taken and which were ensured by Osman. They request a Court hearing. Despite the fact that there is no adjudicator in Sogut, Osman lets them know that Sheik Edebali will be their appointed authority.

At the Kayi traveler, drums messenger the appearance of Savci after his fight with Flatyos. They convey three bodies home for entombment. They are proclaimed as saints and hung in the new banner of the Turks .

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