EPISODE 44 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 17 (44) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 44 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5. Aya Nickola has caught Osman’s nephew Bayhoca. He intends to execute him on the off chance that he doesn’t give him back Kuluchaiser Castle.

Osman and his Alps stroll into a snare when they attempt to safeguard Bayhoca. A savage fight happens and Osman is made to withdraw with a gravely injured Savci when he is dwarfed. Aya Nickola finds Osman’s two government operatives in Inegol Castle and executes them.

In the mean time, Osman and his Alps show up back at the traveler with the injured Savci. He is taken to the recuperating tent for treatment. His better half Lena is crazy to see her significant other in such a condition. She faults Osman for everything.

Bayhoca is brought before Aya Nickola and beaten. He swears that Osman will give him Kuluchaiser Castle in return for his life. Osman uncovers that he had an inclination that they might stroll into a snare when they left to protect Bayhoca. His sibling’s demand that he be protected made Osman conflict with his inward most inclination. Presently he thinks twice about it. He has taken in an example to trust his own sentiments.

Osman is sent a gift by Aya Nickola. It is the body of his hard of hearing covert operative Arito and Bayhoca’s reinforcement. A sign from Aya Nickola that he is genuinely serious about everything he says when he says to him that he will kill Bayhoca on the off chance that he doesn’t give him Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman doesn’t pursue the choice himself and he assembles a conference of all the Beys.

Osman chooses to give Kuluchaisar Castle back to Aya Nickola. Lena escapes the traveler to go to Inegol Castle to check whether Flatyos will free her child. Lena and Flatyos have had a past relationship and Flatyos loves her. She trusts that this association will save the existence of her child. She takes a vial of toxic substance with her to utilize if fundamental.

Osman guarantees the injured Savci Bey that he will bring back both Bayhoca and Lena to him securely. In the mean time at Inegol Castle, the pregnant Lena hangs tight in a risk space for Flatyos. At first Flatyos feels that Lena is there since she needs him. He strolls around her and scents her aroma.

Flatyos is fantastically glad to imagine that Lena has come to him after such a long time. Lena asks Flatyos to let her see her child. He surrenders and brings her into the prisons. Bayhoca is shocked to see his mom in the prisons of the Castle. He asks her how she got in and why she knows Flatyos.

Flatyos requests that Lena stay at the Castle as his lady and afterward he will let her child go. At this stage he doesn’t realize that Lena is pregnant. Flatyos goes to Aya Nickola and requests him for some help for the purpose from his adoration and let Bayhoca go.

Dundar Bey comes as a minister from Osman to let Aya Nickola know that they will trade Kuluchaiser Castle for Bayhoca, Flatyos gets what he needs and Bayhoca will be liberated.

Lena attempts to take the toxin she carried with her if all else fails to save herself from Flatyos yet he stops her . Her proceeded with dismissal of him drives him to taking her and putting her in the very cart that is taking her child to opportunity. Kuluchaiser Castle is ready for the trade. The banner of the new Islamic State that Osman made has been brought down and the christian banner flies in its place.

At the point when the Castle hopes to be gotten Savci’s child and spouse are delivered. Bayhoca feels the disgrace of being safeguarded when all he needed was to be a fearless Alp. He presently needs to confront his Uncle Osman and his dad. He feels humiliated.

The fighters in the Castle are wary as they realize that Osman will attempt to take the palace back.

It isn’t well before they feel a Turkish presence. Osman’s alps start to show up from stowed away situations inside the Castle dividers. They assault and trap the Castle watches. The Castle is recovered after Osman fights independently with Alexander the Roman. He removes his head.

Once more the Islamic State banner flies from the dividers of Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman orders Alexander’s head to be returned to Aya Nickola as a gift from him.

The minister Idris who is a swindler among the Kais has made a companion of Bamsi Bey. He takes Bamsi Bey some cream for his harmed hand. He has a ulterior intention. He needs admittance to sacred records which are held in Osman’s tent.

Aya Nickola sends Flatyos to the Kuman Turk camp. He searches for Targun’s dad yet rather he tracks down Targun Hatun and Goktug. Targun is presently top of the Kuman Turks and she and Goktug have come to Turkish terrains to get back at Osman.

Back at the traveler, Bayhoca anticipates apprehensively for his dad to talk with him. Savci is embarrassed about his child’s way of behaving which brought him such a lot of hardship. He is additionally furious with Lena for going to Inegol Castle. He feels the two his child and spouse have disrespected him.

At supper that night in Osman’s tent, Osman is delicate with Bayhoca however he is requested to avoid anything all alone any longer without telling his mom and father or himself. Bayhoca lets Osman know that he accepts he has taken in his example.

The “Sacred Man” joins the family supper and lets Osman know that he will have guests. The guest will be Sheik Edebali. This news makes Bala Hatun thrilled. She has not seen her dad for so long.

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