EPISODE 35 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 08 (35) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 35 of Kurulus Osman. We left Osman last week captured by warriors after he entered Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman had recently told his siblings at the Kais Council that assuming they get together with Taylak Arsland they will be ill-fated. Osman is walked into Aya Nickola’s presence and draws a blade and cuts him more than once in the chest. Aya Nickola implodes on the ground while Osman makes his getaway through a mysterious section way. Flatius finds the stricken Nickola and takes pursue.

Osman’s invasion on the christian fighters is savage and Flatius can’t stop him escaping the Castle and making his break into the forest. In the mean time Aya Nickola is fundamentally injured. Flatius is close to himself with the requirement for vengeance. At the Kai traveler, Bala looks after Aygul’s little child with a trouble that she, when all is said and done, can’t fall pregnant.

At Kuluchaisar Castle, Aya Nickola is alive. He has endure Osman’s assault and he is vindictive. He lets Flatius know that he will kill the Kais and put their heads on stakes each in turn. Aygul has followed Osman and battles like a champion. She has changed into a no lady dread. Osman needs to realize what has occurred in her life that has changed her to such an extent. She lets him know that she has a child and the dad was Alisar Bey. This news shocks Osman as he was the person who cut off Alisar Bey’s head.

Osman can see that Aygul feels disgrace while speaking Alisar’s name. Osman takes a gander at her and tells her that God gives life and the child is honest. Aygul lets Osman know that her child has no name, seeing the child is a kid Osman names him Kayialp. In the interim, back at the Kai town, Hazal Hatun maintains that Dundar Bey should rebuff Aygul for attempting to kill her. Aygul will want constantly vengeance from the one who killed her mom.

Dundar Bey has not seen his little girl since the time Alisar Bey was killed. He had no clue about that she has a child. Aygul has kept herself stowed away from her dad feeling the disgrace of being the infants mother. Selcan Hatun has really focused on her and the child. Hazal Hatun gets extraordinary take pleasure in let Dundar Bey know that he is a granddad and the child had a place with Alisar Bey.

The town drums envoy the appearance of Osman, Goktug, Boran and Aygul. Dundar Bey sees his girl without precedent for such an extended period of time. He sees her sitting her pony like a fighter and is glad for what he sees. Osman gets off and goes to Selcan Hatun who is holding Aygul’s child. He takes the child in his arms. He brings him up in the air and tells all the Kais that this is the great offspring of Dundar Bey. He affirms that his mom is Aygul, girl of Dundar Bey. Osman authoritatively provides the angel with the name of Kayialp. The child is to be offered the distinction of the clan and showed their customs.

Bala looks as Osman twists his head and kisses the brow of the little child. He calls Aygul to approach and embrace her dad who has been yearning for her. Dundar Bey tells her that she ought to have never stowed away from him. He is the one that has disgraced her. Aygul is free now to embrace her child and feel no disgrace. She passes him onto Dundar Bey who embraces him. Osman calls Bala to his side and leads her away. She is so glad for her better half.

In their migrant they share a solidly established love for one another. Osman tells her that she is his nursery throughout everyday life. She is his light and her grin breaks trouble. In the interim at Kuluchaisar Castle, Aya Nickola gives Flatius the mission to set Sogut ablaze. Aya Nickola accepts that he has been renewed yet not with otherworldly significance but rather with more prominent malevolence.

Savci trusts that to be a decent head of his kin he needs to trust Aya Nickola. Flatius leaves Kuluchaiser Castle alongside Cerkutay while heading to torch Sogut. They pass by the Holy Man sitting in a tree. The Holy Man makes an impression on Osman letting him know that there will be inconvenience in Sogut and Flatius is on his way there.

Taylak Arslan is in Dundar Bey’s tent. Osman is furnished with the news that Flatius is en route to Sogut. He enters the tent to track down Savci, Gunduz and Dundar Bey in close discussion with Taylak. Osman considers Taylak to be a foe. Despite the fact that Aya Nickola enjoys offered harmony to the Kais, Osman won’t fall into his snare. He lets Taylak know that he cut Nickola to show him that he won’t be closed out of Kuluchaisar Castle. Osman will travel every which way at whatever point he needs.

Taylak maintains that Dundar Bey and Savci should go to Kuluchaisar Castle trying to reconcile while he personally goes to Inegol Castle. Osman lets them know that they are on some unacceptable way and they need to manage Sogut prior to whatever else and that Sogut will be struck. Taylak contends that harmony is what they need. Osman lets them know that there is no harmony and they are looking at something that doesn’t exist. His siblings have paid attention to Taylak for such a long time that now they just accept him and won’t trust their more youthful sibling.

Osman leaves them with one final remark. He says that when they do what they need and are detainees of Aya Nickola it will depend on him to come and protect them. He turns and leaves the migrant. Osman quickly takes Goktug and Boran and enters Bamsi Bey’s tent. He has gathered many devotees now. Bamsi Bey obviously has his most prominent regard. Osman lets them know that they will safeguard Sogut first and afterward stand at the doors of Kuluchaisar Castle and make it their own. Together they raise their swords in endorsement.

By and by Ertugrul is given the information by Abdurrahman Gazi that Gunduz, Savci and Dundar Bey have made a collusion with Taylak Arsland while Osman keeps on battling for the Kais and calls for war. Abdurrahman Gazi says that Osman is very much like Ertugrul when he was youthful. Ertugrul favors Osman and trusts his kin will favor the name of Osman moreover.

Targun is thought just like a covert operative for Aya Nickola. Bala follows her when she attempts to make an impression on Aya Nickola. Bala looks as she talks with a dark shrouded man however Targun sees Bala behind the shrubberies and kills the man removing the doubt from herself. In Sogut explosives are snuck through the doors by Flatius and his men . They have shown up in camouflage and have spread explosive all through the roads in preparation to set land.

Osman isn’t excessively far away. He enters Sogut in camouflage additionally and encounters Flatius.

Yet again flatius is beaten. Osman lets him know that Sogut is his city and he needs to request consent to enter. They draw swords and a savage battle starts however Flatius is no counterpart for Osman who in the long run takes him hostage. Flatius lets Osman know that he might have halted the obliteration of Sogut however he won’t stop the demise of his siblings by the hand of Aya Nickola at Kuluchaisar Castle.

The manner in which they turn Aya Nickola’s troopers can’t obliterate Sogut. Bamsi Bey even finds Cerkutay in the bar with explosive sprinkled like sand over the floor and stops him igniting the fuse. Cerkutay at last is taken to Osman tied toward the finish of a rope. It does Osman’s heart great to see that at last he has Cerkutay.

In the mean time simultaneously as Osman is battling in Sogut, Dundar Bey and Savci enter the entryways of Kuluchaisar Castle. They positively don’t get the doormat fanned out for their entrance. They are guided before Aya Nickola. They feel awkward in his presence. Aya Nickola affronts them both. There will be no harmony talks today. Savci and Dundar Bey understand that they are in risky waters.

The siblings are taken prisoner. Aya Nickola wounds Dundar Bey in the hand with detestable joy and afterward they are restricted while he covers their appearances in formed dirt to seem to be pigs. Dundar Bey swears he will make him pay for what he has done. Savci spits right in front of him. Aya Nickola mortars their mouths shut so he can’t hear their condemnations.

Osman has had extraordinary progress in Sogut. He has two hostages, Flatius and Cerkutay. He currently turns his head toward Kuluchaisar Castle. Osman should be fast as his siblings are being walked through the grounds of Kuluchaisar Castle to their demises. Both the men can see that Osman was correct from the start and Aya Nickola never needed harmony in any case. Taylak Arsland had misled them.

The siblings are directed to two cleaving blocks as Aya Nickola prepares to remove their heads. Aya Nickola is occupied by the appearance of his troopers from Sogut carrying with them an injured Flatius. It very well may be seen that the warriors are Osman’s Alps.

Osman’s words should get going around in Savci and Dundar Bey’s head, as he had let them know before that day that in the event that they were going to Kuluchaisar Castle, it will be left for him to come and safeguard them.

Consistent with his promise Osman shows up to save his siblings lives. He takes his whip and folds it over Aya Nickola’s throat. He swears that the unbelievers will kneel before the Turks. He then arranges the arrival of his Uncle and sibling from the cleaving block.

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