EPISODE 34 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 07 (34) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 34 of Kurulus Osman. Our episode closed last week with the three children of Ertugrul hustling to their dad’s side after Savci’s better half cautions them that Ertugrul was biting the dust. There is a power fight happening among Savci and Osman. Osman will not comply with his more seasoned sibling. The siblings love one another yet their battles are something beyond kin competition.

Osman is becoming disappointed. Taylak Aslan actually keeps on having the ear of Savci. Savci can see that Taylak will do nothing to assume control over the wanderer. Taylak has welcomed Savci to sit at the Sogut gathering meeting. Osman has not been welcomed. Osman realizes that inconvenience is blending with Aya Nickola and Flatius at Kuluchaiser palace. Osman needs to go after them now before they have the opportunity to become more grounded. Bala asks him how he will accomplish that when he has no Alps. Similarly as Osman anticipated, Aya Nickola has enrolled Kuman Turks from Constantinople to assist him with safeguarding Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman detests the prospect of Turks battling Turks. The Kuman Turks have double-crossed their kin and are not battling for the Emperor. Osman is informed that the Kuman Turks have hostage the little girl of the Bey of the Kuman Turks. He has been informed that they are shipping her to Aya Nickola.

Osman willingly volunteers to save her out and about. The lady is called Targun. She checks out at Osman and likes what she sees. He is gorgeous, strong and a Turkish fighter. Osman doesn’t know that Targun is a government operative and she never was a hostage destined for Aya Nickola. Targun is compelled to do anything Aya Nickola needs. He has detained her dad and she needs to get him delivered yet Aya Nickola will just delivery him after Targun has finished her central goal. Osman is informed that Cerkutay has been seen around Inegol palace. He sends Goktug and Boran to track down him. A vigil is held next to Ertugrul’s bedside as they trust that his condition will change. Osman tells Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi that God has picked him to be the head of the Kais and he won’t allow individuals to like Geyhatu or Aya Nickola obliterate that.

He realizes his initial step should be to take Kuluchaiser palace back from Aya Nickola. At the point when Osman is informed that Savci, Gunduz and Taylak Arslan are holding a board meeting in Sogut with all the Bey’s and he was not welcomed, he is enraged and outraged. Osman settles on the choice that he should lead the Kais himself before they are over run with their adversaries. He is tired of pardoning his siblings and uncles. His choice is upheld by Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi. He tells them assuming that he stands by any more the Kais will be cleared out. He heads to the Council meeting in Sogut. He is furious. He will defy them. Taylak heads the gathering. He tends to the Council and requires a period of harmony. He likewise calls for initiative of the Bey’s as Ertugrul is frantically sick and can’t lead them now. Taylak prescribes Savci to replace Ertugrul’s as their picked chief.

The Bey’s inquiry why Osman, Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi are absent. They view their nonattendance as casting a ballot against Savci. The Bey’s can’t help thinking about how Taylak’s tranquility will be kept in the event that Osman isn’t involved. Taylak tells the Bey’s that it was his choice not to welcome Osman and Bamsi Bey as they have no effect on the Kai migrant from here onward as Savci is the picked head of the Alps. Savci calls his more youthful sibling a dissident who needs to battle all alone. Savci lets them know that this isn’t the arrangement and ultimately he will grasp this. The Bey’s trust Osman and accept that Osman is a military without help from anyone else. Dundar Bey lets them know that Bamsi Bey is an elderly person now and his perspective doesn’t make any difference and Abdurrahmen Gazi has just a single arm. Gunduz is the main sibling who stands up for Osman.

He lets them know that Osman has won many fights and has kept them safe and he caught Kuluchaiser palace also. Kuluchaiser Castle is a focal point to all the Bey’s. They need it reclaimed from Aya Nickola. They ask Taylak Arslan what he will do about it. He lets them know doing anything isn’t going. Taylak requests that everybody give him the power and afterward he will give his best. It seems like he has numerous on his side, particularly Savci. Osman at long last shows up at the gathering in the wake of constraining his direction in.

A portion of the Bey’s vibe disgrace that he and Bamsi Bey were not welcomed. Osman lets them know all that the Kuman Turks are coming while they lounge around and discuss harmony. He lets them know it won’t work and they will be butchered. Osman has no more persistence. He lets them know that it is the ideal opportunity for them to simply decide, possibly they cooperate with Taylak, who conceals his relationship with Mongols and unbelievers who are the foe of the Turks, or they can join Osman who won’t acknowledge being fastened and treated as a slave by his adversaries and who will battle for the opportunity of Turks. He advises them to settle on their decision or endure the fallouts. Osman stands gladly before the Council of Beys. He lets them know in time he will uncover Taylak for what his identity is, a swindler. Savci remains before his sibling.

Savci he can feel the power his more youthful sibling has exuding from his body. Osman looks at him without flinching and lets him know that no one will prevent him from making a free State for the Turks. A State that he will fabricate will be for the guiltless individuals who trust in him. Osman turns and addresses the Council. He lets them know that he doesn’t do homage anybody other than God. He will battle for Islam and as long as the Turks are here they won’t pay attention to Mongols or Romans. They will hone their swords with Faith and battle. The Bey resembles what they hear. Osman supports Turks and God and not really for himself. He faces his siblings and lets them know that on the off chance that their choice is to go with Taylak, they would do well to not cross his way. He then leaves taking Bamsi Bey with him. In the interim, Goktug and Boran have been sent by Osman to catch Cerkutay. They find him being hauled along by the mongols.

They attempt to catch him however are gone after by Flatius. As Goktug and Boran escape the unbelievers, Flatius takes Cerkutay with him to Kuluchaiser Castle. They will involve Cerkutay as trap to draw Osman to the palace. Cerkutay is tormented by Aya Nickola. He needs to realize who is the double crosser in the Kai migrant. We couldn’t say whether Cerkutay lets them know that it was Taylak Arslan. After the Council meeting Osman joins a gathering of ancestral Beys. He is brought to remain before their chief and asked what his objectives are for what’s to come. He advises them to battle until he has a State for the Turks and not to surrender. The pioneer favors him in his battle. The following visitor to visit the Bey of all Beys is a blindfolded Savci who is brought to the camp riding a horse similarly as when he initially was acquainted with the gathering of Beys.

He likewise has a meeting with the pioneer and he is asked what he would do if he somehow happened to lead the Kais. Ertugrul Gazi wakes from an extended rest to find Abdurrahman Gazi remaining by his bedside. He asks Abdurrahman Gazi what occurred with Geyhatu. He is informed that Geyhatu was sent back to Konya and that he tracked down his child Mongke. He likewise is informed that Osman was answerable for saving his siblings life and for booting Geyhatu out. Ertugrul lets his close buddy know that he needs to pursue a choice soonbetween his children. He realizes his end isn’t far away. Turgan is displayed around the Kai traveler and when the ancestral drums envoy the oncoming Osman. Turgan projects her eyes towards him. Turgan hears that Osman will be going to Kuluchaisar Castle. She makes an impression on Aya Nickola letting him know that he is coming. Aya Nickola is invigorated that his forecast that Osman would come after Cerkutay worked out as expected. Osman, Goktug and Boran leave for Kuluchaiser Castle.

Where it counts Turgan can’t stand Aya Nickola and as she is a Turk she is Osman’s ally. she simply trusts that when Aya Nickola accepts her message he will let her dad go. Osman enters the Castle by the underground passages. There are warriors holding back to go after him when they put foot in the palace. This cautions Osman to the way that they realized they were coming. They kill the fighters and gradually move all through the palace. Osman can see that the inside of the palace is very much guarded by troopers. He strolls towards them. He is encircled by troopers. Goktug and Boran are no place to be seen. Osman has a sneer all over. He brings his arms up in a signal to surrender himself which isn’t in character with our fighter. He holds two blades in the air and afterward drops them to the ground. He puts his hands together in preparation to be tied. He takes no action to battle. Maybe it is all in his arrangement.

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