EPISODE 33 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 06 (33) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 32 of Kurulus Osman. Going on from the finish of last week’s episode, Geyhatu has placed the Kayi traveler searching for his child Mongke and Osman whom he accepts has grabbed him.

As destiny would have it similarly as Geyhatu gets furious, Savci shows up with the caught Mongke close behind. Taylak Aslan’s part in the selling out of the Kayi clan is yet to be found however he was n answerable for Osman’s abducting and Savci’s torment on account of Mongke.

Geyhatu calls without holding back for his child. Osman pulls Mongke off his pony with very little regard. He is a swindler to his dad and his very own killer Nokers. Taylak is concerned his own treachery might be uncovered also. Geyhatu consents to stand by listening to Osman and Savci as they recount the tale of how his child killed his Nokers and afterward put it on Osman. In his own tent, Ertugrul is exceptionally sick. Petitions to God are said over him as he battles for his life.

In the interim, Aya Nickola gets ready to go after Kuluchaiser Castle while Geyhatu keeps the Kais occupied with his presence. His methodology through the underground passages has been coordinated by Helen, Sofia’s most believed worker, who knows the privileged insights of the palace well overall. The Turkish gatekeepers are harmed and the doors are opened prompting an incredible butcher. Aya Nickola currently has taken Inegol Castle and Kuluchaiser Castle and his power is developing.

At the Kayi wanderer, Geyhatu is informed that his child wanted to kill him and have his spot in Konya. His demise was likewise to be accused on Osman. Bamsi Bey lets the gathering know that Mongke can’t be accused assuming there is no verification. Osman guarantees Geyhatu that there is verification. He lets him know that he is having Cerkutay brought to the migrant to admit Mongke’s arrangement. Taylak Aslan hears everything and sees likewise that assuming Cerkutay talks he will likewise uncover Taylak.

Mongke realizes that Cerkutay will talk so he separates and requests that his dad excuse him. He stoops on the floor before him letting him know that he committed an error and he was grieved. Geyhatu doesn’t hold back in slitting his child’s jugular. Mongke is strutted dead before the Kais for attempting to kill Geyhatu. Inside the tent Geyhatu approaches Osman and asks him, “There was no Cerkutay was there? ” Osman grins. Geyhatu lets him know that he is an extremely shrewd man. He vows to inform Osman as to whether he tracks down Cerkutay and to tell him who it is that is selling out them both.

Geyhatu has immense regard for Ertugrul, Osman and Savci. He leaves the migrant. Taylak is exceptionally feeling better to see Geyhatu go. He grins to himself with fulfillment for not being found out. The Kais have been very much safeguarded by the three children of Ertugrul Gazi. They have joined together and been effective in keeping their customs. The delight of their triumph is fleeting when they are informed that their dad is frantically sick. Ertugrul grips to his most youthful child as he battles for breath. Osman places his arms around him and holds him close. Passing isn’t excessively far away.

In the mean time, Osman is brought the news that Kuluchaiser Castle has fallen. Perhaps his proudest second was the point at which he scaled the dividers of Kuluchaiser Castle and established the Kayi banner for the brilliance of the Turks. He is currently back to where he began and Aya Nickola has brought the Kayi banner down. Osman needs to take the palace back quickly. Savci then again needs to pause. He needs to haggle for the arrival of the prisoners first. He reminds Osman that he is the head of the Alps and without his request he has no Alps.

Osman submits to his sibling to the extent that not going after the Castle but rather he takes Boran and Goktug and gets ready to save his kin by offering cash first.
Aygul has a youngster by Alisar Bey. Selcan Hatun has vowed to really focus on it. Aygul will not claim the youngster as her own and has been prepared as a champion by Selcan Hatun. Selcan Hatun and Aygul discreetly creep into the Kayi town with the child. Dundar Bey has no clue about that he is a granddad.

The Holy Man predicts that tomorrow will be an Armageddon for the traveler. He can’t track down Osman and his Alps. He calls for Mohammad to quiet his thumping heart. Savci has assembled a conference of the Turkish Council. He sees that Osman has not joined in and trusts he has not conflicted with his siblings word and gone to Kuluchaiser Castle.

As Savci discusses how he will protect the Turkish prisoners at the Castle, Osman is as of now doing his arrangement. Osman conflicts with his sibling and shows up at Kuluchaiser Castle with two boxes of gold and two Alps, Goktug and Boran. The Castle watches chuckle at him. He trusts that the cash will repurchase him the Turkish hostages. At Kuluchaiser Castle, Osman and his Alps are given crowd with Aya Nickola. They are welcomed by Flatius and the air is tense.

At any rate, osman gives Aya Nickola the two boxes of gold which he had recently took from Aya Nickola. He lets Aya Nickola know that he needs to purchase the existences of the Turkish prisoners with his own cash. Aya Nickola won’t trade the Turkish prisoners for the gold. Osman takes a blade from inside the case of gold and holds it against the throat of Flatius. He presently advises Aya Nickola to trade the prisoners for the existence of Flatius.

Aya Nickola advises his watchmen to let the prisoners go. He additionally requires his bowman to bring Osman down before he leaves the palace. Osman strolls Flatius out of the palace. He can see the prisoners. A bowman lets fly his bolts importance to kill Osman however hits Flatius all things being equal. He gradually pulls the harmed Flatius alongside him towards the entryways delivering the prisoners as they go.

Flatius is permitted to go free as Osman guaranteed. At the Kayi Council, Bamsi Bey is told to keep his mouth shut by Savci after he supported Osman before the Council. Osman has transparently defied Savci and he has given directions for him to be captured when he gets back to the migrant. This order doesn’t go down well with the clan nor with Gunduz, Dundar Bey or Bamsi Bey.

In the interim, at Geyhatu’s camp Taylak Arslan lets Geyhatu know that assuming he gets together with him he will assist him with making Osman and Bamsi Bey kneel before him and submit to him. Geyhatu provides him with a mark of power to use as he sees fit. Taylak will then be the Bey of the Bey’s Geyhatu tells him. The drums of the traveler envoy the methodology of Osman. Cries of welcome and recognition are heard as he enters the traveler carrying with him the Turkish hostages.

Osman has an enormous grin all over as the townspeople swarm all over him in gratefulness. Savci then again stands resolute and unbending on the migrant strides with not a grin all over. Osman is hoping to be commended by his sibling however rather he gets a request for his warriors to capture him. Savci isn’t ready for the response of individuals who stand in front and decline to permit him to be captured. It is a deadlock of force between the two siblings.

Their contention is stopped when they are informed that Ertugrul is dying. His three children hurry to be close by and forgetting for the time being that they at any point had a contention.

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