EPISODE 36 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode 09 (36) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 36 of Kurulus Osman. Osman salvages Savci and Dundar Bey from the grip of Aya Nickola. Obviously they can see now that Osman was correct. They escape into the forest. Osman lets Savci know that he will make them pay for each twisted they incurred for them. Osman actually faults his Uncle and sibling for favoring Taylak Arsland. He is furious that he needed to save them and doesn’t focus on “no real surprises there”. He rather advises them to get back to their wanderer. Inside Kuluchaisar Castle, Goktug and Boran are attempting to keep concealed.

Osman is planning to recover Kuluchaisar Castle and they will help from within. Flatius gets back to Kuluchaisar Castle subsequent to neglecting to catch Osman after he protected his Uncle and sibling. Aya Nickola isn’t excessively satisfied with him and puts his head in peril as well. He doesn’t proceed with it however strips him of his cowhides. Aya Nickola is baffled and will effectively have Osman brought to him in any condition, something he just really can’t get it going. Geyhatu has made an impression on Osman letting him know that he is meeting with Taylak Arslan and Osman, Savci and Dundar Bey are welcome to join in. Osman could do without to be told to comply and he positively won’t submit to Geyhatu except if it suits his motivation.

On showing up back at the wanderer Savci and Dundar Bey choose not to inform anyone regarding what has been going on with them. It is somewhat humiliating for them after Osman let them know what might occur on the off chance that they went to Aya Nickola. Both have no confidence in Osman when he lets them know that he will recover Kuluchaisar Castle from the unbelievers. Osman will ensure that he shows them they are off-base and he will take Kuluchaisar Castle. Savci is the one most impacted by his treatment on account of Aya Nickola. He tells his better half back in their tent that Osman as a kid was consistently gutsy yet presently he has developed into a man he is daring, valiant and strong with no consideration for his own life.

Savci can’t move past the way that Osman is his more youthful sibling yet challenges him in physical and mental ability to lead the Kais. Savci’s better half accepts that Osman will attempt to kill Savci to get the authority of the clan. She causes him to notice the way that he might need to kill him first. Targun can see that Osman saved his Uncle and sibling and he is a powerful fighter by which she needs to go about as a covert operative for Aya Nickola and double-cross him. It very well may be seen that she appreciates Osman. In the mean time out in the forest Bamsi Bey has Cerkutay attached to a tree and he is beating him. Cerkutay presently can’t seem to uncover who the double crosser is who seized Osman, caught Savci and captured Geyhatu’s child Mongke.

Subsequent to being chipped away at for a long while Cerkutay at last lets him know that it was Taylak Arsland. Osman gets this data about Taylak Arsland however it just affirms what Osman has consistently thought. Bala and Gonca watch out for Targun realizing that Osman associates her with being a covert operative. She is followed and seen entering Kuluchaisar Castle. Osman is educated by Bala that his doubts were correct. Targun then again doesn’t have any desire to spy for Aya Nickola. Aya Nickola has her dad in his prison and won’t allow him to go until she has finished her central goal and carried Osman to him. Her dad is the Bey of the Kuman Turks and implores her not to sell out the Turks yet to get payback for how has been treated him.

As Targun gets back to the traveler from the Castle, she finds Osman is hanging tight for her. He requests to understand what she has ben up to despite his good faith. Targun tells Osman that Aya Nickola keeps her dad in his prisons and on the off chance that she doesn’t submit to him he will kill him. The Kuman Turks have been held to deliver over her dad’s detainment and Aya Nickola won’t deliver him without Targun giving him Osman. Osman is merciful towards Targun and tells her that they won’t dishearten Aya Nickola. Osman has not known that the ladies at the traveler that have been chattering about Bala not having the option to bear his kid. They accept that Osman ought to pick another spouse. Bala is so wounded by their ideas however she can see that she might in all likelihood never give Osman a kid. She lets Osman know that in the event that he doesn’t pick one more spouse for himself soon then she will choose one for him.

Obviously to do this will make’s Bala extremely upset yet Bala realizes that Osman in his significance will require children to help him. Osman gets back to the wanderer with Targun close to him. Tongues sway when they see them together. In the interim, Geyhatu has sent one more message to Osman advising him to wipe the slate clean with Aya Nickola. On the off chance that he doesn’t he will ride to Sogut and clear out the Kais. Gunduz accepts Osman ought to do as Geyhatu’s requests however knowing Osman, he won’t be determined what to do. Goktug and Boran keep getting black powder and weapons for the arranged assault on Kuluchaisar Castle.

Lying on his passing bed, Ertugrul discovers everyday information about what is happening in the camp. Abdurrahman Gazi refreshes him on how Osman won’t prevent from taking Kuluchaisar Castle ease off the heathens. Savci, Dundar Bey and Gunduz need to favor Taylak Arsland while Osman follows his own standards and won’t comply with his power. Osman holds his dad’s hand and addresses him letting him know that the fire he lit for the Turks will keep on consuming in his children and they will convey his fire with them all through the land.

Aya Nickola leaves the Castle in the possession of Helen as he leaves for his gathering with Taylak Arslan. At a family supper that evening Osman calls Targun Hatun into the tent. Osman tends to his family and lets them know that he has gone with a choice and Targun Hatun has consented to be his significant other and give him a main successor. This is disastrous information for Bala yet this is the very thing that she needs. She has not had the option to give Osman a successor in such a long time and it is a vital he has youngsters.

She implores that Targun will give him a child. Despite the fact that Bala and Osman are harmed about the choice they feel content. Bala doesn’t believe Osman should go excessively far away from her. She realizes that Osman leaves for Kuluchaisar Castle and inquires as to whether she can accompany him. At first he wouldn’t concur imagining that she might need to commit suicide, however at that point he alters his perspective. Osman makes her commitment that she will remain protected and not jeopardize herself while she is there. She gives him her commitment. He brings her into his arms. There is something in Bala’s eyes that lets you know that she may not do as she guaranteed. Flatius has been given a mission by Aya Nickola to live in the forest and kill anyone who comes to the Kai migrant and who leaves the Kai traveler.

Watching out consistently for Osman. The gathering with Taylak Arsland goes on in his hunting tent. Dundar Bey, Savci and Gunduz have previously shown up. Taylak exhorts them that he enjoys been picked as a harmony creator by Geyhatu. Yet again while the Turks sit examining their concerns, Osman is good to go. Aya Nickola joins the harmony talks. He sees promptly that Osman is absent despite the fact that he was welcomed. Little does Aya Nickola has at least some idea that Osman is assembling his men in the forest in availability to ride into Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman drives his Alps, Bala and Aygul in petition before they assault setting up their spirits for affliction if essential.

Inside the Castle Goktug and Boran request that God favor them as they get ready to pave the way for Osman and his Alps to acquire section. They battle fe

arlessly against the watchmen. Goktug figures out how to open external entryway and starts turning open the inward door. It is a perilous situation as he is presented to officers on the bulwarks. Goktug takes numerous bolts in his endeavor to raise the doors. Outside Osman and his Alps are on their ponies and in full jog towards the palace entryways. The doors are not as yet exactly open. Goktug with his final strength figures out how to raise the doors sufficiently high to give Osman access. Osman and his Alps ride unreservedly into the Castle to recover it for the Kais.

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