EPISODE 24 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 24 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. At the finish of last week’s episode we left Osman driving the Kais in the call of “God is generally perfect” . With his blade raised he looks as Sukutay the mongol braves of the doors of the Kais town to convey Osman’s response to Geyhatu. Sukutay had two requests from Geyhatu. One was to deliver Alisar Bey and the other was for the Kai clan to convey Osman into his hands to be executed. Osman reaction to Geyhatu’s requests was to serious the head of Alisar Bey before Sukutay and afterward to send him back to Geyhatu to tel him to come and get him. Our episode this week opens with a figure hung in a shroud going through the woodland. The sort ends up being Sofia who has gotten away from the Emperor of Byzantine’s gatekeepers as they escort her to Istanbul. She kills her gatekeepers and advances back to Sogut and Kuluchaiser Castle.

In the interim, Osman and his new lady are on horse back and partaking in time spent together after all the strife of the fight with Alisar Bey and Dundar. They race their ponies Alaca and Karayel in a race of adoration. Whoever wins cherishes the other the most. Bala is so cheerful, interestingly she can have some quality time with Osman simply together. Osman trusts Bala and he can have numerous kids however Bala is reluctant to concur as since her physical issue to her stomach she couldn’t say whether she can at any point give Osman youngsters. She guarantees him however that she will constantly show up for him. Osman guarantees her that one day their tent will be loaded up with their kids’ voices and they will have a place with a free Turkish State and their youngsters will fan out all through the land.

In the Kai town, the shock of rout has been a lot for Aygul who presently spends her days intellectually obliterated. To her she is still with her sibling who visits her wiped out mind consistently. Zohre and Dundar Bey can just remain back and watch their little girl’s situation with Aygul trusting someone will save her from herself. Dundar Bey himself has been profoundly discouraged and faults himself for her perspective. The town drums messenger the appearance of Hazal Hatun, mother of Bahadir and Dundar Bey’s most memorable spouse. She is areas of strength for a lady and takes a heroes position any place she goes. It is clear when Zohre Hatun sees Hazal Hatun that they don’t have an obligation of affection for one another, in spite of the fact that Dundar Bey welcomes her with joy. The clan remains back in calm difficult situation between the two spouses particularly when Hazal Hatun lets them know that she has come to remain for some time. Cerkutay runs into Sukutay who requests to be taken to Balgay.

At Kuluchaiser Castle, Sofia is invited by Helen and Prince Salvador (who is as yet going about as a covert operative for Osman). She realizes that the Emporer’s fighters will follow her and sooner or later she should guard herself. Sofia sends Prince Salvador to inquire as to whether he will get together with her and battle the Emperor’s fighters. Sofia advises Salvador to acknowledge any condition Osman could offer. Unfortunately for Salvador, Sofia realizes that he is a trickster to the unbelievers and she furtively designs his destiny. Osman and Bala get back from their ride together to find Hazal Hatun anticipating for them. It has been quite a while since Osman has seen his Aunt. She isn’t his #1 family member. Her child Bahadir has been prohibited to leave the traveler by Osman and she could do without it. Osman has left the choice of what the destiny will be for Bahadir and Dundar up to his dad Ertugrul. Hazal Hatun trusts that her presence and power could get Osman to deliver her child. She is off-base.

Osman welcomes generally his family to the festival of his wedding which is to held that even. This function will offer his clan the chance to praise his union with Bala. Sukutay requests that Balgay go along with him in battling Geyhatu and they will manage Osman simultaneously. This partnership leaves Balgay positive about overcoming Geyhatu. Kongar remaining somewhere far off hears their discussion. Princess Sofia calls for Alexis who is one of the Margaret Church priests. She has a task for him. Sofia realizes that Dundar Bey is searching for a specialist to attempt to mend Aygul. Sofia makes a move to despatch Alexis with a toxin medication to use as her weapon of retribution. In the mean time in the Kai town, Osman sits with Selcan Hatun and cautions her about the force of the two ladies, Hazal Hatun and Zohre Hatun. The two ladies will mean difficulty for the clan. Both are envious of one another and like to show their power. One has a living child to Dundar Bey and one has lost her child. Osman requests that Selcan Hatun watch out for them both.

The disdain that Hazal Hatun and Zohre Hatun have for one another is recognizable to all. Hazal has let Zohre know that assuming she puts one foot wrong she will get her payback. Salvador carries fresh insight about Sofia’s developments to Osman yet he doesn’t realize that a harmful mixture will be brought into the wanderer by Alexis of the Margaret Church. Salvador additionally tells Osman that Master Yannis was hung by the Byzantine Emperor and his officers are looking for Sofia too. Osman accepts that Sofia has vengeance in her sights and he doesn’t completely accept that briefly that she needs a union with Osman. More-so she will need to kill him. Osman advises Salvador to get back to Sofia and tell her that he acknowledges her greeting of union. It is Osman’s fantasy to have the banner of the Kais flying from Kuluchaiser Castle and he realizes that Sofia is as yet his foe and will have an arrangement to kill him yet at this stage he will oblige her.

In the mongol camp Balgay starts to become dubious of Kongar. Balgay lays out up a snare for himself and he is gotten. His treatment is savage and incorporates a weighty medication which is poured down his throat. He is then intellectually molded to go out and kill Osman. Alexis the Margaret Church priest shows up in the Kai town. He shows up as a specialist shipped off treat Aygul. He is acknowledged without a second thought. He gives Zohre an elixir and tells her that he will recuperate her little girl on the off chance that she utilizes a toxic substance that will kill all at the wedding. The toxin is to be taken care of to the conciliatory goats preceding butcher. The toxic substance will gradually be ingested into their meat and when eaten it is lethal. This is the ideal way for Zohre Hatun to have retribution on everyone as her significant other will then, at that point, be left as top of the Kais clan. Zohre acknowledges the toxic substance and her last an open door to get her spouses title.

The Kai town is siphoning. Wedding games have started. The principal occasion is the conventional goat convey race. Every one of Osman’s alps line up with him in a race of solidarity and speed. Such tomfoolery and cheer has not been capable for so long inside the town. Each individual from the camp breaks into chuckling and partakes in their full commendation of satisfaction. Dundar Bey and Hazal Hatun meet for a peaceful meeting in the shrubbery away from the clamor and surge of the wedding merriments. Hazal Hatun affirms her faithfulness heart actually has a place with her better half.

Alexis the priest reports back to Sofia that he has been effective in conveying the toxic substance to Zohre Hatun. At the point when the goats are picked for the wedding feast Zohre Hatun discreetly harms their food. That night the wedding visitors accumulate in festival. Osman is wearing his best dark calfskins while Bala is delightful attired in her red wedding outfit. The wedding visitors settle down to the wedding feast. The goats have been killed. Conventional music is played celebrating Osman Bey and Sheik Edebali expresses appreciation to God.

To Zohre Hatun’s shock her better half and little girl join the wedding party for the blowout. They are invited and sit down close to Zohore. The blowout starts with the newly simmered goat disseminated to the honorable visitors first. Zohre Hatun ensures that her girl and spouse don’t eat the goat. She endeavors to inspire them to leave the gala and summons them however not before Hazal Hatun prevents everybody from eating of the meat and calls Zohre Hatun out as a trickster.

Hazal Hatun gives Zohre a similar meat to eat and advises her to demonstrate that it doesn’t contain poison. Zohre Hatun realizes she is trapped in her own snare and attracts her knife a dangerous fury.

Hazal Hatun rushes to draw her own blade and cuts Zohre Hatun’s throat where she stands. She passes on the spot. Hazal Hatun’s homicide of Zohre Hatun was not without verification. Her gatekeeper had followed Zohre and saw her get the toxin and feed it to the goats. She then announced back to her paramour. Sofia’s endeavor on for their entire lives has fizzled.

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