EPISODE 25 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 25 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. At the finish of Episode 24 last week, Zohre Hatun’s life was ended by Hazal Hatun. Zohre Hatun had harmed the goat meat that should have been served at Osman’s wedding feast. The toxin was a wedding gift from Sofia. The toxin was conveyed by Alexis, a Margaret Church priest . Zohre acknowledged the toxin eagerly in her last effort to acquire the Kais administration for her better half. Tragically for Zohre, Hazal Hatun understood what she was doing and slits her jugular for her difficulty.

Tragically for Sofia her lethal endeavor fizzled. She so beyond a doubt needed retribution for the execution of her dad Master Yannis in Constantinople. We additionally saw last week Kongar being gotten and tormented by Balgay. He is then medicated and intellectually molded into a killing machine. In the Kais town Osman questions Hazal Hatun. He needs to know where the toxin came from. Hazal Hatun lets him know that her watchman had seen the priest give the toxic substance to Zohra Hatun.

Osman can see that the toxin was a refined mixture. He as of now thinks Sofia as the guilty party . He has Alexis the priest followed and anticipates data from his Alps in the event that his doubts are right and Sofia was involved. It isn’t some time before Konur Alp and Boran Alp’s observation see Alexis the priest and Sukutay the mongol ride into the palace entryways. On his flight Konur Alp and Boran catch Alexis and he lets the cat out of the bag that it was Sofia who gave him the toxic substance. They utilize his own blade to cut his throat.

Inside the palace dividers, Sofia and Sukutay talk about their strategy on Osman. They conclude that they will clear out the Kai town. To do this they right off the bat need to draw Osman out of the town. They choose to involve his indignation as inspiration. They intend to drive Osman mad enough that he will take his Alps and leave the Kai town. To do this Sofia will involve Salvador as snare. Sofia has known for quite a while that Salvador was a trickster and spy for Osman. She takes Salvador’s knife and places it at his throat. She continues to involve her knife as torment. In the wake of tormenting Salvador, Sofia harms him and afterward sends him back to Osman as her wedding gift.

Konur Alp and Boran present to Osman the verification that Alexis was working for Sofia and furthermore the new collusion with Sukutay. Osman accepts that Sukutay ordinarily would answer straight back to Geyhatu but since he didn’t Osman accepts the collusion with Sofia implies they will have an arrangement as a main priority. Sofia, Sukutay and Balgay meet. Balgay consents to go along with them both in going after and killing Osman.

Balgay presently has another weapon against Osman. A tormented and silly Kongar who has his spirit entered by the malevolent soul of Erlik Han. They wake Kongar up from his tranquilized daze and let him know that Osman has taken his spirit. Balgay provides Kongar his orders. Kill Osman! In the mean time at the Kai town beating drums messenger the appearance of a solitary rider to the town. It is Salvador. He is scarcely alive stooped over his pony. In his final gasp Salvador lets Bamsi Bey know that he has been killed by Sofia in vengeance for her dad’s execution. Salvador bites the dust in Bamsi Bey’s arms. Osman and Bamsi Bey pledges to vindicate Salvador’s homicide. Bamsi Bey covers him alongside his child Batur and covers him with the Kai banner. Sofia’s objective of driving Osman sufficiently crazy to leave the Kai town has been fruitful. Osman is offended in losing Salvador.

Aygul gets sidetracked from the clan and has pipedreams of seeing her dead sibling. She follows his apparition through the woodland and winds up at his grave site. Kongar tracks down his approach to Osman’s camp. He is welcomed by his sibling Konur Alp. He is perceptibly beaten. He brings the news that Sofia, Balgay and Subutay have combined efforts and plan to go after Osman at his traveler. Osman plans for the fight to come. He sends Gunduz and Abdurrahman Ghazi to caution the Kais migrant of a looming assault, while he and his alps branch out to track down Balgay. He permits Bahadir to go along with them as a demonstration of fraternity. Osman knows that Kongar looks sick and absolutely not himself.

Kongar drives Osman and his sibling into a snare set by Balgay. Before Balgay assaults he offers Osman soul up to Erlik Han as a blood penance to him. Kongar attempts to kill Osman however he isn’t effective. Kongar’s sibling Konur high mountain steps in to shield Osman however in his endeavor gets a knife pushed profound into his body. As Konur lies powerless on the ground Osman is passed on without anyone else to safeguard himself against Kongar. Osman routs Kongar however doesn’t kill him because of his affection for his sibling Konur. In the wake of engaging with Cerkutay and his Nokers, Bamsi Bey and Boran Alp mount their ponies to go to the guide of Osman and Konur Alp.

Balgay faces Osman in a one-on-one fight. It is a battle until the very end yet Balgay makes his departure when Bamsi and Boran show up. Osman gives pursue and figures out how to wound Cerkutay yet they can move away. Konur is not doing so great. Kongar can’t stop his deranged will to attempt to kill Osman. Osman knows now that he is loaded up with soul obliterating drugs. His result is questionable similar to Konur’s life. Osman immobilizes Kongar and ready to sear his siblings wound. He guarantees Konur that he won’t give Kongar back to Balgay but instead keep him and make him one of his alps. In Kongar’s current express this might consume a large chunk of the day.

Balgay and Cerkutay live to battle one more day. Balgay accepts he is all-powerful and never will be crushed. In the interim, Subutay and Sofia collect their officers and encompass the Kai town. Sofia provides the request not to leave one Turk alive. Osman had recently cautioned his traveler of a looming assault. He left Gunduz and Abdurrahman Ghazi there for security. From out of the encompassing fields mongols and unbelievers slip through the vegetation and ultimately charge the Kai entryways. They find the town shockingly tranquil and absent any and all typical movement. They start to feel awkward and acknowledge they have fallen into a Turkish snare. Bowmen downpour bolts downward on them. Alps assault from inside the travelers and inside from stowed away benefit focuses all through the town. Mongol and heathens the same bite the dust because of their savage foe.

Sukutay and Sofia wind up cornered inside the town and encompassed by Turkish locals. There can be no getting away for them. In talking with Kongar in his medication prompted state back in the woods, Kongar had cautioned Osman that Subutay planned to go after his migrant. This earlier admonition empowered Osman to acquire strength and ride like the breeze with his Alps to return to his wanderer in time before Subutay and Sofia went after. Osman presently shows up on the means outside his dads migrant. He stands confronting his foe. He can see that his fight has been triumphant.

Secret in the forest however inside perspective on the fight from a good ways, Balgay and Cerkutay sit and look as blood begins to be shed from inside the Kai town. Balgay reminds Cerkutay that he won’t surrender until he sheds Osman’s blood and reclaims his child Kongar from him. Balgay swears he will destroy Osman. Join Turk-flix one week from now for the finish of this fight.

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