EPISODE 23 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 23 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. In the wake of leaving his recently hitched spouse, Osman rides to join his Alps to do fight in the Sogut backwoods. Balgay has joined Osman in going after Alisar Bey. Kongar has joined Balgay and goes about as Osman’s covert agent inside his camp. Osman consents to assist Balgay with taking on Geyhatu realizing Balgay can’t be relied upon to stay true to his promises and commitments. Balgay will probably sit on the lofty position in Konya after he has discarded Osman and Geyhatu.

Osman has guaranteed all turks another free state where they can reside in harmony yet before that happens he needs to free Sogut of the scourge of the mongols and their accomplice Alisar Bey. Osman’s battle has just barely started. Not just has his fantasy been honored by God yet he presently has the a living dream in Bala Hatun his new spouse. Bala passes on her dad and carries her endowment to her significant other’s home and to share his fantasy of opportunity for their kin. Her dad has told her that it won’t be a simple excursion for the two of them. Zohre Hatun and Aygul hang tight inside Alisar’s house expecting news that Osman is dead. Aygul’s harshness increments towards Osman when she hears he is hitched. Aygul wedded Alisar Bey for vengeance accepting, as her mom and father do, that Osman killed her sibling and has denied her dad of the title of head of the Kais. Aygul actually needs to figure out that she unwittingly wedded her sibling’s executioner. The primary assault is by Balgay who is driven into a snare and he succumbs to Dundar Bey’s hands. He is safeguarded by Kongar and Cerkutay and makes his break.

The following Kai assault is at Alisar’s Bey’s chateau. This assault is driven by Bamsi Bey and Gunduz and they are successful. Aygul sets up an actual attack on the Kais in attempting to protect the her manor yet in the end Aygul, Zohre Hatun and Burcu are compelled to make a getaway running into the backwoods for security with Selcan Hatun and Bala hot following right after them. Gunduz and Bamsi Bey stand gladly while the Kai banner is soared over the house dividers. In the interim, Osman assaults Alisar Bey’s camp. Osman thinks he has outfoxed Alisar however finds Alisar Bey was sitting tight for him. Horrible battling follows with the two sides pulling pranks on one another. In the end Alisar Bey escapes into the backwoods with Osman after him.

Dundar Bey and Bahadir are caught by Osman’s Alps. The Alps don’t raise their swords against Dundar but instead let him know they are carrying him and Bahadir to Osman. Dundar Bey’s child Bahadir, lets his dad know that they might be off-base about Osman and perhaps he didn’t kill his sibling. Dundar Bey lets his child know that in the event that that is the situation, he will get his payback from Alisar Bey. Where it counts Dundar Bey trusts his child isn’t right as his humiliation would be colossal and his culpability would be difficult to exposed. In the timberland Osman finds Alisar Bey. He is an imposing foe. He takes a stab at tossing a strong fluid in Osman’s eyes to daze him and making it more straightforward for him to overcome Osman. He likewise enrolls Boke to attempt to kill Osman however Osman is serious areas of strength for excessively skilful and deals with the two of them without any problem. He doesn’t kill Alisar Bey yet rather beats him. Osman still can’t seem to make Alisar own up to killing Batur Bey and to get his Uncle to see that he was off-base in accusing him.

Somewhere down in the timberland Selcan Hatun and Bala keep looking for Aygul and Zohre Hatun. Aygul meanders through the backwoods searching for vengeance. She runs over Bala and is angered by the destruction of her manor. She shoots Gonca with a bolt and goes after Bala. After Alisar Bey’s loss Osman ties him up prepared for cross examination. His Alps have brought Dundar Bey close enough to hear their discussion and conceal him in the bramble. It is Osman’s objective to get Alisar Bey to admit to Batur Bey’s homicide and so that Dundar Bey could hear this from his lips. Alisar Bey cautions Osman to be ready for Geyhatu’s resentment when he hears what he has done. Osman slaps him for his cheek.

He attempts to bait Alisar Bey into conceding he killed Batur Bey. Ultimately Alisar ends his quiet telling Osman that Dundar Bey was an imbecile and was effectively prompted sell out his own clan. Not long after this remark Alisar Bey gloats to Osman about killing Dundar Bey’s child. All through the cross examination Dundar Bey and Bahadir watch and tune in from behind the bramble. Dundar Bey hears reality and he is loaded up with outrage, disgrace and torment realizing that Alisar Bey had tricked him. His wails of tragedy and humiliation is heard by all. Dundar requests that Osman pardon him and to take his life. He would rather not live with his disgrace. Osman lets Dundar Bey know that the choice whether he lives or kicks the bucket depends on his dad Ertugrul Bey. In the mean time, Selcan Hatun and Bala escort Aygul back to the Kai wanderer. It isn’t well before Zohre Hatun with sword in her grasp goes after the gathering. Because of the assault Burcu is fundamentally harmed. They are undeniably taken to the Kai migrant to anticipate Osman.

Zohre Hatun is loaded up with fury and presently gets herself and her girl out all alone. Zohre’s aspiration was to push her significant other to be the top of the Kai clan has turned around and insulted her. She currently includes no impact inside the Kai clan and her girl has lost her situation as spouse of Alisar Bey and she has lost her child. Both Aygul and Zohre are yet to figure out that they have been off-base all along about Osman.

In the wake of being shot with a bolt at his trap, Balgay is harmed and lying on the timberland floor. Kongar has saved his life. Cerkutay focuses on his injuries. Osman lets his old foe know that he has killed Boke as he double-crossed the two of them. He likewise lets Balgay know that he will be there to assist him with battling Geyhatu when the opportunity arrives however when the fight is over their arrangement stops. Balgay helps Osman to remember his obligation to him and his commitment. Osman lets him know that he has not failed to remember his commitment. He ensures Balgay knows that on the off chance that he gets back to Sogut after Geyhatu has been dealt with, he will kill him and his Nokers.

Osman has a meeting with Kongar who cautions Osman that Balgay is anticipating killing Geyhatu and Osman in a similar fight. Up to this point Balgay has not figured out that Kongar is a covert operative for Osman. Assuming that he does Balgay will go for the kill. Osman has known for quite a while that Balgay isn’t reliable. Back at the Kai traveler Bamsi Bey looks after Burcu as she battles for her life. He spills his guts over the bitterness he feels that she has developed to abhor him and, surprisingly, attempted to kill him. She planned to wed his child Aybars . He cherishes her as a little girl and realizes she has been up to speed in the lies of Zohre Hatun and Aygul and trusts she endures her experience.

At the Kai town the drums sound to caution the locals that Osman has returned. Osman carries with him three detainees, Alisar Bey is attached with ropes and hauled through the town and constrained kneeling down. Dundar Bey and Bahadir are pushed to the brink of collapse likewise before the entire clan. The locals cheers reverberate in their ears. As a discipline for Dundar Bey, Osman orders him to go to his better half and little girl and come clean with them about the passing of Batur Bey. That’s what osman trusts in spite of the fact that he was deceived by Alisar Bey that he really wants to confront his girl and his disgrace. Under watch he is accompanied to his loved ones. The choice with regards to whether he lives or passes on will be surrendered to his dad.

The shock of being let by her dad know that Alisar Bey killed her sibling intellectually and genuinely influences Aygul. She attempts to commit suicide in view of her disgrace and has a total psychological episode. In the interim, Alisar Bey’s destiny lies because of Osman. Under the observer of the clan, his sibling Gunduz and his Alps, Osman gets ready to eliminate Alisar’s head. Alisar Bey attempts to convince Osman not to kill him, letting him know that in the wake of taking his head he should fight with Geyhatu. Osman has no apprehension about Geyhatu and his military. He raises his blade just to hear the town drums cautioning him of moving toward riders. He brings his blade down to see a gathering of mongols drawing nearer.

The riders are a development party of Geyhatu’s mongols drove by Subutay of Noyan. Subutay requests Osman let Alisar Bey go. He likewise requests the Kai clan hand over Osman for execution by Geyhatu. Osman lets Subutay know that on the off chance that Geyhatu needs his life, he should come and get it. Osman’s response to Geyhatu and a message that couldn’t mixed up is to cut off the head of Alisar Bey before him. He then, at that point, raises his sword to the sky and gives the brilliance to Allah with the words “God is generally perfect”.

Subutay has no other decision than to mount his pony and brave of the town. Osman watches him brave realizing that the greatest clash of everything is on the way

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