EPISODE 22 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 22 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. We left Osman last week face down in the soil after Balgay shot a bolt profound into the center of his back. As he lies on the ground he could hear strides drawing closer. This week we see that it was individuals from the Ahi clan that found Osman and who return his injured body to Sheik Edebali’s new camp. Osman is intensely injured. Dundar Bey has hitched Aygul to Alisar Bey against Osman’s desires. Bahadir and Burcin have additionally gone along with them after Burcin shot two bolts into Bamsi Bey’s body.

AT ALISAR’S MANSION, Gunduz, Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Ghazi have shown up requesting entry. At the point when the entryways open a furious Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey look for them. Their gatekeepers are vigorously outfitted and prepared for the fight to come. The fundamental objective for Gunduz and Bamsi Bey is to get Dundar Bey and his family to see that Alisar Bey is the genuine killer of his child.

Alisar Bey accepts he is the Sanjak Bey (the head of all wanderers) however this position was given to him by Geyhatu in Konya and not by customary vote by the clans all through the land. Alisar believes Dundar Bey should stand firm on the footing of top of the Kai wanderer yet the Kai clan need Gunduz all things being equal. Outrage between the two gatherings heighten. They attract their swords planning to shed blood. As they raise their blades Aygul shows up on the defenses and she shouts at them to stop what they are doing. She takes her red wedding cloak and drops it into the gathering of battling men which contains large numbers of individuals she grew up with and adored. This act would be like a calling it quits at a bout to stop a battle. In her new home Aygul currently has her own power. A Bey’s significant other is responsible for her home and has the main say in what happens under her rooftop. Aygul no longer needs to comply with her dad as a solitary lady and she is likewise now the regarded spouse of the decision Sanjak Bey. She takes her recently discovered power and drops her shroud between the two battling bunches in a decided demonstration to stop the viciousness and deflect slaughter. Sadly her demonstration puts her straightforwardly into the way of Alisar Bey’s fury. He strikes her for meddling. A choice is made for the two sides to meet again the following day in the wide open of Sogut. AT THE AHI CAMP , Sheik Edebali has the assignment of eliminating the bolt held up profound inside Osman’s back.

Boran Alp and Goktug track Osman down to the Ahi camp where they track down him in a not so great kind of way. The bolt has been taken out and the injury closed up. Osman lies on a bed igniting with fever. Next to Osman Bala Hatun sobs with bitterness to see her darling so powerless and can’t visualize an existence without him. AT BALGAY’S CAMP IN SOGUT, Balgay has been put on Geyhatu’s rundown of needed men, in any condition. Balgay has enrolled other mongol gatherings to go along with him against Geyhatu. Geyhatu is gradually advancing to Sogut where Balgay with new mongol gatherings intend to assault and kill him. AT THE KAI NOMAD, word is achieved to Gunduz Osman’s battle with life and demise. Gunduz and Bamsi Bey can’t go to Osman as the impending a conflict with Alisar Bey must be their need. They get ready to make their stand without Osman. Gunduz accepts that Alisar Bey will meet him in Sogut trying to reconcile. Actually Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey are intending to sell out Gunduz and trap them on their way. IN THE AHI CAMP, Sheik Edebali and his Dervishes are in a request like daze of love. Sheik Edebali achieves illumination and has a dream of Osman.

Osman recaptures cognizance and hears the call to supplication. As though in a fantasy Osman can see God’s statement holding tight the post close to his bed. Albeit in a debilitated state he slithers kneeling down towards the book where he requests that God favor him and his age. He falls into a profound rest and while snoozing has dreams. Osman’s fantasy sees himself lying in fight dress on the ground. A brilliant profound light molded as a sickle moon enters his body and a tree of life outgrows his chest. Osman tells Sheik Edebali that in his fantasy he could see warnings with a bow moon connecting over the minarets of many terrains. Sheik Edebali lets Osman know that he likewise saw Osman in a dream while in supplication. He understands that Osman currently has encountered the profound light of God. Sheik Edebali can see the adjustment of Osman and presently gives him the one thing that he realizes he wants in particular, the hand of his girl Bala Hatun. Osman’s requests presently have been replied lastly Bala Hatun will be his. Sheik Edebali calls for Bala Hatun and tells he has now given his authorization for her to be Osman’s significant other. He likewise tells her that she has a pile of a man in Osman and she has a difficult task in front of her in supporting him in as his significant other.

BALGAY’S CAMP: A high level party of Nokers sent by Geyhatu are trapped by Boke and Balgay’s Nokers. All are killed. Balgay captures a letter that is bound for Alisar Bey. The letter tells Alisar Bey that Geyhatu and his entire armed force are coming to Sogut . Geyhatu has directed Alisar Bey to kill all the Kais in Sogut and to take Osman and drape him in the Sogut market. Balgay grins to himself with a snide smile. Faintly he unobtrusively urges Geyhatu to draw nearer to him so he and his Nokers can have the joy of killing them all and acquiring the Mongol high position in Konya. AT THE AHI CAMP: After a timeframe Osman recovers strength. He assembles his Alps so they can refresh him on news from the Kais town. He stresses that Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey have harmed the personalities of the Kais. He trusts that the best way to deal with the issue between Alisar Bey and the Kais is by blood and the conceivable passing of Dundar Bey and his child Bahadir. Osman can’t predict compromise between the two gatherings being a choice.

AT THE KAI NOMAD, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey plan for the alleged compromise fight. They accept that they just might be martyred very soon. IN SOGUT, Alisar Bey has marked out the path that Gunduz and Bamsi Bey will take on their excursion to Sogut with equipped professional killers. Alisar’s gatekeepers don’t know that Osman’s Alps have been watching them. They defeat the watchmen and all are killed. Osman himself is presently ready to take care of business and kills many however leaves Alisar Bey’s leader as his last casualty. AT ALISAR’S MANSION, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey were cautioned by Osman of the looming snare before they left the Kai town. They change their arrangement and ride straight into Alisar Bey’s house. Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey get a shock to see they are as yet alive and presently realize that their endeavor on killing Gunduz and Bamsi Bey has fizzled. AT BALGAY’S CAMP, Kongar gets back to Balgay and his Nokers to go about as a covert operative for Osman. Balgay faculties that something has changed in Kongar. He approaches him and lets him know how he has brought up him as his child and how he accepted him as a bare kid and transformed him into a mongol champion.

Kongar tells Balgay words that he needs to hear. He guarantees Balgay that he will continuously be his dad and that he will constantly be a mongol. Osman won’t ever remove him from him. This news brings a comforting grin from our solidified mongol ruler however as Balgay leaves giving a to some degree wry sneer all over, you get the inclination that they were simply words and he realizes that Kongar has changed. AT ALISAR’S MANSION, Gunduz remains before Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey solid and strong in his solicitations. He believes Alisar Bey should avoid the homegrown issues having a place with the Kai public and he maintains that Dundar Bey and Bahadir should get back to the Kais Village for preliminary by Kai Council. Alisar Bey won’t avoid Kai homegrown issues yet destinations himself as the Sanjak Bey.

unduz lets him know that today is the last time they will comply with Alisar Bey. He reminds Alisar Bey that he needs to comply with Geyhatu however Turks submit to God. Gunduz welcomes him to put forth a valiant effort in clearing out the Kai public. He then, at that point, takes Bamsi Bey and his Alps and walks out on him and Dundar Bey. They brave of the chateau gladly.

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