EPISODE 20 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 20 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles. Following from the finish of our episode last week, Dundar Bey, Fohre Hatun and Aygul have left the Kai migrant alongside Aygul’s endowment pressed into a truck to make a trip to Alisar Bey’s manor where Aygul will turn into the lady of Alisar Bey. Boke the Mongol got away from Osman’s anger at his camp and all his Nokers were killed. Osman had gone after the camp alongside his number one Sungur Tekin his Uncle. Uncle Sungar is dressed as a Margaret Church priest yet functions as a Turkish government operative in Constantinople.

Konuralp has given his sibling Goktug a duplicate of the Bill of Sale from the slave markets where Balgay paid for his more youthful sibling . Konuralp is confident that the Mongol Kongar will recover his memory and recall that he is actually a Turk. The initial scene this week opens with Kongar sitting at a pit fire alongside the Bill of Sale for his buy. The acknowledgment that he has never been a mongol and that he has a sibling who loves him drives Kongar to changing over completely to the muslim confidence and respecting his mom and father and his Turkish legacy. Kongar vows to settle the score with Balgay when he gets back from Konya.

Osman might have shed blood beyond Dundar Bey’s tent last week yet he held his resentment so he can promote his journey to free Sogut of Alisar Bey and furthermore to stop his wedding to Aygul going for it. Osman plans to go after Dundar Bey out and about en route to the chateau. He wants to show Dundar Bey that Alisar Bey has utilized him and that he didn’t kill Aybars. In the mean time at the Kai Village, Burcin drops a stunner when she tells Bala Hatun that Osman won’t allow Aygul to wed Alisar Bey and how Dundar Bey had offered Aygul to Osman as his lady of the hour beforehand.

Abdurrahman Gazi returns in the current week’s episode in the wake of being gone after by Alisar Bey and left for dead. His injuries have mended now after a significant stretch of recuperation. Osman welcomes him affectionately. Abdurrahman Gazi recounts to Osman the tale of how Alisar Bey left him for dead on the day he seized Dundar Bey. He accepts likewise that it was Alisar Bey who killed Batur Bey. Osman swears that Dundar Bey will be considered answerable for his double-crossing and that he will learn of Alisar Bey’s association. Dundar Bey and his family are trapped making a course for the chateau by Osman. Dundar Bey swears retribution on Osman and his Alps for the misery he has brought his family and the deficiency of his child. Kongar is brought before Osman who gives him his approval and excuses him. He invites him now as an individual Turkish sibling who will presently convey his legitimate name by birth as Goktug.

Osman separates his Alps into three gatherings. Konur and Goktug are to protect Princess Adelpha from Alisar Bey’s house and take her to somewhere safe and secure. Abdurrahman Gazi is to follow Alisar Bey and Osman will pursue Dundar Bey headed for Alisar Bey’s chateau and attempt to stop the wedding going for it. In the mean time, Alisar Bey mistreats Princess Adelpha back at the chateau. He is searching for Osman. She swears that he will pay for his maltreatment and lets him don’t know anything. Osman finds Dundar Bey with his truck weighed down with Aygul’s share. He makes his stand against his Uncle and stands in the street. He guarantees his Uncle that no one will be harmed. Osman trusts that Alisar Bey will leave his chateau leaving the way clear for Konur Alp and Kongar to safeguard Princess Adelpha.

Osman’s fundamental objective is to show Aygul and Dundar Bey the sort of man Alisar Bey is and to stop the wedding of his cherished companion. Indeed Osman would like to kill Aygul himself instead of to see her surrendered to the hands of his adversary. Osman disgraces Dundar Bey by eliminating his Kai ancestral cap and discarding it after the entirety of his double-crossing acts. Bala Hatun saddles up her pony and leaves the Kai Village in the wake of hearing that Osman had been offered Aygul as his significant other. Burcin likewise focuses on that Osman was maddened in knowing about Aygul is to be hitched to Alisar Bey and has passed on the Village to safeguard her from the grip of Alisar Bey. Bala feels that Osman has now abandoned needing her as his significant other, so she makes a long excursion through the woods of Sogut looking for her dad’s new camp. She is attracted to tears accepting Osman has picked Aygul over her. She actually hears his voice in her psyche saying that any place she goes he will view as her.

Osman’s opportunity to get Dundar Bey to himself has at long last come. Dundar Bey actually accepts that Osman murdered his child and furthermore attempted to kill him. Osman is currently allowed to blame Dundar Bey for deceiving his kin by his coalition with Alisar Bey. He presently has confirmation that Alisar Bey attempted to kill Abdurrahman Gazi and it was at the very assault that Alisar Bey killed Batur Bey. How ever much he attempts Osman’s can’t get his Uncle to perceive how Alisar Bey has utilized him constantly. It disappoints him. He tells him ” OPEN YOUR EYES”! In any case, there are none so particularly visually impaired as the people who can’t see. Dundar Bey is informed that his child kicked the bucket in light of his own dad’s aggressive nature and union with Alisar Bey.

Osman swears that he will make Dundar Bey face Alisar Bey to hear reality from his own personal lips. He ties his Uncle up and orders Boran to return him to camp. Dundar Bey swears one day Osman will pay for what he has done. Alisar Bey knows about the snatching of Dundar Bey and Aygul and leaves the chateau. This is precisely exact thing Osman expected. Everything he might do is trailed by Abdurrahman Gazi concealed among the brambles. Bala’s nonattendance is found inside the Kai Village. Selcan Hatun thinks about how she will tell Osman of her vanishing. Bahadir meets with his dad’s Bey’s profound inside the forest. He actually is acting covert for his dad regardless the townspeople accept he is alienated from his dad. Yet again he intends to go after the wedding visitors so his dad can take up the authority of the Kai.

Aygul is brought to confront Osman. She asks him straightforwardly for what valid reason he expressed no to her dad’s proposal of marriage? Osman tells her it was on the grounds that he cherished her in an unexpected way. He acknowledges her as his sister. He advises her that Alisar Bey just needs to utilize her. He concedes that his heart has a place with Bala. Aygul serenely acknowledges his explanation and wishes him a cheerful existence with Bala Hatun. Osman requests that Aygul assist him with showing everybody what Alisar Bey is truly similar to. He enrolls her assistance which she eagerly gives. He tells her he believes that her dad should confront Alisar Bey and hear reality for himself. She pays attention to his arrangement. She will attempt to direct Alisar Bey into Osman’s snare. I keep thinking about whether Osman can trust Aygul. With Alisar Bey away, Kongar and Konur get access to an unprotected chateau to save Princess Adelpha. Their entry was unobstructed. The Princess, albeit beaten, is liberated and taken into the insurance of Osman’s Alps.

Aygul is put on a pony and set allowed to go to Alisar’s manor. Her dad stays in the truck tied hand and foot. Aygul lets her dad know that she is leaving Osman so they can know reality. She additionally lets her dad know that she won’t wed someone who is answerable for the passing of her sibling. She passes on him to proceed with her excursion to the chateau alone and to execute Osman’s arrangement. Alisar Bey has been following Osman in the backwoods yet word contacts him of the assault on his chateau. He understands that he has been baited out of the chateau deliberately and turns around. His fury at what he finds is wild when he understands that the Princess has been delivered. Aygul shows up at the chateau and lets Alisar Bey know that her mom and father have been seized by Osman and she knows where they have been taken.

Bala shows up at her dad’s camp for his new dervish hold up. Dundar Bey, Boran and Osman are set upon out and about prompting the gathering spot to meet Alisar Bey as organized by Osman and Aygul. They are encircled by Alisar Bey and his Alps. Osman curses Aygul softly for clearly deceiving him. In the mean time at Alisar Bey’s house , Aygul remains before his chateau staff. She lets them know that she has come to wed Alisar Bey and that is the very thing she will do. She lets them know that Osman is liable for her mom and father’s grabbing and her sibling’s passing. Aygul swears that until Osman is dead she will discover a genuine sense of reconciliation. Out and about Osman voyages probably with Dundar Bey still toward the rear of his truck, Osman is totally encircled by Alisar Bey and his Alps.

Bahadir and Boke appear however make no endeavor to help Osman yet rather they agree with Alisar Bey’s stance much to Osman’s anger. It is Alisar Bey’s arrangement to give up Osman to Geyhatu. Join GiveMe5 from now to check whether Osman can escape the grip of Alisar Bey and in the event that Osman will show Bala the amount he adores her by following her to Sheik Edabali’s new guaranteed land.

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