EPISODE 21 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 21 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Yet again mehmet Bozdag attempts the creation of this episode while Turkey goes through friendly removing in the hold of COVID-19. Mehet Bozdag needs acclaim for this accomplishment thinking about the difficulty. A large portion of our scenes you will see are completed in the woods. To initiate this episode we go on from last week where Osman has been caught by Alisar Bey while venturing with Boran Alp and Dundar Bey. Osman’s guarantee to Dundar Bey was to get Alisar Bey to claim up and concede that he killed Dundar Bey’s child. Osman had spoken with Aygul and felt that she confided in him yet she deceived him and set up a snare. Osman and Boran Alp are currently confronting a daily existence and demise circumstance.

Osman’s destiny is partitioned. Dundar Bey needs to kill him himself. Boke the mongol has been requested to bring the caught Osman to Geyhatu who will execute him. Alisar Bey then again would likewise profoundly very much want to polish him off yet an order from Geyhatu can’t be rebelled. Osman and Boran Alp are tied vigorously with ropes and delayed a hedge trail and toward Konya and the mongol Geyhatu. Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey alongside the delivered Zohre Hatun are brought together with Aygul at the house. Goktug/Kongar is shipped off the house to acquire data on Alisar Bey however is seen by Balgay’s watchman. Goktug must choose the option to go into the backwoods with the Nokers to meet with Balgay. Balgay has no clue about that Kongar/Goktug knows that when he was a little kid he was purchased by Balgay at a slave market. Right now he permits Balgay to keep accepting that he is still Kongar the mongol.

Balgay is certainly not a blissful man. Osman had fooled him into accepting that he had the Genghis Khan regulations when all the time they were a phony. In Konya, Balgay had been humiliated before Geyhatu when he figured out that the regulations were a phony. Geyhatu has put in a request for Balgay and his men to be found and killed. The news that Osman is being taken to Geyhatu incenses Balgay. He intends to pursue him and get his payback. In the mean time Osman and Boran are being hauled along the path to Konya. Osman and Boran Alp are given trouble by Boke who whips them persistently on their excursion. Osman searches for a method of getaway in each step he takes. Gunduz is brought the news that Osman has been caught and their arrangement to have Dundar Bey face Alisar Bey for his violations has fizzled. He assembles Bamsi Bey and his Alps and braves of the Kai Village on a salvage mission. He leaves Abdurrahman Ghazi in control in his nonattendance.

At the Kai Village, Abdurrahman Ghazi is set upon by Dundar Bey’s men. They attempt to kill him however they fail to remember that he is a champion and he effectively conquers his assailants. He sends them to the jail tent to anticipate Gunduz’s return and their discipline. In anticipation of an assault on the Kai Village, Abdurrahman Ghazi has the people make weapons setting themselves up for actual battle if and when it comes. On the Konya trail Boke is gone after by Balgay who catches Osman and Boran for himself. However much Osman and Boran attempt there can be no way out for them. Osman is beaten by Balgay and is destined to be tormented to find out where the Genghis Khan regulations are and for Balgay’s shame before Geyhatu.

In the mean time, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey are trapped by Bahadir . Bahadir’s trap fizzles and his watchmen are killed. Bahadir takes off into the timberland with Bamsi Bey after him. He is gotten by Bamsi Bey. At Balgay’s camp on the Konya trail the gallant Osman goes through a horrendous trial of torment. Balgay makes them stand on Boran Alp’s shoulders with a noose around his neck. It is hard for Goktug/Kongar to stand and watch Osman in trouble. He trusts that assist will with showing up soon and Osman will be saved. As Osman stands adjusted on Boran’s shoulders, Balgay whips Boran free from him causing Osman’s full body weight to draw the noose more tight around his neck. Balgay discharges Boran who rapidly assumes up his position under Osman’s hanging body delivering the strain on his neck. This torment is gone on again and again with Osman becoming more fragile after each invasion. In the end Osman needs to vow to let Balgay know where the Genghis Khan regulations are.

In the mean time in the timberland where Bahadir and Bamsi Bey are battling it out, Bahadir draws Bamsi Bey into the sights of Burcin and her bow and bolts. Burcin shoots two bolts into Bamsi Bey’s body. Before Bahadir could totally kill Bamsi Bey help shows up as Gunduz and his Alps. Bahadir and Burcin run off into the forest leaving an injured and grieved Bamsi Bey sold out by two individuals he cherished and whom he trusted adored him. Bahadir and Burcin get away from the Alps and advance toward the house of Alisar Bey not having the option to get back to the Kai Village. Balgay stops Osman’s discipline and Boran is sent under watch by Goktug/Kongar to get the Genghis Khan’s regulations. It just so happens Goktug/Kongar is put responsible for Boran. Kongar/Goktug subtly passes on Osman a little blade to assist with slicing through his ropes before he leaves.

At the manor the wedding of Aygul and Alisar goes for it. Bahadir and Burcin show up back at the manor to alarm his dad that their assault on Gunduz and Bamsi Bey fizzled. Dundar Bey needs to assault yet before he can put forth the attempt he experiences a cardiovascular failure. Dundar Bey recuperates his cardiovascular failure and plans for an assault despite the fact that he is still extremely feeble. At Sheik Edebali’s new camp Bala works close by her dad and assists him with building the new Ahi stop. Selcan Hatun excursions to the camp to talk with Bala about the genuine justification for why Osman attempted to stop Aygul’s wedding. Bala currently realizes that his objective was to get Dundar Bey to see that Alisar Bey is their foe and liable for his child’s passing. Bala feels such a ton better now that she knows reality.

Following the assault on Bamsi Bey by Bahadir and Burcin, Bamsi Bey is returned to the Kai Village to have his injuries dressed. Abdurrahman Ghazi relates his account of being gone after too. His aggressors are currently detainees in the jail traveler anticipating execution. Bamsi Bey Gunduz and Abdurrahman Ghazi pass on the Kai Village prepared to defy Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey at the house doors. In the woods Osman gets away from Balgay by utilizing the blade that Goktug/Kongar subtly gave him. Balgay finds Osman and shoots a bolt profound into the center of his back. Osman figures out how to get away from riding a horse yet is seriously injured. In the woods Boran is delivered by Goktug and together they turn around looking for Osman. In looking through the timberland floor they track down his ring and furthermore blood. They accelerate their inquiry realizing that Osman is injured and requiring their assistance.

Back in the woods Osman is on horse back and depleted by his injuries. He has been awfully tormented, beaten and shot in the back with a bolt. He realizes that Balgay isn’t a long ways behind him and in the event that he gets him he will without a doubt kill him. He attempts to hang on however in the end tumbles off his pony oblivious on the ground. Osman can’t move yet he can hear strides surrounding him. He lies on his stomach with the bolt jutting out his back. He thinks that Balgay has found him? Osman has experienced nerve racking torment with Balgay. Yet again subsequent to getting away from his torment would he say he is to be gotten by Balgay or has Boran Alp and Goktug thought that he is first?

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