EPISODE 19 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode Number 19 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Welcome to this extraordinary episode of Kurulus Osman embraced while the world is in lockdown.

Mehmet Bozdag proceeds with creation of Kurulus Osman while undertaking the hardships of social separating because of Covid-19 and gives his crowd this exceptional episode of Kurulus Osman for your delight. Allow us to proceed.

Our most memorable scene opens with Kongar the mongol attempting to find Osman. Konuralp has verification that Balgay purchased his sibling Goktug (who is Kongar) from a slave marketplace after the mongols killed their folks. Konuralp trusts that this evidence will persuade Kongar that he truly is a Turk and his Konuralp is his more seasoned sibling. Konuralp will show Kongar the confirmation and trust that he it will change his reliability to the mongols.

Bala Hatun attempts to find Princess Adelpha after she is abducted from the Kai Village.

Princess Adelpha was pirated out of the Kai Village by pony and truck , still oblivious and in a medicated state. She is moved to the manor of Alisar Bey.

Alisar Bey’s courier who has a letter for Geyhatu letting him know that he has the Princess is captured by Gunduz and Bamsi Bey however the courier Zorba is killed by a professional killer sent by Alisar Bey.

Osman leaves his Alps looking for the Mongol Commander Boke.

In the interim a gathering of Margaret Church Byzantine priests travel through the wide open bound to meet with Commander Boke. One of the gathering chiefs is tended to as Master Riso and he is a Turkish government operative.

Ace Riso’s cover is uncovered inside the Byzantine gathering without him figuring out who the Byzantine chief is that has been decided to sit on the privileged position of Constantinople. He battles right out of a destructive circumstance however gets by.

Gunduz becomes mindful that Dundar Bey, his better half and Aygul were associated with capturing Princess Adelpha. He has consistently regarded his Uncle yet as his partnership with Alisar Bey becomes more clear his treachery of the Kai public leads Gunduz to the way that one day he might need to kill him.

Dundar Bey attempts to safeguard Alisar Bey and himself after their couriers are caught and their messages blocked. Dundar Bey doesn’t believe Gunduz should realize that he and Alisar Bey have been associated with the mongols.

Dundar Bey invites his previously conceived child Bahadir who presently goes along with him in his battle for the authority of the Kai migrant. He sends his child into the Kai traveler to go about as his dad’s foe so that everybody could see however running against the norm he will acquire any data he can to assist his dads with causing.

Boran Alp is shipped off find Bala Hatun who is as yet scanning the woodland for indications of Princess Adelpha.

In the mean time, Kongar encounters his sibling Konuralp. Konuralp lets his more youthful sibling know that he has not come to do fight with him yet rather with the expectation that he can convince him to leave the mongols.

Konuralp shows his sibling the Bill of Sale from the slave market. Kongar’s memory is shocked and he can recall as a little kid the mongols striking his home and killing his mom and father. He recollects his mom letting him know that his sibling likewise has a half moon tattoo on his necks. Konuralp implores him to fail to remember the mongols and take up his name of Goktug and become by and by a Turk.

Dundar Bey’s child is invited into the Kai traveler by generally everybody with the exception of Zohore. There is clearly a past history between Bahadir’s mom Hazan Hatun and Zohore.

Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey get ready for Aygul’s wedding. Alisar Bey and Dundar Bey plan that the evening of her wedding Osman will be killed by Alisar Bey and the administration will be taken from Gunduz and given to Dundar Bey.

Ace Riso actually needs to finish his main goal to track down the Byzantine chief. He mounts his pony and albeit injured advances towards the Byzantine camp. Here he at long last meets the Margaret Church priests and their chief Thesius.

Osman is likewise on the path of the mongol Commander Boke and follows him to the Byzantine camp moreover.

Ace Riso looks as the mongol Commander Boke shows up in the camp and is invited by Thesius who is the head of the Margaret Church in Constantinople.

Osman tunes in as Thesius clears up for Commander Boke that after Geyhatu weds Princess Adelpha, the Emperor of Constantinople will be killed.

Osman picks his time and goes after the camp and kills Thesius yet additionally protects Master Riso simultaneously not realizing that he is his Uncle.

Osman is stunned when Master Riso uncovers his way of life as the child of Suleyman Shah, Sungur Tekin. Osman accepted that his Uncle was dead and embraces him with reestablished love and regard.

His Uncle lets Osman know that he helps him to remember his dad Ertegrul, valiant and brilliant.

Uncle Sungur will proceed with his stand against the mongols and passes on Osman to proceed with his journey to Constantinople. He guarantees Osman that he will get back to Sogut once his obligation is finished in the Byzantine capital.

Uncle Sungur lets Osman know that he accepts the individual who might supplant the Byzantine Emperor is Princess Sofia from Kuluchaiser Castle! Osman lets his Uncle know that he actually presently can’t seem to overcome Sofia at Kuluchaiser Castle and she might very well never get to stop by Constantinople not to mention be their Empress. The two men say their goodbyes and forge ahead with their excursion.

Out in the woodland Bala Hatun runs straight into Sofia’s right hand young lady Helen. Bala has been looking ineffectively for Princess Adelpha. Bala is gone after by Helen and her gatekeepers . She is pursued through the woods and got yet is fortunately safeguarded by Boran Alp and his men. Helen escapes into the timberland. Bala feels remorseful in losing Princess Adelpha as she was liable for her security. She needs to get back to the Kai traveler with basically nothing.

Bahadir Dundar Bey actually play the round of alienated father and child before Gunduz when they have really accommodated their disparities and have consolidated to overcome Gunduz and Osman. Bahadir is someone not reliable.

Princess Adelpha is brought to Alisar Bey and held in imprisonment until Geyhatu can be reached..

In the interim, back at the Kai wanderer Osman at last gets back. The principal individual he sees is Bahadir who attempts to charm himself in Osman’s presence cleverly.

Later on Bala faces Osman and lets him know how awful she feels in losing Princess Adelpha. She is embarrassed and feels that she has let him down. He comforts her and commitments her that in the end he will track down the Princess.

Osman, Gunduz and Bamsi Bey stand up to Dundar Bey about the homicide of Zorba, the courier Alisar Bey’s shipped off Geyhatu. Zorba additionally realize that Alisar Bey killed Batur Bey yet he was killed before he could say anything. Dundar Bey’s courier Selkut was caught and taken to the Kai wanderer for addressing.

Osman currently just sees a double crosser in the individual of his Uncle. Blades are drawn as a showdown happens outside his Uncle’s tent.

Osman lets his Uncle know that he has cautioned him commonly about having a coalition with Alisar Bey. His Uncle’s choice to get together with him has divided the Kais nation into halves. Osman could hardly imagine how Dundar Bey has given his girl to Alisar Bey in marriage and has plotted against his own kin.

Osman faces his Uncle. He lets him know that he disagrees that Aygul ought to wed Alisar Bey and he will battle to save her from her dad’s choice. He accepts that no Kais lady ought to be proposed to a mongol partner.

In the mean time at Alisar Bey’s chateau, Commander Boke shows up after he got away with his life from his camp. He is upset and furious when he tells Alisar Bey that Osman killed all of his Nokers and the Margaret Church priests.

Authority Boke prompts Alisar Bey that when Geyhatu learns about what Osman has done he will commit Alisar Bey pay for his error.

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