EPISODE 16 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 16 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

We left Osman last week happy that he had outmaneuvered Balgay who had fallen into his snare.
Osman’s snare is fruitful and numerous mongols are killed.

Dundar Bey shows up in the main part of the fight accepting Osman had murdered his child. The fight among Balgay and Osman is stopped and Osman needs to shield himself from a furious Dundar Bey looking for vengeance. This interference permits Balgay and Kongar time to get away. Samsa Bey who is after Cerkutay likewise had no karma in killing or catching his prey. He likewise escapes.

The battle between Dundar Bey and Osman is savage and unfortunately it includes turk battling turk. The mongols despite the fact that crushed by Osman’s assault have not been totally managed at this point.

Alisar Bey attempts to kill Osman by shooting a bolt at him while he is battling with Dundar Bey. Sadly he misses his objective and hits Dundar Bey all things considered.

Back at the Kayi town Zohre frantically laments for her child Batur Bey. She is loaded up with disdain towards Selcan Hatun because of her closeness with Osman and swears that she will kill her. She leaves riding a horse and takes her child’s blade with her as the device of her retribution.

Zohre and her Alps in the end find Selcan Hatun. Zohre attempts to kill Selcan Hatun yet Bala Hatun and her dervishes safeguard her. Osman doesn’t let them know that Dundar Bey is alive nor that he didn’t kill Batur Bey. He keeps on allowing them to accept that he is dead. Everything he says is that they had the right amazing their coordinated effort with the mongols. Osman has no other choice than to have Zohre and Aygul taken to the “confine” to anticipate punishment.

Abdurrahmen Gazi is given the mission to take Dundar Bey for clinical treatment at the Dervish’s camp. He is delayed a shoddy bed behind a pony en route to the camp. With Dundar Bey draining plentifully he stops to clean his injury. Meanwhile Alisar Bey watches them from a good ways.

Balgay , Kongar and Cerkutay are the main three mongols left, the wide range of various Nokers have been killed. Balgay has a physical issue and takes thoroughly enjoy tasting his own blood! He swears that his conflict is currently private among Osman and himself and if Geyhatu has any desire to impede him he will kill him too. An excursion to Konya is wanted to get more men however when he returns he guarantees he will take extraordinary get a kick out of removing their heads.

Osman is currently allowed to get back to his dad’s migrant at the Kayi Village. It is great to feel at ease once more. He promptly brings back his dad’s seat and individual things and spots them where they used to be.

Bala likewise has gotten back with Osman. In last week’s episode we saw Bala Hatun advise Osman to search for another lady. Bala experienced a stomach wound which was serious and she is informed that this might stop her falling pregnant. The climate when they meet isn’t equivalent to it used to be and Osman can’t comprehend the reason why her friendship for him has changed yet he feels inside him that there is a justification for everything and she isn’t letting him know it. In the wake of conversing with Selcan Hatun and bearing his heart out to her, she goes looking for Gonca who is Bala’s dearest companion and asks her what the issue could be and for what valid reason Bala has dismissed Osman. She is stunned when Gonca tells her the situation.

Meanwhile Abdurrahman Gazi is really focusing on Dundar Bey. Dundar Bey gets up from his medical procedure after the bolt is eliminated from his back. In spite of the fact that he is informed that Osman and the Alps didn’t kill Batur Bey he doesn’t trust it. He lets Abdurrahman know that he would do well to kill him or when he recuperates he will kill them all and get his payback.

The Kais Council vote in favor of a head of individuals since Dundar Bey has now been taken out as Sanjak Bey. Applicants are Gunduz and Osman both being children of Ertugrul Gazi. The political race will be embraced in the customary manner. Albeit many expected Osman to be picked the vote goes to Gunduz Bey with Osman’s favoring. Osman bows his knee and kisses the hand of his more seasoned sibling with incredible fulfillment concerning the choice.

Osman enters the tent where Batur Bey lies before his memorial service. He comprehends that Batur Bey was truly just submitting to his dad and mom. Osman pledges to get his payback and find who killed him. Batur Bey’s homicide has no observers and Alisar Bey isn’t a suspect.

Gonca can’t tolerate seeing her companion Bala Hatun heart broken. She lets Bala know that on the off chance that she doesn’t tell Osman the justification for her difference as a top priority then she will do it for her. Nor know that at that exact instant Selcan Hatun is telling Osman of Bala’s miserable situation.

Osman is feeling much better to hear that the justification for Bala’s difference at the top of the priority list . I was not on the grounds that she didn’t cherish him. It was on the grounds that she cherishes him such a lot of that she is forfeiting her affection for him for him.

Sofia (who has been caught by Osman) has been blindfolded and attached with a rope. She is being hauled along a soil way by a Dervish monitor when she is safeguarded by Salvador and returned to Kuluchaiser Castle. This has all been essential for Osman’s arrangement.

Abdurrahman Gazi proceeds with his excursion toward the Dervish camp with the harmed Dundar Bey.
He is trapped by Alisar Bey’s Alps. Dundar Bey watches Alisar Bey approach Abdurrahman Gazi and provide the request for him to be executed on the spot.

Meanwhile back at Osman’s migrant, Bala Hatun meets with Osman who tells her that there could be no one else in his heart except for her. He asks her to simply be with him and leave having a youngster in God’s grasp.

He proclaims his profound love for herself and tells her she is his joy and her injury won’t keep them separated. He proceeds to let her that know if God doesn’t favor them with kids then he will acknowledge this in his life however an existence without her is no life by any stretch of the imagination. She happily acknowledges him.

Osman gets a visit from a courier assembling him to a conference of Turkish elders.

Sofia gets back to her dad securely with Salvador’s assistance. Ace Yannis lets Sofia know that Salvador is a covert operative for Osman. They choose to avoid anything about this right now and carry on not surprisingly, yet they will utilize him to assist them with killing Osman.

Now that the Kayi town has settled down to typical, Osman inquires as to whether he will deliver him to pursue Balgay. That’s what osman knows whether he doesn’t get Balgay before he causes to Konya the clan will be problems when he returns. Osman will chase him the entire way to Konya assuming essential yet in the end he needs to kill him.

Before Osman leaves the wanderer he requests that Gunduz look out for Salvador and to watch out for the Kuluchaiser Castle. He guarantees that the opportunity will come when a Kai banner will fly on the palace divider. He has no clue about that Abdurrahman Gazi and his Alps are dead nor that Dundar Bey has been taken to Alisar Bey’s house.

The malicious Alisar Bey has been given the title of Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu in Konya. He plans to visit the Kais to make them mindful that he conveys the title from here on out. He has put Dundar Bey in his manor to be really focused on. Dundar Bey is informed that Osman went after him and has told everybody in the Kayi Village that he is dead, even his better half and little girl who are confined in the town prison.

Osman visits Bala before he passes on to chase Balgay. He looks profound at her and gives his goodbye. Bala ensures he realizes that her requests and love are sitting tight for him on his return.

Prince Salvador is made Commander of Kuluchaiser Castle and Alisar Bey shows up at Kuluchaiser Castle to see Sofia and tells her that the head of the mongols has made him Sanjak Bey.

If you can project your brain back to last week’s episode, Osman gave Master Yannis the Genghis Khan’s regulations as an affirmation that if Yannis could assist him with catching Balgay then he would offer him Sofia as a trade off. Alisar Bey has now made an arrangement with Geyhatu. In return for the Genghis Khan regulations he will give him Osman’s demise as a prize.

Selcan Hatun visits Zohre and her girl in the enclosure and lets them know that they are fortunate to be alive. The punishment for treachery in the Kayi clan is passing. She asks them both to leave the clan and track down cover in the mongol camp and to be grateful for Gunduz Bey’s kindness. Zohre as expected has a motor mouth and criticisms Selcan Hatun. Consequently Selcan Hatun at long last has her vengeance and slaps her for double-crossing her kin and for all the difficulty she has caused to her family and Osman.

After a long ride Osman shows up at a mystery camp set up by the Turkish seniors who upheld his dad . They invite him cheerfully and have been sitting tight for him.

Osman is let by the elderly folks know that his process presently becomes more earnestly. He is approached to listen cautiously to what they need to say.

He is informed that Geyhatu has made Alisar Bey the Sanjak Bey and that Geyhatu has a terrible relationship with Balgay in light of the Genghis Khan regulations. They advise Osman that they need to give him a considerably harder undertaking and that is to safeguard Princess Adelpha who lives in Constantinople and who is to be hitched to Geyhatu. This implies a mongol and turk partnership which is great for the mongols however obliterating for the Turks.

He is requested to stop the marriage as Princess Adelpha doesn’t have assent for the marriage and she should be removed from the hands of Geyhatu. Osman is given the course the Princess will be taking and they accuse Osman of the obligation of the mission.

Osman presently has two missions to zero in on. One to get Balgay and kill him and the other is to stop Princess Adelpha wedding Geyhatu.

Join me to check whether Osman is effective in his nonstop battle with the mongols.

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