EPISODE 17 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 17 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

This week’s episode starts with Osman situated inside the elderly folks circle. The Turkish seniors have requested that Osman salvage Princess Adelpha. Princess Adelpha is heading out from Constantinople to wed Geyhatu the Mongol in Konya. The Princess has not been given agree to wed Geyhatu and the marriage must be stopped.

Meanwhile at the Kayi Village, Gunduz has been made head of the clan. A large portion of the clan accept Dundar Bey is dead after he was injured by a bolt shot by Alisar Bey.

Abdurrahman Gazi was accompanying Dundar Bey back to the town for clinical consideration however he is gone after by Alisar Bey and left for dead. Dundar Bey is taken to the Alisar Bey’s manor.

At right now Abdurrahman’s nonattendance has not yet been found and an inquiry party is conveyed to search for him by Bamsi Bey.

Zohre (Dundar Bey’s significant other) has been set free from the “confine” where she and her girl Aygul have been kept detainee since Zohre had double-crossed the Kais and assisted Balgay with catching Gunduz. Aygul faults her mom for the demise of her sibling as she had made an arrangement with the mongols.

At the Kayi Village the drums envoy the appearance of Alisar Bey who has been given the title of Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu the Mongol. The title of Sanjak Bey is constantly given by vote by the Turkish Bey’s of Sogut.

He isn’t invited by Gunduz. Gunduz recalls when he went after him and injured him. He lets Alisar know that the title of Sanjak Bey should be given by Turks and have the admiration of the people.

Alisar Bey is restless to capture Osman and take him to Geyhatu. He is told by Bamsi Bey that no one in the Kayi Village will give him Osman. Alisar Bey requests that Gunduz get together with him in killing Balgay. Gunduz consents to keep on paying duties to Geyhatu despite the fact that Bamsi Bey is against it.

Bala Hatun tells Selcan Hatun that Alisar Bey had asked her dad for her hand in marriage and his deal was turned down. Selcan Hatun knows that Osman doesn’t know anything about this.
Bamsi Bey is informed that Abdurrahman Gazi has been seen as injured in the woodland. Bamsi Bey maintains that him should be really focused on beyond the town. He believes that everybody should keep accepting that Abdurrahman is dead. This is the main way they will save his life.

Osman gets back from his visit to the Turkish elderly folks with restored trust in another Turkish government and feeling the force of God inside his spirit.

Osman starts his excursion to protect Princess Adelpha. He takes Boran Alp with him and ambushes her train.

Unfortunately the Princess doesn’t end up being Princess Adelpha. The young lady they save is a substitute who is fundamentally injured by her own men.

Before the young lady kicks the bucket she lets Osman know that the genuine Princess Adelpha is going on an alternate way stealthily and Osman makes arrangements to save her.

Aygul agrees to wedding Alisar Bey. He returns Zohre and Aygul with him to his house alongside the group of Batur Bey who will be covered close to the manor.

Inside the camp of Balgay and his Nokers, Cerkutay brings the news that Osman has pursued the band conveying the Princess. The carriage is vigorously safeguarded by Geyhatu’s Nokers.
Balgay is likewise needing to catch the princess and he trusts that the Nokers will deal with Osman for him.

Sofia sends Helen her watchman to pursue Princess Adelpha.

Gunduz turns up at the camping area where Abdurrahman Gazi is really focused on by Bamsi Bey. The two men invite one another and examine how they tricked Alisar Bey back at the Kay Village. Gunduz had wandered right into whatever Alisar Bey might have had planned at that point however he has no arrangement on submitting to Alisar Bey as Sanjak Bey. The two men were glad that he Alisar Bey had fallen into their trap.

Gunduz and Bamsi Bey realize that Alisar Bey had trapped Abdurrahman Gazi and that Alisar safeguards Dundar Bey. To get the confirmation they need Gunduz sends an Alp to covertly track down proof that Dundar is at Alisar’s house. It isn’t some time before they have the proof they want.

At the manor, Zohre and Aygul showed up at the house conveying the assemblage of Batur Bey with them. They have been banished from the Kayi Village and will make their home at the manor. They actually accept that Dundar Bey is dead yet Alisar shows them that to be sure he is as yet alive.

Dundar Bey at last laments for his dead child. He actually accepts that Osman killed Batur and pledges to vindicate him. Alisar’s arrangement has functioned admirably and he currently has a disdain filled Dundar Bey as his accomplice.

What Dundar Bey doesn’t have the foggiest idea yet is that his significant other teamed up with the mongols which prompted his child’s passing. Aygul beseeches her mom to tell her better half before he sorts it out himself.

Alisar Bey is informed that Batur was not Dundar Bey’s just child. He has another child has another child (Bahadir) who will carry on the blood line of Suleyman Shah. Alisar Bey is agitated by this information.

Prince Salvador leaves a directive for Osman with the dervishes. The message is taken to Bamsi Bey.

Osman and Boran competition to save the genuine Princess Adelpha not realizing that Balgay and his Nokers are not far away. They watch as the procession stops. The train is intensely protected by unbelievers and mongols. Osman holds on until the unbelievers head back to Constantinople passing on him just the Geyhatu’s mongols to battle with.

Osman assaults the mongol gatekeepers with Balgay watching from the security of the forest. The Princess is loaded up with dread and runs off into the forest. She is gotten by Osman and told that she won’t be harmed yet they should forestall her union with Geyhatu.

As Balgay’s mongols approach, Osman sends Boran Alp and the Princess away from any risk however Osman is caught and taken to Balgay’s camp.

Balgay trusts that his God, Erlik Han, doesn’t believe he should kill Osman but instead he believes them should battle one next to the other. Balgay could do without Geyhatu. He believes Osman should battle close by him against Geyhatu. On the off chance that Osman disagrees he will see Geyhatu and his multitude of Nokers ride into the Kay Village and kill them all.

Osman sits with Balgay imparting as opposed to battling. Balgay tells Osman that Alisar Bey and Geyhatu are cooperating and that Alisar Bey has been made Sanjak Bey by Geyhatu. He likewise tells Osman that Geyhatu and a huge multitude of Nokers will show up in Sogut that evening.

Balgay lets Osman know that all he needs is the Genghis Khan Laws and blade yet that is likewise the very thing that Geyhatu needs. Assuming that Osman battles close by him he will take the Genghis Khan Laws and vanish passing on Sogut to Osman.

Balgay tells Osman that it was Alisar Bey who killed Batur and Alisar Bey needs to put Dundar Bey as head of the Kai clan. He keeps on letting him know that Alisar will then stay as Sanjak Bey over Sogut and have Geyhatu as his partner. Osman can now see the arrangement.

Alisar Bey welcomes Gunduz to the manor. He and that’s what bamsi Bey know whether he goes it will mean his passing. It is concluded that Gunduz will go to the manor however he won’t go alone. Today he tells Bamsi Bey is the day that the Kais get their payback. Tragically he doesn’t realize that Geyhatu and his military will show up that night.

We return now to Balgay’s camp where Osman and Balgay have had a useful talk as opposed to attempting to kill one another. Balgay has been sensible and tells Osman he is allowed to leave the camp however he cautions him that Gunduz will be killed alongside Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey at Alisar’s chateau and they don’t realize that Geyhatu and his military will be hanging tight for them.

He advises him that Alisar Bey is going to put Dundar Bey as head of the Kayi wanderer while Alisar himself takes the title of Sanjak Bey and rules Sogut.

Balgay is quiet when he presents to Osman his final offer. He either goes along with him against Geyhatu, Dundar Bey and Alisar Bey or he loses everything to Geyhatu.

Osman after cautious idea grins at Balgay and acknowledges his proposal to battle together. We don’t have the foggiest idea what plans Osman has of his own however we can see that he is in a tight spot. He actually has the Genghis Khan Laws and furthermore Princess Adelpha, the two of which Geyhatu needs.

Join us one week from now to perceive how the battle unfurls and whether Osman and Balgay can cooperate in their endeavor to stop Geyhatu and Alisar Bey taking over Sogut .

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