EPISODE 15 Kurulus Osman

This is Episode number 15 of Kurulus Osman Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles.

At the finish of last week’s episode Osman and his Alps had caught Sofia and the mongol Kongar. Sadly Gunduz was caught by Balgay after Dundar Beys spouse lied and let him know that Gunduz was answerable for telling Geyhatu that Balgay had the Genghis Khan treasures. The Genghis Khan loves presently lie with Osman and Sheik Edebali.

Our first scene in this episode shows a tormented Gunduz . He is attached to a wooden cross and held at the mongol camp by Balgay and his dog Cerkutay. Balgay gets extraordinary savor the experience of nailing Gunduz to the wooden cross.

Meanwhile Master Yannis gets a startling visit from Osman. He presents to Yannis his girl’s blade and lets him know that she is his hostage and he will return her when Yannis assists him with catching Balgay. He lets Yannis know that he can keep the Genghis Khan regulations as a sort of guarantee.

If Master Yannis can convince Balgay to go to Tekfur Castle, Osman and his Alps will snare him on the way. Osman ensures Master Yannis that he will give him back his little girl when he has caught Balgay yet around then he should give him back the Laws. That is the arrangement. Whether Master Yannis will hold up to his part of the arrangement is problematic yet he acknowledges Osman’s offer.

The hostage Sofia is monitored by Bala Hatun. Albeit still harmed Bala enjoys extraordinary getting back at Sofia for all that she has done to Osman and herself. The two ladies have a savage battle finishing with Sofia winding up in chains. Sofia is fortunate to be alive.

At the Kayi migrant Dundar Bey is brought the news that Gunduz has been caught by the mongols when he was en route to join Osman. Dundar Bey and Batur Bey pass on the migrant to see Balgay and to attempt to track down Gunduz. Dundar Bey has no clue about that his significant other had set Gunduz up however Selcan Hatun is onto Zohre. She realizes that she is associated with the vanishing of Gunduz somehow.

Osman has been recounted his sibling’s catch. He intends to save Gunduz from the hands of the mongols realizing that there are Nokers all over the place.

Meanwhile back at the mongol camp Cerkutay keeps on tormenting Gunduz in Balgay’s nonattendance.

Balgay who has left the mongol camp has made a trip to Kuluchaiser Castle and has a group of people with Master Yannis. Presently Yannis has quite recently made an arrangement with Osman for the existence of his girl and he needs to convince Balgay to go making a course for Tekfur Castle yet similarly as we expected, Yannis tells Balgay that Osman will trap him out and about.

Osman has an arrangement to get himself and the Alps inside the mongol camp. He permits himself, Bamsi Bey and Samsa Bey to be caught. A gathering of mongols follow them into camp.

Cerkutay insults Osman with the information that he caught Bala Hatun, yet Cerkutay should know that Osman has guaranteed Bala Hatun that he will tear out his heart when he finds him for what he did to her.

Osman figured out how to get away from his prisoners with the assistance of his Alps who are veiled as mongols. A horrible battle between the two gatherings detonate with Osman setting his sibling free from his execution.

فی الحال یہ قسط ہمارے ترجمے کے ساتھ ہم سے گم ہو گئی ہے۔

Osman sees Cerkutay pursuing ceaselessly and goes him. Meanwhile Alisar Bey watches the contention from the forest. Cerkutay welcomes Osman to an individual slaughter however Osman is speedier and more grounded . He thumps Cerkutay to the ground with one savage blow and says, “That is for Bala Hatun.” As Cerkutay attempts to get up he is by and by thumped to the ground for the wellbeing of Bala Hatun. Sadly he was unable to finish the responsibility of tearing out his heart as mongol troopers assault him and Cerkutay makes his getaway. Osman swears that he will find him as he isn’t done yet.

The scouts looking after the way to the mongol camp present to Osman the news that Dundar Bey and Batur Bey are not far away. Osman concludes that this is an ideal opportunity to stand up to his Uncle.

When Dundar Bey shows up at the mongol camp he sees the dead collections of the mongols lying all through the camp. Then, at that point, he sees Osman Bey leave Balgay’s tent. He is then encircled by Osman’s Alps and he can see that his opportunity has arrived to pay for how he has treated the Kais.

Osman lets Dundar Bey know that his dad vanquished this land and he won’t see it go to the mongols by his hand. Dundar Bey arranges his Alps to assault. The battle which eventuates isn’t a battle until the very end and Osman and his Alps don’t involve their blades in vanquishing his kindred Turks yet Dundar Bey and Batur Bey figure out how to get away and taken off.

Batur Bey changes course than his dad and runs into Alisar Bey. He attempts to worm out of Batur Bey where he could track down Bala Hatun. Assuming that you recollect Alisar Bey was very turned on by the girl of Sheik Edebali. As Batur wouldn’t surrender Bala’s location he is choked to death by Alisar Bey.

He advises his Alp to take the assortment of Batur Bey and leave it close to the doors of the Kayi nomad.

Konur Alp is distant from everyone else at a camp looking after Kongar the Mongol who is subtly his sibling. Kongar plays the tragically missing sibling quite well and fools Konur into accepting that he has selfless love for him. He delivers Konur oblivious and covers a knife in the ground close to his head as a signal that he might have killed him assuming he needed. Kongar should have a few affections for his sibling as he doesn’t kill him which offers you that he offers him grace. He then makes his departure back to Balgay at the mongol camp.

Dundar Bey falls under the control of Balgay coming back to the camp. Dundar Bey in his fearful manner tells Balgay that Osman has gone after his camp and killed everybody.

When Balgay shows up back in his camp he finds every one of his men killed. He is brought into reciting his resentment as he sees the overwhelming scene that Osman has left for his homecoming.

In Sofia’s prison Bala Hatun plans to give Sofia food. She is intruded on by Osman who has come looking for her. Sofia is conscious and can hear their conversation.

Osman has come to mind Bala after her physical issue yet he can see that she has moved away from him. He asks her, “What’s going on?” He tells her that she takes off from him and overlooks him. She leaves him without giving him a clarification.

Kongar advances back to the mongol camp and Alisar Bey has additionally joined Balgay subsequent to killing Batur Bey.

Konur Alp has the undesirable obligation to tell Osman that Kongar got away. He slaps Konur to show him how disheartened he is in him. With pressure put on him by Osman, Konur needs to let him know that he was his tragically missing sibling Goktug.

In Balgay’s tent Alisar Bey makes Balgay mindful that Geyhatu realizes that Osman killed Commander Toni. Geyhatu has made an impression on Balgay through Alisar Bey who lets him know that on the off chance that he doesn’t kill Osman and carry the Genghis Khan regulations to him then he will make Balgay pay for it. Meanwhile Geyhatu is conveying scouts to track down Osman.

Meanwhile in Osman’s hideaway in the caverns, Bala Hatun searches him out and converses with him. She lets him know that they are friends in the battle for opportunity and not to anticipate much else from her. The expression all over shows you that he is stunned by her explanation. Osman tells her that he won’t let her go except if she explains to him why.

Bala at first makes sense of that she needs to battle by her dads side and she has no space for adoration. Obviously she is covering the reality she can’t have a child.

He feels there is one more justification for her choice. She doesn’t and won’t let him know that she can’t have a youngster. She advises him to search for another lady. The main thing she can offer him is the utilization of her blade at his beck and call . She leaves a disheartened and stunned Osman remaining solitary in the cave.

Osman starts his arrangements to snare Balgay. He told Master Yannis that he would utilize a sloping way to do this and Yannis let Balgay know that this is the spot that he would be trapped. Our insidious Osman speculated that Yannis would double-cross him so he intends to trap Balgay just a kilometer from his camp without any opportunity of him escaping.

Back at the Kayi Village the admonition drums alert the town of moving toward riders. The town individuals assemble and see a dead Batur Bey being brought back. Dundar Bey and Zohre lament for a lost child accepting that Osman was the killer. Vengeance is planned.

Dundar Bey arranges every one of his Alps to prepared themselves to go looking for Osman and to kill him.

The mongols are moving and Balgay drives his Nokers on a pathway of death. They are ended by trees lying across their way. Balgay is on ready as he expects that he has settled on some unacceptable decision and might have gone into a snare.

Balgay’s instinct is affirmed when Osman shows himself from behind the forest. His Alps assault and Balgay is gotten with no way to get away.

Join Turk-Flix one week from now to check whether Osman at last has the opportunity to deal with Balgay for good? Likewise, will Osman figure out why Bala Hatun has dismissed him? Will our siblings Konuralp and Kongar end up in killing one another and will Dundar Bey find Osman subsequent to tracking down his dead child?

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